12:00 AM, November 14, 2012 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, November 14, 2012

Armed yet in danger

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Rashidul Hasan

Hit with brick chips in the head, face and eyes and knocked down to the ground, he made a last-ditch effort to strike back. But bad luck; the pistol misfired.
“Shibir men attacked me all of a sudden [around 4:30pm yesterday]… tried to snatch my pistol… I tried to fire shots but my pistol didn't work,” Abdur Razzaq, sub-inspector of Tejgaon Police Station, told this correspondent.
“Otherwise, I could have gunned down at least one or two of the Shibir men. Capturing at least one attacker from the spot [near The Daily Star Centre] could have helped us identify others.”
He was coming out of Al-Razi Hospital at Farmgate with a bleeding nose around 5:00pm.
Four locals, who helped him keep standing, said his treatment was not possible in this hospital as the injuries were grave.
Razzaq was looking for his fellow officers but did not find any as they were busy with tackling the Shibir attack aftermath. He made several phone calls.
During this conversation, he shot into the air from his pistol and said “The pistol seems OK now.”
Like Razzaq, Constable Helal, who suffered injuries to the hands, was waiting for treatment. “Such hit-and-run attacks are new in the city; we don't have proper equipment to save us in such a situation,” he said.
Around 5:45pm, Jibon, cameraperson of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, was seen taking Razzaq and Helal to Samorita Hospital at city's Panthapath on a CNG-run auto-rickshaw.

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