12:00 AM, November 15, 2012 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, November 15, 2012

Parag sedated heavily

Suffered physical, mental abuse in abduction

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Shaheen Mollah

Despite the rescue of six-year-old Parag Mondol, the victim is still facing various kinds of trouble -- both physical and psychological. Parag was admitted to Square Hospital's ICU unit at 1:00am yesterday, and later declared “out of danger” by doctors.
He was initially feeling very drowsy, and had injury marks in his legs, wrists and arms, according to Dr Md Masudur Rahman at the hospital. Further tests showed some abnormalities in his kidney and cardiac systems, while urine tests indicated that he had been given a large dosage of sedatives.
Parag's mother, Lipi Rani Mondol, was overjoyed at getting back her only son. She received the news while recovering from a broken collarbone injury she had received as the kidnappers shot at her while abducting Parag. She was shot in the chest and leg.
According to Parag's great aunt Asha Barman, who had been nursing Lipi at the National Institute of Diseases of the Chest and Hopsital (NIDCH) yesterday, Parag's father called Lipi at 12:30am to convey the news. Lipi, who had been unable to sleep from worries, became ecstatically energetic at getting the information.
Lipi was transferred to Square Hospital to be close to Parag, and they reunited at 5:30pm.
Another sister of Parag shot by the kidnappers is now at home after receiving treatment while the driver has admitted to Mitford Hospital as he too was shot.
Meanwhile, family sources revealed to The Daily Star Parag's account of the abduction.
Parag recalls that he was taken to a yellow-painted building and there were two or three men apart from the four kidnappers. One of them, as Parag says, was a fat person with a beard.
The minor boy was slapped about and threatened with syringes. Amidst his own pain, Parag was able to recall the scene of his mother, sister and driver having been shot.
Hospital sources said Parag was still mentally disjointed to a degree, though his condition was improving. He often failed to keep track of what he was saying.
A physician said Parag would become normal within two or three days.
In the meantime, the family's Shuvadya Paschim Para house was visited by crowds, many of whom had come from afar to enquire about Parag.
Parag's relatives think that the family will have to bear the brunt of the incident in future. The scars caused by the tragedy will take a long time to heal.

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