• We condemn the killing

    WE are shocked and appalled by yet another murder of a blogger, Oyasiqur Rahman, in broad daylight, barely a month after the savage murder of blogger and activist Avijit Roy.

  • US shocked at blogger Oyasiqur’s murder

    The United States has expressed utter astonishment at the murder of independent writer Oyasiqur Rahman.

  • France condemns blogger Oyasiqur killing

    France condemns the killing of blogger Oyasiqur Rahman Babu, who was brutally hacked by cleaver-wielding youths under broad daylight in Dhaka.

  • Blogger killed in city again

    Barely a month after the brutal murder of Avijit Roy, another blogger and online activist was hacked to death in broad daylight yesterday. Oyasiqur Rahman Babu, 27, was attacked by three cleaver-wielding youths in the capital's Tejgaon Industrial area around 9:00am.

  • Rajib Haider

    Free thinkers targeted repeatedly

    Free thinkers have been repeatedly targets of extremist groups throughout Bangladesh and the trend set in motion is a matter of grave concern

  • Another blogger stabbed to death in Tejgaon

    A blogger is stabbed to death in broad day light in Tejgaon Industrial area of Dhaka. Police detain two of the three killers red-handed.

  • Tk 5 lakh bounty for blogger Rajib murder suspect

    DMP announce a Tk 5 lakh bounty to help arrest Redwanul Azad Rana, a prime accused in blogger Ahmed Rajib Haidar murder case

  • Tech-wise ready, priority-wise not

    Despite having “very sophisticated” technologies to track down radical Islamists who use online platforms to spread jihadi propaganda and issue death threats to secular people, law enforcers cannot act against the fanatic elements proactively in the absence of clear directives.

  • Blogger Avijit’s widow 'won’t be silenced' (audio)

    Widow of a blogger who was hacked to death in Bangladesh says she will continue to speak out on the causes of secularism and science

  • Police did not act, says Avijit’s wife

    Rafida Ahmed Bonya, wife of murdered blogger-writer Avijit Roy, says she did not get proper cooperation from law enforcers when they came under attack on February 26.

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