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Lakshyapar holds fourth annual classical music conference

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Staff Correspondent

Dr. Asit Roy (C) performs at the conference.

Narayanganj-based classical music group Lakshyapar hosted a two-daylong classical music conference, for the fourth consecutive time. The event began on December 26 in the morning and continued till December 28 morning at the Convention Centre of Narayanganj Club Limited.
Renowned classical vocalist Ustad Rabiul Hossain inaugurated the conference. The organisers also honoured Hossain with a lifetime achievement award. The conference was dedicated to the memory of world-renowned sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar.
A roundtable on "Sangeet Shikkhar Shekal-Ekal", participated by invited artistes, music teachers, students and cultural personalities, was held in the morning of the opening day. A pragmatic discussion on the title "Bharatiya Taal Baadyer Bhab Boichitra" followed. The discussion, demonstrative in style, was presented by several artistes --Biplab Bhattacharya (tabla); Shushen Roy (Pakhawaj); Nazrul Islam (dhol); Bidhan Chandra Singha (Manipuri mridanga); Ranjit Karmakar (Haat Baya) and Shubhashish Bhattacharya (harmonium).
Marking the conference, a classical music competition was arranged. Students from selected schools and colleges of Narayanganj took part in the competition. The best six contenders form both school and college were awarded the Haradhan-Sukhen Scholarship on classical music at the beginning of the conference.
Both noted and promising Bangladeshi and Indian artistes presented vocal and instrumental music at the conference.
Dr. Rezwan Ali delivered a lecture demonstration on the subject "Dhrupad-Khayal Roopayan" on the opening day of the festival. Talented tabla artiste Sabuj Ahmed accompanied the vocalist. Writuparna Chakrabarty first rendered a dhrupad set on Raga "Kedar" and later performed a chhoto khayal on Raga "Malkauns". Shushen Roy on pakhawaj assisted the artiste.
The opening day's (December 26) performance came to an end with a vibrating solo tabla lahora by a Kolkata based artiste Biplab Bhattacharya. The artiste welcomed the year 2013 with playing a 13-beat complex taal. He kept the audience enthralled for an hour with his art of tabla. Shubhashish Bhattacharya on harmonium accompanied him.
The nightlong concluding day's (December 27) programme featured an array of artistes performing vocal and instrumental music. Accomplished vocalist Priyanka Gope was on a musical high as she performed vilambit ("Ratia Hamarey") and drut ("Jaag Mori Bhag Eri Aaj") bandish on Raga "Marubehag", set on vilambit ektaal and teentaal respectively. Solo pakhawaj recital by Shushen Roy followed.
Renowned vocalist Rabiul Hossain captivated the audience with a khayal performance based on Raga "Madhukauns" at the conference. Kolkata based artistes Supratik Sen performed Raga "Kaunsi Kanara" on his sitar while Kalyan Mukhopadhyay first recited Raga "Parameshwari", created by Pandit Ravi Shankar, and later presented a dhun set on Raga "Bhatiali" on his sarod. Both the performance earned hearts of many music enthusiasts.
Promising vocalist Rezwanul Haque stirred the hearts of audience with a khayal performance based on Raga "Lalit" while flautist Mrityunjoy Das initially presented Raga "Marubehag" and later, recited a tune of Kirtan. Vocalist Leo J. Baroi performed a melancholic Raga "Darbari" at the conference. Dr. Asit Roy, a professor at the Department of Music of Rajshahi University, first performed Raga "Bilaskhani Tori" and later presented a thumri based on Raga "Bhairabi" that wrapped up the nightlong conference.
Biplab Bhattacharya, Sabuj Ahmed and Monir Hossain accompanied the nightlong performances on tabla while Shubhashish Bhattacharya (of Kolkata, India) and Salok Hossaian were on harmonium. A documentary on Pandit Ravi Shankar was screened prior to the concluding day's soiree. About 500 audiences enjoyed the conference. Lakshyapar also launched this year an online radio named "Radio Lakshyapar". A total of 17,625 audience listened performances of the conference logging onto the website www.lakshyapar.org.
The conference aims to popularise the practice of classical music and to generate interest in the genre, according to Asit Kumar. Kasem Jamal was the adviser to the conference.

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