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Country's forest cover increased by 5pc

Hasan Mahmud tells workshop

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Staff Correspondent

Bangladesh had successfully stopped the trend of deforestation rather country's forest coverage increased by around five percent during the regime of the government, said Environment and Forest Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud yesterday.
He was addressing a workshop of United Nations climate financing mechanism in forestry sector REDD at Cirdap auditorium in the capital.
Social afforestation was the key behind that massive success, he said.
In 2011, Bangladesh joined the UN-REDD under which the developing countries receive overseas fund and other support to reduce carbon emission by conserving their natural forest.
Currently the government is implementing two projects on corruption risk assessment and social impact assessment and monitoring reporting and verification with the support of UNDP and FAO.
The event was chaired by Dr Ansarul Karim, a specialist on REDD.

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