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Grishshey Jatra

By Mehereen Aziz
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

As spring officially comes to an end, it's time to get the annual reality check: Bangladesh can get very, very warm. As if the blazing sun burning a hole onto the tops of our heads is not bad enough, add the humidity levels which will rapidly escalate in the coming weeks and the ever-present crowds we are perpetually stuck in, the romantic illusions that a Bangladeshi winter spends a few months fooling us with all but shatter. We have painted quite a gory picture, but someone has to do it.
Those fancy clothes that we wear everyday are suddenly impossible to wear without breaking into a sweat. Out come the cottons and the linens, so that we can find some small measure of relief while we struggle to acclimatise to the sudden rise in mercury. For those who want to stay stylish even when they opt for clothing that is comfortable, Jatra is definitely an oasis.
Jatra has singled itself out as the go-to place for anything that is ethnic, casual, and cool (in more ways than one). 14 years into their “journey into craft”, Jatra has set the standard when it comes to youthful and unique traditional and fusion wear.
This season, Jatra offers cotton pieces for the ladies in both bright and soothing colours. Kurtas come in a variety of cuts: the hemline ranges from T-shirt length to knee-length; the silhouettes come in both loose, flowy shapes as well as structured fits.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Jatra plays up its signature edge in kurtas with asymmetric cuts and a variety of necklines. The kurtas come with block prints, tie 'n dye, light embroidery, as well as some use here and there of mirrors, shells and beads.
To accompany the tops on display, Jatra now has quite a selection of skirts and pants. The skirts come in all sorts of lengths and different styles such as A-line, bell shaped or sarong style. In the pants section, you can find Patiala shalwars in a few colours, as well as some other printed pants which have less dramatic silhouettes. If you like, you can add one of Jatra's signature tie n' dye scarves to your ensemble as well.  What's more, Jatra even has its own array of accessories; the baubles on display range from neckwear to earrings to bangles to Jatra's famous anklets that tinkle with every step. The shoe collection, which uses a lot of beads, wood and colours, will guarantee your footwear is as unique as your outfit.
For more traditional and less fusion, you can opt for Jatra's colourful shalwar kameez sets in pure cotton, which are beautiful in their simplicity, with usually a simple kameez and a colourful shalwar and scarf. The taant saris on display also are a great option in the heat. Jatra also has a few readymade blouses in different sizes to make your life easier!  
Visit Jatra at: 60, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka. Contact: 02-8816770, and Road-27 (old), House-39, Dhaka. Contact: 02-9125813.

Model: Srabosti and Arpita
Wardrobe: Jatra
Make up: Farzana Shakil
Location: Khazana

Published: 12:00 am Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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