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Here are some comments that came in response to Tuesday's The Daily Star news report headlined “Focus shifts now to SC”
Sengupta, Canada
The Supreme Court has given many historic verdicts. Hope our nation's hopes and aspirations will be reflected in the upcoming judgment of the war criminals.
Iftekhar Hassan
Awami League and BNP love rubber stamp parliament and other institutions to achieve their political objectives. The whole International Crimes Tribunal issue is the prime example of it.
Asad Zaman
Now the law is ready and the government just needs to appeal for the death penalty. I still wonder what were the factors that led to such lenient punishment to Quader Mollah.
One thing is sure that war crimes trial is a trump card for the extremely corrupt AL government. AL will delay and play with the war crimes issue when it needs to divert people's attention from its failures and corruption. The Shahbagh protesters should demand a timeframe for the judgment. Otherwise AL will drag this war crimes issue till the next general election.
Here are some comments that came in response to Tuesday's The Daily Star news report headlined “Hartal for war criminals fails”
A concerned observer
Before further killings of innocent people, the government must take steps with full confidence to foil the conspiracy of Jamaat-Shibir cadres for now and forever.
Sohul Ahmed
It is good news that the so-called hartal failed. Hopefully, our next generation will defy all hartals for the benefit of the country.
Kazi Salim
Congratulations to the courageous and patriotic people of Bangladesh for totally ignoring the so- called hartal called by the anti-Liberation and anti-state Razakars and Pak collaborators of 1971 genocide.
Truth Teller
Let us defy all hartals called by all political parties -- be it Jamaat, BNP, or Awami League. They have the right to call hartals, but they do not have the right to disrupt our everyday life. We, the people, have the right to defy hartals and live a normal life. That right has been given to us by the constitution and no one can or should try to take it away.
People will always win. Yesterday's mass defiance to the hartal proves it again. Parties like Jamaat (who has committed genocide in our land) have no right to do politics in Bangladesh, let alone doing activities like hartal. All the Jamaat activists should keep it in their minds.
A reader
Jamaat-Shibir men have crossed all the limits. They killed many people in the last few months and attacked our police on several occasions. This fascist party does not care about people's life. From 1971 till now they have been carrying out their atrocious activities in the name of Islam. This party should be banned immediately in Bangladesh. I thank all for defying their hartal and doing regular activities on the hartal day. I believe, people will win against this anti-Liberation force.
Let us defy all hartals whoever calls it. Hartal causes huge economic loss. It hampers the country's development.

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