• White goods dominate e-waste items

    Old kitchen, bathroom and laundry equipment make up 60% of the 41.8 million tonnes of electronic waste thrown away in 2014, suggests a report.

  • Yahoo! may be readying a successor to Messenger

    Whatever messaging app Yahoo! has in store, it will have to be incredibly innovative to stand up to the competition, which includes a host of revolutionary apps downloaded hundreds of millions of times.

  • A keyboard to detect the first signs of Parkinson’s

    The way in which a person presses on a keyboard's keys says a lot about their physical capabilities and state of fatigue. Based on this observation, a team of American and Spanish scientists have developed an algorithm that monitors keyboard touches.

  • Trailer released for "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"

    The adventure takes place in the Northern Realms, a fantastical land of deadly mountain passes, merchant cities and caverns.

  • Real money trade hits World of Warcraft game

    The introduction of a way to use real money to buy virtual cash for World of Warcraft has prompted a big change in the value of the game's gold.

  • ARC Welder app

    How to run an Android app on a Mac or PC

    Google's goal is to make all of its Android apps available across multiple platforms (smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers), a little like Microsoft's idea with its forthcoming OS, Windows 10, and its dedicated multi-platform app store.

  • Microsoft unveils Surface 3 tablets

    Microsoft has refreshed its tablet line-up with a new entry-level device that runs more software, but is also more expensive than its predecessor.

  • IS followers send 'up to 1 lakh tweets a day: EU police chief

    A European police chief says that the sophisticated online communications which is developing everyday has become the biggest problem for security agencies tackling terrorism.

  • Bacteria programmed to find tumours

    Bacteria programmed to spot tumours in the liver have been shown off at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference in Vancouver.

  • Facebook revamps removal rules

    Facebook is providing the public with more information about what material is banned on the social network. Its revamped community standards now include a separate section on "dangerous organisations" and give more details about what types of nudity it allows to be posted

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Dec 05, 2014
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