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“An act of God”

We condemn BGMEA for this cruel joke

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WE are appalled by the inane and cynical comment of the president of the BGMEA on Sunday that the Rana Plaza disaster was an act of God. We wonder how long the garment factory owners and their organisation will continue their attempt to dilute the gravity of the Rana Plaza killings.
The comment of the BGMEA boss that the collapse was beyond the owner's control is a cruel joke on the victims and their families. But we suspect dubious motives also behind such comments. It is to save the killers as well as to deprive the families of the victims and the survivors their rightful due. And in fact this paper reported on Monday that by showing that the collapse was a natural disaster the BGMEA has indeed cheated the victims.
We have been watching with awe the shenanigans of the garment factory owners to mitigate the gravity of the matter and this is yet another example. The BGMEA must not take the people for fools. No amount of semantical ploy can exculpate the factory and building owners from the responsibility of the deaths of more than a thousand people. And anyone who attempts to find ways and means for exoneration of the culprits are abettors of the crime.
Compensating the victims is not doing them a favour. It is their right which the owners are obligated to fulfill. We would hope that the BGMEA would not exploit the loopholes of the labour law to wiggle out of its obligations.

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