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Strategise water usage

Strategise water usage

Effective water governance missing

INTER-ministerial coordination for managing our water and energy resources has never been up to the mark. It is largely due to this reason that water governance for planned utilisation of water was absent in Bangladesh. For instance, water is closely linked to energy and environment, and inaction over environmental degradation resulted in a national economic loss of Tk. 44, 633 crore, which is over four percent of Bangladesh's Gross Domestic Product, in the fiscal years 2012-13. What is more is that the loss is shooting up each year.
Regrettably, unlike the developed countries, we don't have 'public disclosure of environmental information,' and we feel there is pressing need for one. Had there been effective inter-ministerial joint efforts for combating water wastage and environmental deterioration, then the loss could have been avoided. However, with limited flow in the trans-boundary rivers, and increased consumption rate hitting hard our limited water resources, it's high time for the government to introduce and implement appropriate water governance at the micro level.
Successful water governance depends on identifying the technologies, planned use of procedures, introducing methods for water conservation, deciding a consumption benchmark, including expert opinions, mapping of water sources to effectively ensure safe water coverage and, foremost, effective inter-ministerial initiatives. Last but not the least is to incorporate the local governments in our recommendations. We await prompt response from the government in this regard.


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