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Reversing aging by immortality gene

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Professor M Zahidul Haque, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhak

Photo: Tehcnippon.wordpress.com

A few months back an article of mine on immortality gene was published in these columns. Since the discovery of the immortality gene in 2009 for which three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine, researchers in different countries have been working to find out ways and means to switch on the immortality gene in human cell. Perhaps, due to Nature's universal control over life and death, the immortality gene is permanently switched off in each and every single human being on planet Earth. The immortality gene produces a very specific “life-extending enzyme” that has the ability to stop, prevent and even reverse the aging process.
Meanwhile, a group of researchers at the Dana-Farber Institute of Harvard University Medical School figured out how to switch on the "immortality gene" of course not fully but partially, or in other words they succeeded in artificially producing the life-extending enzyme that is produced by the cell containing the immortality gene.
They conducted the investigation on mice which naturally possesses the immortality gene capable of producing the life-extending enzyme. The researchers bred a strain of genetically manipulated mice switching their life-extending enzyme production off. As a result, the mice quickly grew old with physical and biological collapse. Then an artificially produced life-extending enzyme was administered to the mice after switching back on their immortality gene. The tissue damage reversed and their every biological system tested showed reversed aging. Miracle indeed!
In case of humans, administration of the artificial life-extending enzyme made of rare herb too showed signs of reversed aging. Scientists are now hopeful that if not for ever but humans can live 10, 20, or even more years longer and in good health with normal biological functions of organs!
The research for switching on the immortality gene is continuing.

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