12:00 AM, December 28, 2012 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, December 28, 2012

Gun database release sparks outrage in US

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Afp, New York

One of two pro-gun activists protests against the Gun Buyback Program organized in the traditionally liberal Los Angeles during the LAPD Gun Buyback Program event in the Van Nuys area of north Los Angeles on Wednesday. The event, where weapons could be exchanged for up to $200, has collected 420 weapons. Inset, a trash bin full of handguns collected during the event.Photo: AFP

A New York newspaper has sparked outrage by publishing a detailed map with thousands of names and addresses of gun permit holders in the wake of the Newtown school shooting.
The publication came amid a heated debate over gun control revived after the Connecticut massacre and drew intense criticism on social media outlets from gun owners, who called it a violation of privacy.
The Journal News in New York state's Westchester County obtained the publicly available information from county clerks and published it earlier this week in an interactive map alongside an article entitled "The Gun Owner Next Door."
The newspaper defended the publication, saying the information was legally obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and that its readers had a right to know whether their neighbors owned firearms.
Critics slammed the move as an invasion of privacy that could put gun owners at risk, and the newspaper said it had received hundreds of calls from people who feared for their safety or felt their privacy had been violated.
The school shooting at Newtown, Connecticut earlier this month -- in which 26 people, including 20 young children -- were shot dead, has sparked renewed calls for new gun regulation.

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