• Hong Kong MPs reject 'fake democracy'

    Hong Kong lawmakers yesterday rejected a Beijing-backed electoral reform package derided as "fake democracy" during mass protests last year, leaving the city in deadlock

  • UN for probing city polls ‘allegations’

    In view of the freshly concluded dodgy mayor elections in Bangladesh, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for probe into those allegations.

  • Credible reports of vote-rigging, intimidation: US

    US expresses disappointment over 'widespread, first-hand, and credible reports of vote-rigging, intimidation and violence that have occurred at polling stations today, and the BNP’s decision to boycott the city corporation polls'.

  • Boycott deflates city polls

    Just four hours into the start of voting, BNP’s boycott over irregularities, vote rigging and intimidation of BNP-backed candidates and their workers made the city corporation elections irrelevant.

  • Opinion: What BNP withdrawal means

    With the withdrawal of all three BNP backed mayoral candidates from the Dhaka city north, south and Chittagong city corporation elections by noon, the national politics is back to square one.

  • Officer leads voter to use fake vote

    When a voter burst into protest finding his vote was already cast, presiding officer compensates him by allowing him to cast a fake vote.

  • AL men protest against Khaleda Zia

    Opinion: AL’s crude tactics to stop Khaleda

    Dhaka city is in a festive mood. Festoons and streamers deck the roads and alleys. Mayoral candidates are on whirlpool campaigning. Commissioner candidates are bringing out support processions. It all matches what democracy should look like, except what happened yesterday.

  • US calls upon all parties in Bangladesh to practice democracy

    The US Department of State expresses hope that all parties in Bangladesh will follow democratic practices.

  • Nasheed's supporters hold underwater protest

    Supporters of jailed former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed hold an underwater protest to push for the release of the tropical archipelago's first democratically elected leader.

  • Political unrest causes 0.55pc GDP loss: CPD

    Political unrest during January to mid March of the current year has caused for a gross domestic product (GDP) loss of 0.55 percent or Tk 4,900 crore, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD).

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