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Deconstructing democracy

IT is not unusual for people in Bangladesh to have politicians, erudite scholars and, surprisingly, men in khaki inflict their ideas about democracy on them. Not very long ago our curiosity was tickled by an army chief's suggestion of an indigenous form of democracy for Bangladesh. That was not surprising, come as it did in the wake of the new dispensation brought about by the changeover of 1/11. What was, however, surprising was the chorus of support lent to...

15 Rangpur JP men injured in rival faction’s bomb attack

15 Rangpur JP men injured in rival faction’s bomb attack

At least 15 Jatiya Party men were injured in a crude bomb attack on a rally by the activists of a rival faction in Rangpur city this afternoon. The district and city convening committees formed on September 10 organised the rally at Shapla Chattar in the city, reports our Rangpur correspondent. All on a sudden,...


Politics over pandits

KASHMIRI Pandits, like Punjabi Hindus, have no homeland to return. Both want to go back. But the militancy that ousted them is still strong. On the top it is the local population which has been contaminated by the fundamentalists. Some Pandits who have returned are unhappy. They find that the atmosphere of secularism is, by and large, was a memory of the past. They have the feeling of being strangers at places where they and their forefathers lived happily. Religious bias...

Modi to meet Obama on Sept 29-30

Modi to meet Obama on Sept 29-30

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold two days of meetings with President Barack Obama in his first visit to the US since being banned in 2005, US officials have confirmed. Modi will visit the White House on 29-30 September. The two leaders are expected to discuss issues "to expand and deepen the US-India strategic...


The politics of marginalisation

IN Bangladesh do we now witness a strategy of effectively marginalizing a major political party? If that be so, how does that affect the polity and what is the long-term socio-political consequence of such a course of action?   Cynical observers of the current Bangladeshi political scene entertain grave doubts about a real change in the style and substance of politics in so far as desirable democratic governance scenario is concerned. Their continued pessimism is not without ground as hapless...


Politics of 'love jihad'

HOW does Narendra Modi's slogan Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikaas (inclusion and development for all) square up with the social-political reality experienced by India's religious minorities? They had the most to fear from a BJP victory; some of their fears are coming true. Abdicating their duty, BJP leaders have failed to allay them. India's Muslims and Christians feared that they would face exclusion while being asked to subordinate their religious identities to a “larger”, essentially Hindu, cultural super-identity. RSS...


The downside of AL's BNP strategy

The downside of AL's BNP strategy

THE Awami League may be feeling self-satisfied that it is happily ensconced in the driver's seat with a free road right up to the next election in 2019. That its invocations for an election to uphold the constitution, and its avowal that it would be only a temporary expedient pending another, soon to...

BNP's Human Chain

Alive or dead, give him back

The only thing that 56-year-old Shamsuddin wants is to get back his son, alive --- or dead at least. "I am requesting the Prime Minister [Sheikh Hasina] to bring back my son or at least inform us where he is buried so that we can offer prayers at his grave," said Shamsuddin, father of Nizam Uddin Munna, joint convenor of the Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD) of Airport Thana unit. There was no case against my son, but his fault was that...

The polit(r)ics of silence

LET us start by describing two pertinent issues. First, a politically cognisant teacher frequently asks a question to a new group of students to know how many of them would like to be politically conscious beings. Most often the all pervading silence conveys a big 'NO' to politics. The second issue, couple of days ago we witnessed a tragic launch accident. Even the 'submerged mass coffin', Pinak-6, could not be traced out. Sadly, people became sympathetically silent with no...


Shameful political rhetoric: When will it end?

TO say that one is aghast at the language used by politicians is an understatement particularly when they come from an aspirant to high position in the country's politics. Such remarks are suggestive of a person possessing a puerile substance between the ears. Tirades against one whose role in our politics and the birth of the country is beyond question, and that which has earned him the honorific of Bangabandhu and Father of the Nation, is not only unwarranted...

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