• Friday, September 19, 2014

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Removal of SC Judges

Sangsad to amend constitution today

Some lawmakers of Jatiya Party and Workers Party have sought changes to the 16th constitutional amendment bill that aims to restore parliament's authority to remove a Supreme Court judge on grounds of misbehaviour or incapacity. The Jatiya Sangshad will pass the bill today, Ashraful Maqbul, senior secretary at parliament secretariat, told reporters at his office yesterday. A lawmaker's proposal said if allegations against an SC judge are proved to be true, the parliament will then pass a resolution supported by at...

JS passes SC Judges impeachment bill

JS passes SC Judges impeachment bill

Rejecting all the proposals for soliticising public opinions and bringing some changes in the constitutional amendment bill, parliament this evening passed unanimously the bill empowering itself to remove a Supreme Court judge on grounds of misbehavior and incapacity. The bill was passed in an unprecedented situation as opposition and ruling alliance MPs those who...

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Attorney General's Remark

Surprising indeed

Attorney General Mahbubey Alam has now joined others in insulting the opponents of the proposed constitutional amendment to empower parliament to impeach a Supreme Court judge on grounds of misbehaviour or incapacity. While the AG has accused two eminent jurists of reversing their stance, the fact is it is he who has moved away from what he had said about the same issue three years back. Joining a gathering of the pro-Awami League lawyers who staged a showdown on the SC...

JS body submits 16th amendment report

JS body submits 16th amendment report

The parliamentary standing committee on law ministry today submitted its report on the proposed 16th amendment to the constitution, which will empower lawmakers to impeach judges, to Jatiya Sangsad. Suranjit Sengupta, chief of the body, placed the report before the parliament following completion of its scrutiny. The body has unanimously recommended passing the proposed law...

Jatiya Party drama goes on

Jatiya Party drama goes on

Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad and a number of JP lawmakers today boycotted the party’s parliamentary forum’s emergency meeting, intensifying the intra-party rift. Leader of the opposition Raushan Ershad, also wife of the JP boss, on Saturday night convened the JP parliamentary party’s meeting for today to discuss various issues including relieving of Moshiur...

News Analysis
Restoring '72 Constitution

PM's claim and the reality

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has portrayed the proposed constitutional amendment to restore parliament's powers to remove a Supreme Court judge on grounds of misbehaviour or incapacity as a step towards making the constitution the way it was in 1972. Speaking at a meeting of the Awami League Parliament Party on Sunday, the AL chief also claimed her government's main aim was to restore the constitution of 1972 to its original position. The reality appears to be the very opposite to her...

Leading jurists call for dialogue

A number of leading jurists yesterday stressed the need for a dialogue between all concerned before the constitution is amended to empower parliament to remove Supreme Court judges for misconduct and incapacity. The government is going to amend the constitution at “a supersonic speed” without holding any discussions. It is “unconstitutional and unexpected”, said Dr Kamal Hossain. He was speaking at a discussion on “Independent Judiciary: Process for appointment of judges, their accountability and impeachment” organised by Bangladesh Ganotantrik Ainjibi Samity...


JS body won’t seek stakeholder’s opinion

JS body won’t seek stakeholder’s opinion

A parliamentary body today retracted from its earlier plan seeking opinion of stakeholders before finalising a constitution amendment bill as the government wants to avoid controversy at this moment regarding the bill seeking restoration of Jatiya Sangsad’s authority to remove judges. The parliamentary standing committee on law came up with the decision after its...

Indian efforts on for Teesta deal

India's External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj yesterday reiterated that efforts were on for evolving a domestic consensus on signing the long-awaited Teesta water-sharing deal with Bangladesh. She said the constitution amendment bill, placed in Rajya Sabha, upper House of parliament last year, for ratifying the land boundary agreement with Bangladesh has been referred to parliamentary Standing Committee and its report was awaited before the government takes a call. Addressing her first press conference since taking over more than three months ago,...

Impeachment Bill

Misleading preamble

The preamble to the bill seeking to restore parliament's authority to impeach Supreme Court judges claims that the constitutional amendment is necessary for the revival of Article 96 of the country's charter adopted in 1972. But it is not possible to get back Article 96 as it was in the original charter. In 1972, the retirement age of an SC judge was 62 years, which was increased to 67 through an amendment in 2004. Placed in parliament on Sunday, the bill...

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