MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015


  • Online writers and activists must be protected

    THE serial killing of bloggers in Bangladesh, with little development as far as catching and punishing the assassins are concerned, has compelled the Human Rights Forum (Bangladesh) to call upon the government to provide protection to online writers/activists, many of them still on the hit-list of religious extremists.

  • Punish Ananta's killers to ensure free expression: Unesco

    Punishment of blogger Ananta Das' murder is mandated for freedom of expression in Bangladesh, head of the UNESCO has said.

  • Has the country turned into a killing ground for free thinkers?

    If one analyses why criminality and corruption are so pervasive in the society, the first and foremost answer would be the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators.


    In just over two years, Bangladesh has lost five dynamic, assertive, free thinkers to gruesome acts of deliberate violence.

  • Sweden slammed for denying visa to blogger Ananta

    A free speech group launches a blistering attack on Sweden on Wednesday after it denied a travel visa to a secular Bangladeshi blogger who was then hacked to death by suspected Islamists.

  • Profile of slain bloggers Ananta, Avijit, Oyasiqur, Rajib

    The four bloggers, Ananta, Avijit, Oyasiqur and Rajib who were hacked to death in Bangladesh since 2013 are profiled here by The BBC and The Daily Star.

  • Killing of blogger Ananta blow to free speech: HRW

    The killing of secular blogger Ananta Bijoy Das is part of an alarming trend of violent intolerance toward freedom of religion and speech in Bangladesh, Human Rights Watch says.

  • Another Blogger Murdered

    ANOTHER gruesome assassination of blogger and an organiser of local Gonojagoron Mancha, Ananta Bijoy Das in Sylhet illustrates that the systematic killing of free thinkers is still on the extremist agenda.

  • Avijit's wife Bonya speaks up (video)

    Rafida Ahmed Bonya, widow of slain Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy, gives first ever video interview to an American group the gory attack, role of the government and rise of extremist elements in Bangladesh.

  • Another free thinker murdered

    Unknown miscreants kill blogger and organiser of local Gonojagoron Mancha Ananta Bijoy Das in Sylhet - a murder in continuation of attack on free thinkers of the society.

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