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Amader kotha

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By Zane

A group art exhibition by Shako, an organisation of women artists in Bangladesh, has commenced at Gallery Cosmos-2 on 1 March, 2013. The exhibition, which hosts 24 pieces of etchings by 12 artists, is taking place in honour of International Women's Day.
Page 1301Etching and printmaking are mediums of art very different and unique from typical paintings, thus making them interesting and lucrative for art lovers. The exhibition, of course, is the final product. Last year, on October, the artists had organised a weeklong printmaking workshop at Kibria Print Studio in collaboration with Dhaka Arts Center. The workshop saw 13 artists coming together, exchanging their thoughts, experiences, through friendship, in order to create an expression, which was mirrored in the works of art that now hang on the walls of Gallery Cosmos.
Afrozaa Jamil (Konka), one of the participants, talks about her work, named From the Page of My Diary. The art depicts a mother and her baby, who is lying relaxed and safe on her arm peacefully.
"This is a very personal page from the diary of my heart. Nevertheless, it represents something universal. Also, our country is our mother, and at this time we are craving the warmth and peace on her cradle," she said.
Kuhu Plamondon is another artist who took part in this workshop and exhibition. Her work portrays a frontal view of a woman's face up close. The work has been done by the art of line drawing, making it seem extremely simple at first look.
"I love whiteness of the canvas. And I have made the maximum usage of it. Instead of filling up every inch of the frame, I like this approach." Refusing to give a name to it in order to free the viewer from any provoked perception, the work contains line drawings of the nose, strands of hair, eyes and lips that capture the face and would mesmerise an art lover.
Shako began its journey on 2003 with 9 female artists, with the objective of creating "space and platform for the young and the talented female artists. Shako also plays an important part in the society for their contribution to charity and various other social activities."
The exhibition is being held at Gallery Cosmos-2, located in House # 115 (5th floor), Road #6, New DOHS Mohakhali.  The exhibition will be open daily from 11.30am to 7pm until 12 March. 2013.

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