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Rajuk Housing Project in Keraniganj

Jhilmil form distribution starts tomorrow

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Helemul Alam

Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) tomorrow will start distributing application forms for some 1,200 plots under Jhilmil Residential Area project in Keraniganj.
For the first time, arrangements have been made so the applicants, who would not get a plot, will get their money refunded directly to their bank accounts within seven days of the declaration of the plot winners, said Rajuk Chairman Nurul Huda.
Previously, the applicants had to appeal to Rajuk for getting their deposit money back and it would take many years.
The chairman added August 25 is the last day for application submission and since then Rajuk will take three months' time to announce the names of plot winners. Plot winners will be picked through lotteries.
People can collect application forms from Rajuk branch of Sonali, Janata, and Agrani banks and Janata Bank Ltd in Mohakhali, Uttra and Ramna in exchange for Tk 1,000 or download the form and prospectus from Rajuk website www.rajukdhaka.gov.bd. In case of downloaded forms, the applicants have to deposit the money to any bank and submit the form with the pay slip.
The plots will be allotted in three categories-- 5 katha, 3 katha and 2.5 katha, said a Rajuk official. Rajuk is offering 2.5 katha plots to those who lost their land to the land acquisition for the project.
Applicants have to deposit Tk 1.50 lakh for a 3 katha plot, Tk 2.50 lakh for a 5 katha plot and Tk 1 lakh for a 2.5 katha plot.
Non-resident Bangladeshis will have to deposit $2,100 for a 3 katha plot and $3,500 for a 5 katha plot. The affected people who fall under this category have to deposit $1,400 for a 2.5 katha plot.
As per the guideline, any person, who has a plot or house or flat in his/her name or spouse's name or his/her dependents' names, is not allowed to submit the application. If they submit applications, they will be disqualified.
People under 18 categories can apply for the plots.
The categories are freedom fighters 3 percent , journalists 2 percent (print media 1 and electronic 1), government job holders 28 percent, officials and employees of autonomous bodies 12 percent, armed forces 2 percent, businessmen and industrialists 8 percent, private job holders 10 percent, personalities of art/literature and sports 2 percent , remittance earners 10 percent, officials/employees of different ministries 0.05 percent, officials and employees of Rajuk 1.50, agriculturists 2, engineers 2, doctors 2, lawyers 2, retired officials and employees 1, others 2 and reserved 10 percent.
Lawmakers, state ministers, ministers, judges, speakers, and deputy speakers will qualify for the plot directly if they apply, said Rajuk sources.
Jhilmil residential area is only five kilometres from the Zero Point at Gulistan. Project Director of Jhilmil Sheikh Jahid Hasan Faruqui said around 90 percent of land-filling and 45 percent of overall development work have been completed.
He said that if everything goes smoothly, they will be able to complete the work by next three years and hand over the plots without utility facilities.
Rajuk sources said Rajuk took up the housing project in 1997 beside the Dhaka Mawa Highway in Suvadda, Chunkatia and Tegharia Mouja's low land areas of Keraniganj to solve the housing problems of the city dwellers.
Jhilmil project was scheduled to be completed by 2001 but Rajuk failed to do this and extended the time twice.
For the plot allotment of Jhilmil project, Rajuk in 2001 and 2002 invited applications but did not get proper response. It allotted 525 plots among those who applied at that time but because of the delay in handing over plots, 140 applicants withdrew their deposit money.

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