There is nothing to be happy about. As the month of Ramadan is approaching, inflation will increase pretty soon.

  • Israeli injustice

    The world knows that Israel is being unfair in its selfish possession of Palestine, refusing to share the region with its original inhabitants.

  • Sound pollution due to honking horns

    The residents living around the Airport Road, Abdullahpur and Uttara have been suffering tremendously from sound pollution, created mostly by the honking of horns.

  • Reschedule office timing, reduce traffic jam

    Dhaka has been suffering from paralyzing traffic jam for the last few years. The existing roads are not enough to accommodate the huge number of vehicles.

  • Comments

    “Singapore detains 8 Bangladeshis” (May 4, 2016)

  • Relocate unplanned and risky factories

    Various small factories (containing inflammable objects such as chemicals and paper) have been haphazardly set up in many places of

  • Mosquito menace at airport

    Recently, I visited Bangladesh, my homeland. Immediately upon our arrival at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, we were attacked by a

  • Water crisis in North Kattali

    Despite being a beach area, the inhabitants of North Kattali in Chittagong have been suffering from severe water crisis for the last few

  • A death resulted from negligence and some questions

    A couple of days ago, I rushed to a government-run hospital with a road accident victim at midnight. The accident took place in front of my house.

  • Flat handover starts in Dec

    We are delighted to read the above mentioned news published in TDS on April 20 stating that Uttara apartments would be handed over to the owners in December by Rajuk. However, there are lessons to be learnt from our neighbouring country.


    It is a good decision because there is still a large number of people who haven't registered their SIMs yet.

  • Sue the white collar criminals

    In the last six sessions, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSEX) lost 163 points.

  • Security of private data

    This refers to the report, "US drops fight with Apple in New York" (April 24). The US government with the help of hackers managed to crack the code of an iphone.

  • Comments

    “Minister says sorry for power disruption” (April 29, 2016)

  • Who will relieve their pain?

    On the historic May Day, I recall the toiling masses whose blood, sweat and tears keep the wheel of our economy moving. They toil from

  • Combating extremism

    The recent ghastly murders in Kalabagan and Rajshahi have shaken the country. Other countries have also condemned the killings.


    “It's true that I don't understand English or Hindi too well. But at the end of the day, cricket has its own language and I know what is expected out of me.” -- Mustafizur Rahman

  • A plea to DCC (north)

    As a permanent resident of Uttara sector no. 7, I would like to request the Dhaka City Corporation (North) authority to do something about stray dogs in the area.

  • Industrialists should act responsibly

    We read with disgust the story of Indian liquor Baron Vijay Mallya. What a fall from grace!


    Finally, the government has cut down fuel prices. Hope the bus owners will reduce the fare now.

  • Build utility tunnels

    A few days ago, we helplessly witnessed a six storied building catching fire in Banani due to leakage in gas pipelines.

  • Empower the mayors

    The sincere efforts of the two mayors of Dhaka, who have been trying to reduce some of the problems of the city, have caught the attention of the citizens.

  • Earthquake preparedness

    As Bangladesh is one of the riskiest countries for earthquake, we should be aware of how to stay safe during an earthquake.

  • A good move

    We have come to learn from media reports that recently, the government has provided many scholarships to meritorious students on completion...


    This man never even spoke against religion, but still they killed him! What a country we are living in!

  • Justice for Prof Siddiquee

    Prof AFM Rezaul Karim Siddiquee was hacked to death on April 23. To us, he was a fatherly person.

  • Protect Mustafiz

    Mustafiz is a rare breed of cricketer who has already made his mark at the world stage.


    This is unacceptable. We want exemplary punishment of the culprits.

  • Colleges or exam centres?

    It seems that the classrooms are not meant for dissemination of knowledge anymore.

  • Quit smoking

    I used to be a chain smoker. But I gave it up through sheer will power. Now I am healthier and I feel better.