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Putting the table into the tablet

Putting the table into the tablet

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You will definitely need a coaster for this coffee table -- as well as a sizeable front room.
Ideum has built a giant 46-inch Android touchscreen table that can recognise up to 60 simultaneous touches.
The device, which also comes in a 32-inch version, is set to go on sale later this year and prices start at $6,950.
By comparison, the larger model is the equivalent size of five full-size iPads placed side-by-side.
New Mexico-based furniture maker Ideum teamed up with engineers from 3M to build the table. It runs on Android Version 4.1, also known as Jellybean, and Ideum is additionally working on a dual-boot table that will run Android and Windows 8.
Elsewhere, the table has a full HD 1080p screen fitted with chemically-strengthened glass, and comes with a IP54 waterproof rating, meaning it can withstand small spills from food and liquids.
The table is powered by an Intel i7 3.7GHz Hyper-threaded Quad Core Processor, 16GB of RAM as well as a 500GB hard drive.
The device can be used to play games, and use apps, and because it's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled, it can be used to wirelessly connect and control other smart devices in the home such as lights, TV and more.
The table's pedestal is made from aluminium.
The Ideum tables are not the first high-tech furniture. A UK-based technology firm recently teamed up with a range of high-tech manufacturers to fit out a London house with gadgets.
These included iPads in the walls, rotating bars and a self-cook oven.



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