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Bahadur Shah Zafar
Zafar Alam
Adorn Publication

William Dalrymple has lately revived interest in the last Mughal emperor. But here now is our very own Zafar Alam with this commendable account of the life of a man who remains a tragic character in the history of the subcontinent. The work will of course mean much to a Bengali-reading public, rich as it is in the wealth of information it offers.
Prodhanoto Smriti Aar Manusher Pothchola
Hayat Saif

Hayat Saif has established his own foothold on Bangladesh's poetic canvas. For decades he has espoused his causes, romantic, social and what have you, through his verses. In this new collection, altogether fifty seven poems woven in a fine thread of thought, you cannot but understand anew why he matters in our world of aesthetics.
Probashe Bhool Nibash
Ali Idris
Ekushey Bangla Prokashon

A highly readable collection of short stories, twelve in all, that depict happiness and melancholy and all the emotions common to men and women. Six of the tales relate to the lives of Bangladeshis abroad, with the remaining six dealing with life in the mother country. It is the themes which matter. And they do provoke thoughts.
Teen Bigha Jomi
Syed Anwarul Hafiz
Mowla Brothers
It is a story of the Bengali struggle for freedom and yet it is something more. The searing nature of the soul, the pangs the heart goes through in a war that dehumanises people is what Hafiz touches on here. And yet out of the dehumanisation comes a reassertion of faith in the ability of individuals to rise above their various states of misery.

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