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Sundarbans seen as resource only to be exploited

Sundarbans seen as resource only to be exploited

The government and people responsible for the recent oil spill regard the Sundarbans as a source of resource waiting to be exploited, said leaders of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports yesterday. They fail to realise that hundreds of thousands of people's lives will be at peril if...

Oil Spill Impact on Sundarbans

UN team starts work today

The United Nations team to help Bangladesh clean up the oil spill in the Sundarbans will start their work in the area from today.  Meanwhile, a separate investigation committee of the BNP that visited affected areas in the forest, alleged that even though foreigners were interested to save the Sundarbans, the government showed its negligence to do that. The UNDP expert team comprising experts from home and abroad would support the government's cleanup efforts of the oil spill in addition to...

Oil Spill in Sundarbans

Stop movement of vessels in Shela

Stop movement of vessels in Shela

A government committee probing the Sundarbans oil spill has recommended a permanent halt to the operation of cargo vessels through the Shela river in the mangrove forest, said one of its members yesterday. It also suggested conducting periodic studies to assess long-term impact of the oil spill from the December 9 sinking of a...

UN team reaches Mongla

UN team reaches Mongla

A UN team reached Mongla in Bagerhat this afternoon on its way to the Sundarbans to assess the extent of damage to the world’s largest mangrove forest due to the oil spillage. The international experts will visit the Sundarbans next morning and will support the ground work in coordination with the government and also...

Sundarbans disaster for govt negligence: BNP

Sundarbans disaster for govt negligence: BNP

After visiting the Sundarbans, BNP today alleged the negligence of the government in preserving the world’s largest mangrove forest. “Though the foreign aid agencies have expressed their concerns and eagerness about preserving the Sundarbans, the government is seen careless about it,” said Maj (retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed, a vice-chairman of the party. Hafiz, who is heading...

Study on Sundarbans

Oil spill takes toll on aquatic life

The Shela river oil spill in the Sundarbans will have a long-term effect on the aquatic life, and food for fish in the water body has already went down by 80 percent, says a Khulna University study. About 3.58 lakh litres of furnace oil from a tanker that sank on December 9 has hampered the growth of planktons -- marine and freshwater organisms that are the base of food web in an aquatic environment.  “If planktons grow less, aquatic species like...

BNP to find out why oil tanker sank

The BNP yesterday formed a committee to find out what caused an oil tanker to sink on December 9 in the Shela River crisscrossing the Sundarbans and its impact on the biodiversity of the forest. Maj (retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed, vice-chairman of the party, will lead the seven-member team commissioned by party Chairperson Khaleda Zia to do the probe. She asked the committee to start working today and submit a report to her by December 25, said a source at Khaleda's Gulshan...


Shipping minister's out of turn comments

THE observations of the house committee on forest and environment ministry, deploring Shipping Minister Shahjahan Khan's remarks that the oil spill in the Sundarbans would not adversely affect the world's largest mangrove forest and its biodiversity, echoes our feelings.   The shipping minister has been known for his out of turn comments. And oftentimes he forgets that he firstly represents the people as a minister and instead puts on his labour leader's hat. The most recent was his comment after...

Damage less than initially thought

The oil spill would obviously cause harm to the ecology of the Sundarbans, but its intensity might be less than what was initially apprehended, said Environment and Forests Minister Anwar Hossain Manju yesterday. Meanwhile, the Unesco World Heritage Centre, Unesco Dhaka office and the Ramsar Secretariat have expressed serious concern over the impact of the spill on the world heritage area of the Sundarbans. A UNDP team that had come to extend support to the government's clean-up efforts is scheduled to...

Sundarbans oil tanker capsize ‘premeditated’: BNP

Sundarbans oil tanker capsize ‘premeditated’: BNP

Terming oil tanker capsize in Shela River “pre-planned”, BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir today said the Sundarbans is being destroyed in a planned way. “Questions have been raised from different quarters including environmental scientists over the oil tanker capsize near Sundarbans. They suspect that the incident was a part of conspiracy...

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