MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015


  • Let's not go against the flow

    ON the month of February The article “Status of 'Bangla' in legal arena” was a timely publication in the same page. The author Dr. Nahid Ferdousi, rightly observed the dilemma of using mother language in all official procedure of Apex Court. Her appeal to respect the martyrs of the Language Movement is morally legitimate, concerns for the interest of uneducated litigants in understanding the reasoning behind judgment does not necessarily go amiss.

  • Bangla

    Status of 'Bangla' in legal arena

    THE people of Bangladesh have a long history of love and liability towards mother language. The struggle of making Bangla the state Language is one of the rarest incidents of the world history. The main object of our language movement was firm establishment as well as to ensure extensive practice of Bangla language in every sphere of our national life.

  • 2 Bangla speaking girls among 3 teens ‘on way to join IS'

    Fears are growing for the safety of three east London schoolgirls who police believes are trying to cross the Turkish-Syrian border to join Islamic State (IS).

  • Nation paying homage to language martyrs

    The nation is paying glowing tribute to the Language Movement martyrs, who laid down their lives for the mother tongue in 1952, amid countrywide ongoing blockade

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