• ‘Robber’ killed in Sundarbans ‘gunfight’

    An alleged robber, said to be second-in-charge of a notorious gang, has been killed in what Rab describes as gunfight at Bagerhat’s Sundarbans.

  • India's Bhel gets Rampal contract

    Indian power company Bhel has been selected to construct the 1,320-megawatt coal power plant in Rampal close to the Sundarbans.

  • 2 'robbers' killed in 'gunfight'

    Two alleged robbers, including the chief of infamous “Akash Babu Bahini”, were killed in a “gunfight” with members of Rapid Action Battalion on the Tambulbunia canal in the Sundarbans yesterday.

  • 2 Sundarbans ‘bandits’ killed in ‘gunfight’

    Two alleged bandits has been killed in what law enforcers described as gunfight in the Chandpai range of the Sundarbans under Bagerhat district today.

  • Sundarbans ‘robber’ killed in ‘gunfight’

    An alleged robber gang-leader is killed in what law enforcers say “gunfight” in the Sundarbans’ Shoronkhola range under Bagerhat district.

  • Protecting Sundarbans: How Serious Are We?

    When this article was being written, a cargo vessel full of coal was underwater in Pashur River off the huge 250-feet high Silo in Joymoni for more than a month waiting to be rescued, while another vessel carrying fly-ash was being rescued.

  • The Munda people of the Sundarbans

    The Munda are an ethnic community of the Sundarbans mangrove ecological zone. Originating in India, the Munda people travelled to Bangladesh around 300 years ago and have been here ever since.

  • ‘Robber’ killed in Sundarbans ‘gunfight’

    Alleged robber gang leader killed in what Rapid Action Battalion describes as gunfight at Bagerhat in the Sundarbans.

  • 23 firearms, 1,531 bullets seized in Sundarbans, 1 held

    Rapid Action Battalion members arrest an alleged robber along with 23 firearms and 1,531 bullets after a “gunfight” in the Sundarbans in Koyra upazila of Khulna last night.

  • CPB, BSD’s Nov 30 deadline to stop Rampal

    Communist Party Bangladesh and Bangladesh Somajtantrik Dal urged the government today to stop the Rampal plant near the Sundarbans by November 30.

  • 2 ‘robbers’ killed in ‘gunfight’

    ​Two alleged robbers are killed in separate incidents of what law enforcers described as gunfight in Laxmipur and Bagerhat today.

  • ‘Robber’ killed in Sundarbans ‘gunfight’

    An alleged robber is killed in a “gunfight” with Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) in Sharankhola range of Sundarbans in Bagerhat.

  • Forest department issues special alert in Sundarbans

    The forest department has issued a special alert in the Sundarbans following killing of six ‘tiger poachers’ in a ‘gunfight’ with police and recovery of three tiger skins from the world’s largest mangrove earlier this month.

  • 6 ‘tiger poachers’ killed in Khulna ‘gunfight’

    Six suspected tiger poachers are killed in a ‘gunfight’ with police at Mandarbari of the Sundarbans (west) in Koyra upazila of Khulna today.

  • Dwindling Royal Bengal Tigers

    It is highly disquieting that the Royal Bengal Tiger, one of the most valued species of tigers in the world, appears to be on an extinction course in its home, the Sundarbans.

  • Bengal Tigers under threat

    Poaching of tigers and its preys in the Sundarbans, commercial boat traffic through different channels and development activities within and near the world's largest mangrove forest is threatening the Bengal tiger population.

  • Only 100 tigers found in Sundarbans

    Bangladesh has only about 100 tigers living in the world's largest mangrove forest, far fewer of the endangered animals than previously thought, following a recent survey, a top forestry official says.

  • Opinion: Real Crocodile tears in the Sundarbans

    Within days of three French banks deciding not to invest in the Rampal 1320 megawatt coal power plant next to the Sundarbans, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Monday criticised those who opposed the power plant.

  • Rampal plant no threat to Sundarbans: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says if there was any possibility of adverse effects on the Sundarbans due to Rampal power plant, the government would not have decided to construct the plant.

  • 'Robber' killed in Sundarbans 'gunfight'

    An alleged leader of a robber gang was killed in a “gunfight” with Rapid Action Battalion in Sharankhola range of Sundarbans in Bagerhat.

  • Trafficker, 2 ‘robbers’ killed in ‘gunfights’

    A human trafficker and two alleged robbers have killed in separate “gunfights” in Cox’s Bazar and the Sundarbans respectively. This is the second time in three days that police crossed swords with human traffickers of Cox’s Bazar after The Daily Star ran a series of reports on human trafficking.

  • Another spillage in Bhola River

    THE latest sinking of a vessel in Bhola River, carrying Muriate of Potash, is a stark reminder that little has been done regarding the rerouting of cargo vessels after the devastating oil spillage in this river only six months ago.

  • Sundarbans fertiliser spilling vessel still stranded

    Despite concern from experts, government officials say 300 tonnes of fertiliser spilled in the Sundarbans following a trawler capsize is not harmful.

  • ‘Robber’ killed in 'gunfight' with Bagerhat lawmen

    An alleged robber is killed and another injured with bullet in a “shootout” with law enforcers in the Sundarbans under Sharankhola range of Bagerhat

  • ‘Bandit leader’ killed in ‘gunfight’ with Khulna cops

    Alleged chief of a forest bandit racket of the Sundarbans killed in 'gunfight' with police in Koyra upazila of Khulna.

  • ‘Robber’ killed in Khulna ‘gunfight’ with cops

    An alleged robber has been killed in a “gunfight” with police at Hongshu Rajerchar in the Sundarbans, Koyra upazila of Khulna, confirms Harendranath Sarkar, officer-in-charge of Koyra Police Station identifying the deceased as Hasan Ali Sana

  • 3 ‘robbers’ killed in ‘gunfight’ with Rab

    Three alleged robbers are killed in a “gunfight” with Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) in the Sundarbans under Sharankhola range of Bagerhat

  • Impact assessment on Sundarbans oil spill

    THE joint UN-Bangladesh impact assessment team on the Sundarbans oil spill has submitted its report. The incident involving sinking of an oil tanker and subsequent spill of an estimated 300,000 litres of furnace oil into the ecosystem of the forest is claimed to have had a limited effect on the delicate ecological balance of Sundarbans in the short term.

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