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Rehana Pervin: The Athlete

Rehana Pervin: The Athlete

Abdul Wahed, Kurigram
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina giving 'President Ansar Sheba Podok-2012'  to Rehana Pervin. PHOTO: STAR
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina giving 'President Ansar Sheba Podok-2012' to Rehana Pervin. PHOTO: STAR

“For my remarkable contribution in sports I have received the 'President Ansar Sheba Padok 2012,” says Rehana Pervin, a spirited athlete of Bangladesh. At the age of 31, she is an ever-smiling and optimistic person. A member of Bangladesh Ansar-VDP, she is also a pioneer in the field of sports for women.
Rehana Pervin was born to the late Samotullah Munshi and Jahiran Begum of Old Thana Para under Kurigram municipality of Kurigram district, but she lives in Dhaka. She was very interested in sports from her childhood. She would go to school regularly taking sports dress in her bag and would engage in various exercises and sports activities in the school ground and Kurigram stadium.
After passing SSC from Kurigram Girls' High School, she was admitted to the higher secondary class in Kurigram Government Women's College, which is situated near Kurigram stadium where she would exercise regularly as well. After passing HSC, she joined the Bangladesh Anser-VDP as a member. This sparked the beginning of her professional sports career and she performed at various national and international football, handball and Kabadi tournaments. She received many championship trophies in various national and international sports including Asian Juba Mohila Handball in 2000, the first Inter-district Mohila Kabadi in Dhaka in 2007, the first Inter-district Mohila Football in Dhaka in 2006, Mohila Handball contest in Dhaka, and Handball contests in the sixth and seventh Bangladesh Games in 1996 and 2002.
She also happens to be the first team managers of Bangladesh teams in the first Mohila Cricket Championship in 2007 and World Cup Mohila Kabadi in 2012. She participated in 24 sports contests as player or official in Bangladesh and abroad. Because of her many accomplishments, she was awarded the 'President Ansar Sheba Padok-2012' by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in February 2013.
She is now a trainer of the National Mohila Football Team of Bangladesh Anser-VDP. For bringing women into sports and enabling them to achieve their athletic dreams, she has been actively engaged in nurturing young sports talents of Bangladesh.


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