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Physiotherapy, key option for back pain

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Dr Altaf Hossain Sarker

Physiotherapy, key option for back painPain in the lower back commonly known as low back pain can range from mild, dull, annoying pain to persistent, severe and disabling one. Back pain can restrict mobility and interfere with normal functioning. However, with proper physiotherapy which is now considered as a key option for treating such pain, one can manage the condition better.
About 80% of the adult people suffering from back pain at some time in their life time. According to the spine specialist and spine Institute of the world eight million people are totally disable from back pain, second leading cause for physician visits and fifth most common reason for hospitalisation. So, almost every family has one or more member who has been suffering from back pain.
The source of pain is in the spine or supporting structure with mechanical or non cause in 70% cases. Some of other causes are disc prolapsed, osteoporosis (bone becomes porous and fragile), fracture, spinal canal narrowing etc.
Risk factors of law back pain include-work related factor’s, pregnancy, poor posture, age, weak trunk muscles, stress, depression, continuous work, fitness, genetic factor, repetitive movements, congenital spinal problems, prolong use of steroids  injury to the back in past, smoking, alcohol.
Managing this condition with physiotherapy should be started after consulting a specialist physiotherapist. It is essential to examine the patient properly and explore the source before starting physiotherapy.
Proper exercise with light activity speeds up healing and recovery. Remember, your disc lives on movement.
Law back pain can be prevented easily. Correct back care plays a great role to prevent back pain. Make sure you do the regular correct exercise and always bend on your knee and hip, but not on your back during picking and lifting object. Drinking plenty of water and reducing stress is also helpful.

The writer is the a Physiotherapist at Laser Physiotherapy Center, Dhaka.

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