• Wednesday, September 03, 2014

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Grameen Bank Board

Govt to change rule to elect it

The government will again amend Grameen Bank rules for electing nine women directors of the micro-lender as the central bank has declined to hold polls for picking new board members. "Bangladesh Bank has said that holding the elections will lead to a conflict of interest as they [the BB] are a regulatory body," Finance Minister AMA Muhith told reporters at the secretariat yesterday. "We will find ways to do it. There are a number of banks under the control of the...

Amnesty perturbed

Bangladesh government must immediately rein in the disturbing rise in the enforced disappearances over the past two years, said London-based Amnesty International in a press release yesterday. The global campaign aimed to protect human rights also called on the government to put an end to torture and deaths in police custody and increasing suppression on freedom of expression. Amnesty International has investigated 20 cases of disappearance at the hands of the state security forces in the country since 2012, said the...

Not in interest of country, people

The way the government is going to amend the constitution to restore parliament's authority to impeach Supreme Court judges is "not right at all" and "not in the interest of the country and the people", eminent jurist Dr Kamal Hossain said yesterday. Public opinion should be solicited in this regard, he said, stressing the need for reaching a consensus through a national dialogue before the House passed any amendment to the charter. He made the observations at a roundtable discussion on...

People obey law, influentials break

People obey law, influentials break

While common people stay stuck in the city's standstill traffic for hours sometimes, those “more equal than others” just take the wrong side of the street and drive by to dodge the tailback, with traffic police unable to do anything.     Flag-bearing huge sport utility vehicles of ministers, cars of lawmakers and top government officials,...

Ukraine wants to seek Nato membership: PM

Ukraine wants to seek Nato membership: PM

Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk yesterday said that the government is seeking to join Nato and is submitting a relevant bill to parliament to end the country's official 'non-bloc' policy. "The government is entering a bill to Verkhovna Rada (parliament) about the cancellation of Ukraine's non-bloc status and resumption of Ukraine's course for Nato...

News Analysis

A policy of hypocrisy

The government has been portraying its move to restore parliament's power to impeach Supreme Court judges on grounds of misconduct or incapacity as an effort to return to the original constitution of 1972. But it has no plan to return to the 1972 constitution regarding empowering the SC to have effective control and supervision over the lower judiciary. In the view of Law Minister Anisul Haque, the existing provisions on the lower courts are excellent and there is no need to...

Major rivers swelling

Major rivers swelling

With the situation worsening in at least five districts, the Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) yesterday said that the floods might be prolonged as the water levels of three major rivers are likely to remain unchanged for three more days. Hit hard by the weeklong floods and resultant crisis of drinking water, several...

France awaits new govt after shock resignation

France's prime minister was set to appoint a new cabinet yesterday after tendering his government's resignation amid a row over economic policy, plunging the country into a fresh political crisis. As desperately unpopular President Francois Hollande battles to overcome splits in his ruling Socialists and revive the stagnant French economy, Manuel Valls was expected to announce the make-up of his team in the afternoon. The shock resignation on Monday was seen as a bid to restore order after a weekend of...

Black money flying abroad

Black money flying abroad

When money laundering is as easy as slicing a cake and the money is safe abroad, why anyone would want to legalise his black money is a question that seems to have no answer. And even if one wants to do so, he is discouraged by the complex legal structure and the vengeful political culture in the country. This is evident in the black money holders' lukewarm response to the government's repeated declarations of amnesty to them. In the fiscal 2013-14, only Tk 237.78 crore was whitened, with the government getting Tk 45 crore in taxes. The response was slightly better in the previous four fiscal years -- Tk 451 crore...

War Crimes Trial

Govt mulls reshuffle in prosecution

The government is planning to reconstitute the prosecution team of the International Crimes Tribunal against a backdrop of longstanding infighting and lack of coordination between its members. “I am planning to reshuffle the prosecution team members after the delivery of the verdicts [in the pending cases], since there are some disagreements and ego clashes between them,” Law Minister Anisul Huq told The Daily Star yesterday. “Those who are performing well will stay in the [prosecution] team, and those who cannot do...

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