• Friday, April 18, 2014

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Election dhamaka in India ... our sense of proportion!

LOK Sabha election in India is turning out to be pricey, spicy and high-stake contestation. It is literally becoming a head-turner. The repertoire of political banter, vote-catching maneuvers and last-minute attempted reworking of electoral equations between parties, groupings and alliances is coming into full play. From self-serving books publication pillorying Manmohan Singh by people who claimed 'they knew' because of their proximity to him through dynastic war of words in the Gandhi family to playing the communal card cutting both...

Zila parishads made victim of partisan politics

A study conducted by TIB has depicted a frustrating picture of zila parishads (district councils). The study has revealed that the zila parishads have turned into political organisations of the ruling Awami League as they are run by partisan administrators instead of elected representatives. According to the TIB, the parishads are being used as political offices of ruling party men and their tea and breakfast expenses are being paid for by zila parishad funds. Even official vehicles of the...


Journey without destination

Journey without destination

TWO reactive comments by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Foreign Minister H. M. Mahmud Ali, respectively, may have provided clues to the working of the government's mind. The PM's remark came with a touch of self-effacing candour and the FM's smacked of diplomatic finesse (read parrying, if you like). The PM whilst responding to...


BNP in the political doldrums

THE country's second largest political party is running out of steam. Little wonder that outlandish claims are being made about late president Zia. To say anything more about it except that such remarks are but a way of telling the party supporters that “we are still here” is to dignify rubbish. However, we are sometimes alarmed by BNP's threat to launch movement against the government, the latest being made by the acting secretary general of the party after his release...

History is once again in the dock

SINCE the fateful night of August 1975, distortion of the history of our liberation has been an incessant phenomenon, especially during the tenure of non-AL governments. History was once again in the dock when, a few days ago, the mother-son duo of the BNP declared that Ziaur Rahman was the first president of Bangladesh. A citizen or, more so, a political party, through allegiance to the Republic, must abide by the constitution, the foundation of laws for the state. The...

Raushan to quit politics 'in future'

Raushan to quit politics 'in future'

Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament Raushan Ershad today said she would not contest in the parliamentary election "in future" and would quit politics. "I will not be in politics or take part in election anymore in the future. I have done as much as I needed," the Jatiya Party senior presidium member...

BNP warns of 'historic revenge'

BNP warns of 'historic revenge'

Terming the current Sheikh Hasina government "illegal" and "oppressive", the BNP today vowed to take what it called a "historic revenge" against it if it does not stop "killing and forced disappearance".  BNP joint secretary general Rizvi Ahmed issued the warning at a press conference at the party’s headquarters at Nayapaltan in Dhaka. Alleging that...


Nation into 44

TODAY the nation enters its 44th year of independence. In the face of the recurrent disruptions and instabilities attributable mostly to fractious politics, the economy has performed eminently well, thanks to the resilience of the peasants, the migrant workers and the never-say-die entrepreneurs. Thus Bangladesh remains a global wonder considering the achievements in its socio-economic sectors, especially in the areas of education, women empowerment, reducing child mortality and so on.  The same strength has been shown by the manufacturing...

Democracy and our political parties: A living paradox

A wise political analyst once remarked that the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting.  Looking at the culture and practice that our political parties have ingrained in their systems one wonders which of the above they follow within the parties.   In last twenty five years or so the two major political parties in Bangladesh have...

Of politics and diplomacy

THE foreign Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida made a three-day visit to Bangladesh from March 21 to 23, during which he held an official discussion with Bangladesh Foreign Minister A.H. Mahmood Ali and paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. While the details of the visit are available in the media, the highlights include discussions on an Economic Partnership Agreement, annual consultation between the two countries at the foreign secretary level, and establishing a peace building centre in...

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'India's youth: the decisive factor'

India's youth: the decisive factor

Over the next six.......

Gujarat model a myth

Gujarat model a myth

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.....

BJP copied Congress manifesto: Rahul

BJP copied Congress manifesto: Rahul

Congress vice-president ....