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Herisa “el Capitan” Jaque

Yoberries, the latest addition to Banani 11's ever burgeoning food fiesta, is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. Basically, walk in, take a cup and choose from the different stations the flavours you want, add some toppings, and customise your frozen yogurt any way you want. The flavours range from the typical tart, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry to more interesting flavours like taro and passion fruit while the toppings include fresh fruit, nuts, Oreos and generous amounts of syrup you may pour over your yogurt. This is being marketed as a “healthy” product, the logic here being that frozen yogurt is better for you than ice-cream, but there are many debates on that theory by sceptics.
Some say that this is just “watered down ice-cream”, while some argue that frozen yogurt actually tastes delicious if you know what you are expecting. But a major setback of this place is their pricing system. In Bangladesh, we follow the metric system and thus are not familiar with weighing by ounces, so if asked to “pay by ounce”, as this place entails, people will be confused. Once you have naively chosen your ice-cream, thinking that an entire ounce must be a lot, and then go to weigh the thing and subsequently deliver your abnormally high bill, you get this certain feeling which one may call “ripped off”. Tk 60 per ounce (which is around 28 grams) then, is pretty steep, especially since most people have no idea how much they are taking and just keep adding pretty swirls to their cup. The interior of this place is a little Teletubby-like though, very colourful with nice cushy chairs.
The verdict? Most say they love this “fro-yo” stuff, but the pricing could be better. The place is always packed but like all the whirlwind trends in Dhaka, it could die down soon.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, December 26, 2013

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