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  • Ben Okri: The writer, the artist

    “The Magic Lamp” is a collection of 25 short stories by Okri inspired by 25 original paintings by Rosemary Clunie. Okri calls it his “first real unintentional intentional book”, after having been spontaneously inspired by one of Clunie's paintings. Spontaneous, however, may not be entirely accurate.

  • Who reads young adult books?

    How the young adult genre evolved to gain universal readership

  • Jane Austen's words, in numbers

    Jane Austen is seeing something of a revival, if that can be said of an eternally popular writer, this year.

  • A walk in the wake of destruction

    In all likelihood these [the rings] are fragments of a former moon that was too close to the planet and was destroyed by its [Saturn's] tidal effect...

  • Living and dying by the code

    “How many governments have fallen,” the prince had gone on, “And how many kingdoms have been swept from the face of the earth, and Orosh is still standing.”

  • “Intoxicated with madness, I'm in love with my sadness”

    Sylvia Plath indeed died memorably as foreshadowed in a poem written in the final months of her life.

  • Kafka in the age of the internet

    “I see, these books are probably law books, and it is an essential part of the justice dispensed here that you should be condemned not only in innocence but also in ignorance.”

  • Sukumar's Myth and Magic

    Silly rhymes, nonsensical verses, absurd characters - that's how Sukumar Ray introduced poetry in to my life with his book Abol Tabol (Rhymes without Reasons), an amazing collection of classic Bengali nonsense poetry.