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    Twitter suspends 125,000 'terrorism' accounts

    Twitter says it has suspended more than 125,000 accounts since mid-2015 "for threatening or promoting terrorist acts".

  • French minister resigns amid terror row

    French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira steps down from her job, shortly before MPs are due to debate plans to strip people convicted of terrorism of their citizenship.

  • The real face of Bangladesh - moderate, secular

    For Bangladesh, countering radicalisation is a multi-faceted effort that goes beyond the state. It has an active civil society and media which have come together with the government to address issues that are fuelling terrorism via self-radicalisation within the society.

  • The real face of Bangladesh - moderate, secular

    The high-profile arrests and deportation of 27 Bangladeshi workers from Singapore for planning violent attacks overseas may have caused some Singaporeans to wonder about Bangladesh and its people. The truth is that the country is a secular, moderate nation with a Muslim-majority population.

  • Facebook to respond in 48 hrs: Tarana

    Facebook authorities will response to any complaint by the Bangladesh government within 48 hours, says State Minister for Telecom Tarana Halim.

  • IS destroys ancient monastery in Iraq

    Satellite images confirm the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq has been destroyed by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

  • 21 killed in Pakistan university attack

    21 people die in a Taliban assault on a university in Pakistan Wednesday, where witnesses report two large explosions as security forces move in under dense fog to halt the bloodshed.

  • Syed Ashraful Islam

    Ashraf questions joining Saudi alliance

    Minister for Public Administration and General Secretary of Awami League Syed Ashraful Islam questions Bangladesh’s decision to join the Saudi-led alliance during today's cabinet meeting.

  • IS abducts over 400 in east Syria after deadly assault

    Jihadists from the Islamic State group abduct more than 400 Syrian civilians after capturing new ground in a major assault on the city of Deir Ezzor.

  • Zero tolerance to terrorism, PM tells Tripura Minister

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reiterates her government's stance of zero tolerance to terrorism and says no one would be allowed to use Bangladesh's soil for insurgent acts against any country.

  • US launches new centre for counter-violent-extremist communications

    The US State Department is revamping its counter-violent-extremist communications efforts through a new Global Engagement Center, a State Department press release said.

  • Dhaka, Riyadh to cooperate in fighting terror

    Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia have expressed their firm resolve to cooperate in the fight against terrorism and extremism through meaningful cooperation.

  • Saudi allies join action against Iran

    Bahrain and Sudan both severe relations with Iran, and the UAE has downgraded its diplomatic team. after the Saudi embassy in Tehran is attacked amid a row over the execution of a Shia Muslim cleric.

  • Man shot dead in eastern Saudi Arabia

    A Saudi Arabian man is shot dead in the kingdom's Eastern Province when security officers came under fire from an unidentified source, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reports.

  • Politics, terrorism, and the state of denial

    While Islamist terrorists have re-emerged recently, killing bloggers, writers, foreign nationals and Shias, and attacking an Ahmadiyya mosque, with impunity, one wonders how leaders, intellectuals, and ordinary people in Bangladesh can afford to waste time and energy in partisan politics!

  • Fresh gunfire, blasts at raided Indian air base

    Gunfire and blasts are heard at an Indian Air Force base attacked by militants a day earlier, as security forces hunted two gunmen still at large in the sprawling facility near the border with Pakistan.

  • Befitting reply if BNP resorts to terrorism on January 5: Hanif

    Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif says people will give befitting reply if BNP carries out terrorism in the name of programme on January 5.

  • Terror charges: Saudi executes 47 including Shia cleric

    Saudi Arabia executes 47 for terrorism, mostly suspected al-Qaeda members but also a prominent Shia Muslim cleric, Nimr al-Nimr, Interior Ministry said in a statement broadcast on state television.

  • How to fight jihadi terrorism

    The hysterical anti-Muslim reaction to terrorism is generating fear and resentment among Muslims living in Europe and America. The older generation reacts with fear, the younger one with resentment;

  • Police form special counter-terror unit

    A 600-men police unit specialising in technology has been formed under the Dhaka Metropolitan Police to enhance police capability in combating militancy and terrorism.

  • Terror suspects go scot-free

    We are shocked, as would every responsible citizen of this country would be, to learn that a large number of terror suspects are going...

  • 14 Singapore returnee militant suspects sent to jail

    A court in Dhaka sends 14 militant suspects, who were repatriated by Singapore police recently, to jail in a case filed under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

  • Farina Arshad, Pakistan High Commission in Bangladesh

    ‘Terror financing’: Pak diplomat withdrawn from Bangladesh

    Pakistan has withdrawn a female diplomat from its high commission in Dhaka following allegations of financing terrorist activities in Bangladesh.

  • San Bernardino attacker ‘met at Hajj’

    The San Bernardino attackers began their relationship online and then met at the 2013 Hajj pilgrimage, according to a visa application.

  • ‘Fatwa required to combat militancy’

    A group of the country's Olamas (Islamic clerics) at a view-exchange meeting say fatwa (religious edict) is needed to curb militant activities in the country.

  • Pakistan confirms participation in Saudi-led anti-terror alliance

    After initial ambiguity, the Pakistan government confirmed on Wednesday its participation in a Saudi-led military alliance for ‘fighting terrorism’, but said the scope of its participation would be defined after Riyadh shared the details of the coalition it was assembling.

  • Pakistan protests reports on diplomat’s terror link

    Pakistan protests reports in Bangladeshi media on alleged involvement of one of its diplomats in financing terrorism here. A press release issued in the 45th Victory Day of Bangladesh, Pakistan High Commission says the reports are "utterly baseless and fabricated".

  • 70,000 Muslim clerics pass ‘fatwa’ against terrorism

    Religious leaders emphasize that they don't consider terrorists to be true Muslims.

  • 4 Syrian soldiers die in ‘US coalition air strike’

    An air strike believed to have been carried out by the US-led coalition killed four Syrian military personnel in Deir al Zor province, which is mostly held by Islamic State, a monitoring group says, in what would be the first time coalition warplanes had hit Syrian government forces.

  • Obama vows to defeat 'new phase' of terrorist threat

    US President Barack Obama lays out the most sweeping defense yet of his strategy to defeat Islamic State, but he offered no US policy shift to confront what he called a "new phase" in the terrorist threat after a mass shooting in California.

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