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Here are some comments that came in response to Tuesday's The Daily Star news report headlined “TIB flayed at Sangsad”
Anis Sabeth

TIB's sample is not representative. There are lots of MPs who are honest and work for the people. To whom is TIB accountable?
L J Pereira
For conducting a research, a methodology is developed and applied, and tools are selected to complete the research. Researchers analyse the findings using scientific tools and process and come to conclusions whether the findings are reliable, partially reliable or biased. TIB has conducted a research and presented the findings; it is not anyone's personal opinion. I do not find it rational for the MPs to get angry at the findings. I believe the parliament has more important issues to deal with. We expect that our respected parliamentarians would react or speak based on facts.
N. Alamgir
I think the majority of the public would like to sing in unison with the TIB. The report only reflects what the public think. Only the privileged ruling class and their cohorts would want to ban TIB for their honest and just report. Surely there are honest and hardworking leaders but they are very few in number. That is why the report mentions of 97 percent and not 100 percent.
MAS Molla
Dear MPs, please shun the 'holier-than-thou' attitude. People know all about you.
I want to ask Anis Sabeth, who are those honest MPs? Can you name them for our understanding?
M. Imam Uddin
I think TIB is not doing anything wrong. They are working as a watchdog only. As a former employee of TIB, I believe they would like to see the Ninth Jatiya Sangsad as a truly effective parliament. The Ninth Parliament has come into being with a pledge to establish a corruption-free and well-governed Bangladesh.
Why don't the MPs submit their wealth statement? Why are they afraid of doing so? They never brought a bill in the parliament about submitting their wealth reports. They think they are above the law. They always forget that people made them lawmakers and they are accountable to people. If TIB is wrong, everyone will be more than happy. MPs should prove that TIB is wrong.
Jumana Sarwar
The TIB report did not reveal anything new. It simply confirmed the perception of the nation with an investigative report. Targeting people for different views and threatening to ban and prosecute them for speaking the truth is not the spirit of democracy.
It is a natural reaction of the parliamentarians to defend their honour badly damaged by a true report (perhaps it could have been a little broader based) prepared and published by the international watchdog, TIB. People's perception is more or less reflected in the report. We feel that more such reports may be compiled on other vital institutions of the country. This will have some corrective impact on the operation of those organisations. One needs not worry about the government which finds fault everywhere excepting with themselves and their golden boys (who often even beat their teachers at universities).
Dr. Nazmul Haq
Truth most of the time hurts.

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