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  • Grey peacock-pheasant of our hill forest

    The Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary in Rangamati, rarely visited by tourists or researchers, is beautiful with mighty garjan and civit trees and home to hundreds of Hill Mynahs and families of Hoolock Gibbons.

  • Crabs caught at wrong time

    In the months of January and February, thousands of female crabs in the mangrove forests around Patuakhali's Kuakata clamber over roots and through mud to reach the saltwater edge of the Bay of Bengal. Their mission is clear: at the seashore, the eggs they carry will hatch into larvae, to swim away as plankton, as the start of a new generation.

  • Do you know all the surprising facts about Hummingbirds?

    There are many surprising facts about Hummingbirds you probably do not know about.

  • A walk in Madhupur forest

    Walking in Madhupur National Park is an activity I recommend to anyone weary of Dhaka and looking for a respite from it. The road to Madhupur is good albeit a little bumpy in places. From the capital you can reach there in about three hours. The forest department has an office at the entrance.