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Silly Tales

Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Students Bite

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s01When I was in class eight, we used to have a very mean class teacher at our school. Having a mean class teacher means a year of no fun. But for me it was worse because he used to teach us Math, and I was very bad at it. One day he came to the class looking more rough than usual. So, we got even more scared. He sat down on his chair and told us to revise Geometry, as there will be a surprise test 10 minutes later. After hearing that, we were all very shaken up. Around 10 minutes went by in the blink of an eye, then 15, then 20. We were all pretty scared to look at him but when we did; we saw that he fell asleep. We couldn't find any good reason to wake him up back then. So we all stayed very quite and waited for the to bell ring.

Nusrat Jahan
North South University, Dhaka.


Wrong Teachings

s02My mother had just started using the computer back when this incident took place. She had just started to familiarise herself with the short forms of words and would occasionally come and ask me the meanings of them. So this once, she asked me what 'LOL' meant and just as a joke, I told her that it meant 'Lots of love'. A couple of days later, the next door aunty’s husband had passed away and my mom thought of sending her a consolation text message. I remember the text message so clearly because I remember being in such a confused state of mind. I didn't know whether to laugh or to be in utter despair for teaching my mother the wrong thing. She wrote, "I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you. Lol." I really did not know how to react to the insensitivity in that message that my mom did not even know of!

Rizal Asad
East West University, Dhaka.


s03Something Good for Something Bad

This was the funniest incident I had come across during my life at university. A couple of my friends and I had just gotten out of class and we were walking towards the main road to grab something to eat and head home. The roads were swarming with police and RAB due to some political nuisance. While we were just standing there terrified, looking at them run around and get prepared for something, one of my friends thought it would be 'nice' to give the RAB a boost of confidence and gave them a 'thumbs up'. In a country like ours, even that can be taken as an insult and of course, it was taken as one by the RAB member that he showed it to. Immediately, the man started walking towards us, angered and raging. We got so scared; we left our friend there and ran! Our friend, of course, explained to him that he didn't mean anything offensive and left the area and joined us. His joining us was accompanied by a couple of slaps on our back for leaving him there. But the look on his face when we ran was absolutely priceless!

Saurav Rahman
American International University, Bangladesh, Dhaka


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