• Tehran eyes energy cooperation with Dhaka

    Iran is eyeing wider trade cooperation with Bangladesh especially in energy sector as the sanctions imposed on Iran are set to be withdrawn.


    China is set to reap the windfall of the post-nuclear deal scenario with Iran. Indeed if one looks at Chinese engagement with Iran during the standoff between Washington and Tehran over the last few years, it is understandable why Beijing threw its weight behind a diplomatic solution to the nuclear issue.

  • Britain to reopen Tehran embassy

    Britain will reopen its embassy in Tehran during a visit to Iran by Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond due to start on Sunday.

  • IS claims bomb attack which killed 76 in Baghdad

    At least 76 people were killed and 212 wounded today in a blast claimed by Islamic State in Baghdad's Sadr City, police and medical.

  • The Iran debate

    Critics of the upcoming accord have pointed out that Iran will not play by the rules and may continue a covert programme for uranium enrichment outside designated nuclear facilities covered under the agreement.


    Bridging the gap between Iran and the West would help soften Iran's present voice against Israel through a possible political and social transformation in favour of the West.

  • An Iran deal ten years late

    The only thing to lament about the agreement reached by Iran and the P5+1 (the UN Security Council's five permanent members – China, Britain, France, Russia, and the United States – plus Germany) in Vienna this month is that it was not signed and sealed a decade ago.

  • Iran's re-entry to the comity of nations

    The US Congress has 60 days to review the agreement. During that time, President Obama cannot lift the sanctions.

  • Landmark deal with Iran

    After the marathon 18-day Vienna talks a historic deal was signed on Tuesday between Iran and six global powers -- the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.

  • Iran nuclear agreement ‘reached’

    A deal on limiting Iran's nuclear programme in return for the lifting of sanctions has been reached at talks in Vienna, diplomats say.

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