• Elimination of child labour

    While we can take comfort from the fact that we have been able to reduce the number of child workers by two million in the last 10 years, a large number of children are still employed in hazardous work.

  • And what of the dignity of the child?

    The Child Bill 2013 is supposed to be in harmony with the CRC and recognises that an individual below 18 is a child. Why then do we still have child marriages? Why then do we have little children working in homes, in biri factories, in garbage dumps and tanneries?

  • Children and Poverty

    Protecting the rights of children and providing the essentials for their development must be part of the definition of poverty reduction.

  • Stop child labour

    Education to fight against child labour

    The United Nations has announced it is marking the 2015 edition of the World Day Against Child Labour with a call for the international community to invest in quality education as a key step in the fight against child employment – a scourge that consumes over one hundred million children worldwide.

  • Child Labour Day

    Underage children working in developing countries has been a harsh reality for many years and Bangladesh is no exception.

  • India will need 100 years to end child labour: Report

    With child labour decreasing at a dismal rate of only 2.2 per cent per year; it would take more than a century to end the menace, says a report.

  • Central African Republic militias to free child soldiers

    UN says armed groups in Central African Republic agrees to release all the children working with them and end child recruitment

  • A day in the life of a restaurant worker (video)

    Employees at different hotels and restaurants in Pabna are forced to work 12 to 15 hours a day. And despite this long hours of work, they are poorly paid.

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