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No support to third front to form next govt: Rahul

No support to third front to form next govt: Rahul

Modi urges voter to overthrow 'mother-son govt'

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi yesterday ruled out supporting the third front in forming the next government as Narendra Modi, the BJP prime ministerial candidate urged voters to overthrow the graft-stained UPA government.
Speaking to reporters during his election campaign in Amethi, Rahul said he was confident that Congress will get the numbers to form the next government at the Centre. He added that his party will not support the third front.
The Congress vice-president's statement comes just a day after CPI-M asserted that the Congress may be forced to support a government of secular parties at the Centre to keep the BJP out of power.
Taking a swipe at the Gandhi family, Narendra Modi yesterday said the mother and son have never gone through the pangs of penury and asked the people of Uttarakhand to overthrow the “government of plunderers who have looted the people and stashed their money abroad."
He charged that the government of the “mother and son” (Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi) has destroyed the country and the “saddest part” is that they are “not affected or worried by this. They think people will forget everything.”
He said the mother-son government at the Centre cannot feel the pain of the poor because they were born with a golden spoon in their mouth and never went through the pangs of penury.
Again describing himself as a “humble chaiwala” who has seen it all moving from one railway compartment to another to offer people tea, Modi said this time the poll battle is between the mother-son duo on the one side and a chaiwala on the other.
Attacking Modi over election expenditure, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi earlier alleged that corporates were pumping money into the saffron party's campaign and asked it come clean on the source of funds.
He alleged that Modi gave nearly Rs. 26,000 crore of electricity and Rs. 15,000 crore of land to one industrialist which is much more than the Rs. 30,000 crore that Congress gave to the poor through MNREGA in a year.
“Please ask BJP where do they get crores of rupees for such posters. Is it Modi's money?.... They ask us why we give free money to poor through MNREGA, food guarantee scheme. Poor does not get free money. They work for it whereas free funds are given to Adani,” he said.
Describing the elections as a fight between two ideologies, Gandhi said that while Congress wanted to take Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians along, the other side was stoking politics of “anger“.
Hitting out at his opponents, Aam Aadmi Party's Kumar Vishwas and BJP's Smriti Irani, Rahul said they would run away from Amethi after the elections.
Without taking the names of rival candidates, he said the people who come from outside are angry at the relations that the Gandhi family shares with the people of Amethi.


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