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Nancy’s condition improves, moved from ICU to cabin

Nancy’s condition improves, moved from ICU to cabin

Intisab Shahriyar

Nancy’s condition has improved quite well after the third day of admittance. Her condition was stable enough that she was moved from ICU to a cabin at 11am this morning. Hospital coordinator Dr. Aari Abrarr says that he is hopeful on her condition based on this morning.


“This was not the case yesterday. Honestly, when Nancy was admitted here, her condition was quite critical. However, her vitals are very stable today and there isn’t much to worry about.” 

Dr. Abrar also said that Nancy is now capable of eating and speaking normally. However, her body is still a little weak. Hopefully this will also pass within a day or two.

Currently her brother Johnny and her husband Jayeed are by her side in the hospital.

In the afternoon of August 16th, she consumed 40 sleeping pills followed by 20 more. On the same day they ended up on Lab Aid Hospital, after going through Netrokona Hospital, Mymensingh Hospital and Dhaka Medical Hospital.


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