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Top Terror Bikash Freed
A 50cr taka question?
(December 23, 2012)
MAG Osmani
Send undercover operatives to India and hunt him down. Or else you can bribe one of his close associates having him to betray. We need to get rid of him before he creates further trouble, just like what the staff correspondent mentioned. It will be a political disaster. However, thanks to the media for bringing us such sensational breaking news. Now those great journalists must dig further to know who are the recipients of that large sum of Tk. 50 crore? What a state where money can buy everything!
Congratulations, AL government. First you made the president to pardon the top convicted criminals, now the rest.
So now you would provide criminals safe passage to other countries. That means it is ok if India, Burma or Thailand etc., start sending their criminals to our country.
This is the way of our pro-liberation force.
Khalid, UK
This is an early forecast of what sort of electioneering we are heading for. How can a government behave in such callous way to invite disasters? What are they up to? Is there any government functioning inside the country or is it a playground for some? Where were the BGB and BSF? If criminals can buy the government, then why don't they take over and govern this country.
T. Nabi
One should not be surprised to see him in parliament in the next term of Awami League.
Ahmad Sharief
Awami League is great!
Ok, if India gives shelter to terrorists, then can we say that India is a safe haven for terrorists?
Javed Helali
Why India? With that amount of money, he can get an investor's visa to the USA!
Towhid Salam
Over the last several years, we have been observing an ominous trend -- the president pardoned criminals; several ministers were involved in corruption and now releasing criminals from prison. It is unclear who is giving advice to the prime minister these days. The ruling party should remember the past national election results where people rejected them overwhelmingly.
Saidur Rahman
If Bikash's release and safe passage were facilitated by the ruling party leaders, then this news will hardly have any value to the government until the party chief looks into it seriously. The ruling party must think of decent political strategies to win people's support.
Asad Zaman
This is why the opposition must be present in parliament to ask why a hardcore criminal should get services from diverse sources of the government. They could ask questions about his release and inform people about it in detail.
This is quite interesting to know that he “had good links with several top leaders of BNP, including one who had been staying in the UK for several years.”
I am waiting for the reaction of the pro-Awami League intellectuals who relentlessly talk about the spirit of Liberation. Is it the reflection of that very spirit? Is it not an attempt to destroy Bangladesh just to cling to power?
He has been sent to India to become an assassin. He will be trained there to kill some people in Bangladesh -- possibly politicians, etc.
Ekatturer Jishu
This is the state we live in. I request The Daily Star to publish the names of people responsible for this. We readers must know who these people are so we do not vote them in the coming election. Do the country this favour. And thanks again for bringing these stories to the limelight through your exceptional journalism.
This government has lost its credibility to rule the country. We can not trust them any more.

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