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Reverse Swing

Reverse Swing

Wasim Akram

Disappointed with a capital D. I am sure it will feel like an understatement. It was a packed Sher-e-Bangla stadium, passionate, expecting a brave show from the Tigers. But it turned out to be another cakewalk for India who have now cruised into the semifinals and Bangladesh are left to ponder a lot of things.
It's all about Bangladesh cricket. Whoever you meet before the match, whoever you speak to, they were expecting the hosts will put up a fight. But instead it was a tired show. Bangladesh lacked method, planning, sense, passion, willingness, respect and what else. I am lost for words. I feel for the Bangladeshi fans. Mind you, they are getting frustrated.
There was no method in Bangladesh's batting. Who in this age come and hit the first ball off a reputed spinner like Ravichandran Ashwin up in the air. But Shamsur Rahman did that. It was awful. Mind you, Shamsur was staging a comeback in the team but he showed no respect to his place, to millions of fans who wanted him to do well. Shakib Al Hasan was again shaky. He is so talented but unyielding and that leaves fans to think that it's not worth backing him.
Mushfiqur Rahim had hit a very good boundary and there was no point to hit another risky shot after that but he did. Then Mahmudullah batted well but same thing happened to Nasir Hossain and Ziaur Rahman. Both fell to injudicious shots. Ziaur didn't realize that Mahmudullah was batting well and instead of giving him the strike in the last over, he played to the gallery. A dot ball and a wicket was the result.
India were always above the meagre task. They have batsmen like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli and their experience of playing T20 is copious. It was a case of just ten overs into the India batting and people started to leave the ground with their faces blank and sad.
There can be no excuse. Bangladesh need to plan, how to play their 20 overs. Everyone seemed to be in haste and paid the price. They felt like they are Viv Richards who can smash the first ball out of the park. But they are not.
India, Pakistan and the West Indies have been my favourites to win this World Twenty20. India have shown great consistency and the way the West Indies beat Australia they are the team to beat now.

The writer is a former Pakistan cricket captain and one of the finest swing bowlers and currently a TV commentator and presenter


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