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The 3D printing pen

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The 3D printing pen can be used to create 3D models like the Eiffel Tower as the plastic ink protruding from its back hardens almost instantly. Photo: Dailymail

While 3D printers are still too expensive for most of us, a kickstarter project is hoping to fund a cheaper alterative -- a pen capable of drawing 3D structures.
Called 3Doodler, the $50 pen writes using a plastic wire that hardens almost instantly on being cooled by a fan built in to the pen's tip.
It is hoped it will go on sale later this year, and the firm has already given prototypes to artists to create everything from 3D animals to reconstructions of the Eiffel tower.
"Everyone knows how to use a pen, so we designed a 3D printing pen," the firm said.
"If you can scribble, trace or wave a finger in the air you can use a 3Doodler. As you draw, plastic comes out of the pen, is cooled by an integrated fan, and solidifies right in front of you.
"You can draw on any surface and lift it up into the air to create your own 3D objects," the farm added.
The device has been created by a company called WobbleWorks, which is currently seeking $30,000 funding through Kickstarter.
The creators say it can also be used to repair items through using it as a plastic welding tool.
It has also given artists prototypes of the pen, many of whom are using it to create 3D doodles they then sell online via etsy.com

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