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Online shopping of the young

Online shopping of the young

Ridwan Quaium

ONLINE shopping, especially buying and selling second hand items online is now the new trend in the country. To cater to the growing demand of online shopping, several websites and facebook groups have emerged to provide this service.  
For example they are buying a motorcycle and then after riding it for a few weeks selling it off to buy a bicycle; after buying a bicycle they are riding it for a few weeks and then again selling it off to buy a DSLR camera, then after buying a DSLR camera they are selling it off to buy a mobile phone and then after a while they are selling the mobile phone to buy another item. It seems that many in the younger generation are constantly buying items not because they need it but rather out of a social complex that they need items to 'show-off' to make them 'look cool' in front of their peers. Since, financial resource is limited and they never needed the item they bought they are selling that item off very quickly too so that they can buy another item to impress their peers.
A common phrase that is being used by these sellers in their advertisement post to attract customers is 'Urgent Sell'. At first after reading the phrase 'Urgent Sell' I thought that these sellers need financial help due to some emergency to them or their family members which is why they want to sell off their item immediately. But after communicating with many of them I realized that many of them are using this phrase not because they or their family is facing some financial trouble but because they want to get rid of the item they have as they want to buy another item. I tried to explain to some of these sellers that they maybe misusing and abusing the word 'urgent' who have replied to me by stating that getting rid of  the item they have to buy another item is an urgent matter to them hence they find nothing wrong in using the word 'urgent' in their advertisement posts. This clearly shows that buying and selling has become a hobby and for some young people it is nothing short of a mental sickness.
As long as the transactions are done legally, there may be nothing wrong about how many times someone buys and sells product but parents and even the society may need to intervene to ensure that the younger generation are not suffering from social complex which is forcing them to buy and sell items so frequently that it is turning out to be some kind of a mental sickness. If such behavior is not controlled then whey they grow older their situation may become catastrophic.

The writer is a Transportation Engineer working in Thailand.


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