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  • Remembering the Rebel Poet

    On the auspicious occasion of Kazi Nazrul Islam's birthday, it would be fitting to take a look at his opinion on religion as practiced in the society:

  • Safe cities for women

    Around 56 percent of women are reluctant to use public transport in the capital due to a lack of proper facilities, revealed a study titled “Gender Responsive City Structure” on March 20, conducted by Action Aid Bangladesh.

  • The menace of Chikungunya

    The Aedes mosquito has been creating much sufferance in the city by spreading the Chikungunya fever among the city dwellers.

  • Inadequate death compensation

    The article titled "Bangladesh labour compensation laws - Need for an upgrade”, published on May 20, 2017, brings to the fore the important issue of death compensation.

  • A fervent appeal to the city mayor

    The footpaths on both sides of the very busy New Eskaton road are completely occupied by illegal hawkers, restaurants, car and motor

  • IPL gambling

    Gambling has become a common trend because of the running IPL tournament. It has become especially common of late not only in the

  • Leaked question papers becoming a norm

    Agrani Bank's recruitment test for senior officers was postponed yesterday because of leaked questions.

  • The land of the thief mines

    We thank Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha for his comment at a judicial conference at the Tangail circuit house on May 17, 2017. He

  • On “GOLD FINGERS” by Naveed Mahbub

    I just read Mr. Naveed Mahbub's write-up on the rape incident that occurred in Banani. The article forces us to think deeply about where

  • The predictable Ramadan price hike

    Muslims around the world are preparing for the upcoming month of Ramadan.

  • Building a society fit for children

    Approximately 43 percent of our 160 million population are minors, of which 13 percent are deprived of their rights.

  • Stop the victim-blaming

    It is shameful that when a rape victim, after facing unimaginable agony and pain, works up the courage to stand up for herself, the society goes on to shame her and bombard her with inane personal questions targeted specifically to assault her character.

  • Rice imports - A laudable initiative by the government

    The recent decision of importing rice from Thailand, Vietnam and India to curb the soaring local prices is a commendable move by the government.

  • Perplexing mismatch between WB and government information

    The contradictory claims of GDP growth stated by the government as opposed to international financial institutions are confusing – which reports should we believe in?

  • Cumbersome transport payment procedures

    The process of depositing payments to the BRTA is very inconvenient for vehicle owners. Southeast Bank on the New Elephant Road used

  • Footpaths infested with shops

    The entire pavement on the New Eskaton Road is occupied illegally by shops, vendors and makeshift eateries. Many school children need

  • Suicide of rape victims

    The Daily Star reported on the death of Sheuly Akter from Shariatpur, who was raped by the caretaker Babul on May 8.

  • Rampal Power Plant - A suicide mission

    The decision of setting up a 1320 Megawatt Rampal Power Plant 14 km away from the world's largest mangrove forest is running the

  • Tussle between govt. and judicial system

    The recent spate of criticism by the Chief Justice against the government has shed light on the disagreement between these two

  • Harijans are humans too

    The news item captioned “As Harijans take meal” published on May 10 by The Daily Star caught my attention. Firstly, I would like to

  • Standardisation of answer scripts

    The pass rate of SSC examinations has fallen this year by 7.49 percent due to the new evaluation process. Examiners trained by the

  • Ignoring court orders by government agencies

    This refers to a news report titled "DB asked to submit probe report June 7" published by The Daily Star on May 8, 2017, regarding the

  • Malpractice in university admissions

    Public universities are considered to be the best providers of quality higher education in Bangladesh. Among them, Dhaka University is revered as the finest.

  • Honouring a friend of the country

    Professor Waris Mir was among the few Pakistanis to raise his voice against the genocide of Bangladeshis in 1971.

  • Our betrayal to the Sundarbans

    My hometown is Khulna. It gives me great pride to have grown up close to the Sundarbans. Ever since the signing of the MoU over the

  • Polytechnic institutions needed

    Bangladesh has seen commendable growth in the size of its educated workforce over the years.

  • Children exposed to hazards

    Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives them of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend

  • Illicit financial flows from Bangladesh

    As per the latest Global Financial Integrity report, Bangladesh has lost between USD 6 to 9 billion to illicit financial outflows in 2014. This

  • Salute to Unsung Heroes!

    Seven underrepresented women who have contributed to nation building were awarded by The Daily Star and IPDC Finance Ltd on May 2,

  • Politics in cadre recruitment

    On May 2, 2017 cadres recommended by the PSC joined their workplaces after passing through the stages of the 35th BCS exam.