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Tupperware items: Are those environment-friendly?

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Professor M Zahidul Haque, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

This refers to my letter published in these columns on December 24, 2012. One of my cousin's wife expressed her dismay for particularly referring to the plastic products of Tupperware in my write-up raising question whether these products are environment-friendly.
She highlighted the positive sides of Tupperware plastic products, made of virgin plastic, and also informed me about the noble mission of Tupperware to empower Bangladeshi women through their unique social sales promotion system. Incidentally she is an active associate of the women sales guild of the Tupperware.
Well, while appreciating the noble mission of Tupperware, I would most sincerely say that I particularly referred to Tupperware to emphasise a point: when plastic wares have already proved to be harmful for the environment and pose a greater health risk, why did we start importing and promoting costly Tupperware plastic products in our country? There is no doubt that plastic products, both local and foreign, are not environment-friendly.
What I feel, Tupperware should establish their own production unit in Bangladesh instead of marketing imported Tupper products from abroad. When the Tupper products will be manufactured locally, the price of the products will automatically decrease and job opportunities will be created for the Bangladeshis.
Meanwhile, I heartily appreciate Tupper's social marketing system and sincerely wish their success in accomplishing the noble goal of empowering Bangladeshi women.

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