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  • Alternative employment facilities in haor region

    The two main means of surviving in the haor regions are growing Boro paddy in the dry season and catching fish in the wet season. This

  • A suggestion for the DMP

    My blue book was once seized by a traffic officer. Six months later, I was told that my document had been misplaced. It was a huge hassle for me to have another blue book prepared.

  • Conservation of pollinators - an urgent need

    Bees and other insect pollinators are crucial natural tools for pollen grain transfers in important commercial crops and tree species

  • Radioactive threat in haor areas

    I was deeply concerned after reading the article titled “Uranium behind deaths in haors?” published by The Daily Star on April 21, 2017. It

  • Immediate action needed to save public health

    It is common for Bangladeshi farmers of haor regions to confront flash floods every year.

  • Justice delayed, justice denied

    The collapse of Rana Plaza is the deadliest industrial disaster of the world. The main culprit, Sohel Rana, owner of the said plaza, has been successful in evading justice till date.

  • Uranium contamination in haor areas

    The headline 'Uranium behind deaths in haors?' (The Daily Star, April 21, 2017) grabbed my attention. Most people don't have much of an

  • Out of control Chatra League

    According to news reports the members of Chatra League were locked in a violent clash with the policemen in the Kazir Dewry area of...

  • Violence against women on the rise

    Recently a young girl was brutally attacked and pushed from a rooftop by her husband in the presence of her mother.

  • Workers dying from silicosis

    Labourers who work in stone crushing in different parts of our country are dying due to silicosis caused by inhalation of crystalline silica

  • Government surrenders

    It is distressing and infuriating to watch our government surrender under duress and blackmail to a handful of private transport owners.

  • Horrible waste makes travelling to Tangail difficult

    The Tangail bound road close to Pabna bypass is covered by a massive volume of solid waste. All Tangail bound passengers have to

  • The plight of passengers

    The BRTA and the officials of the concerned ministry are requested to take a look at a photograph published on the last page of The Daily

  • Thanking the High Court for prompt justice

    We applaud the High Court's decision of death sentence for the four convicts who brutally tortured Rajon to death.

  • Direct train service schedule

    I thank Mawduda Hasnin of Rajshahi for her concrete and worthy proposal of a Dhaka-Rajshahi direct train service, printed on April 17 in...

  • How effective is the ban on “seating service”?

    The transport owners' move to stop seating services has created confusion among passengers due to the withdrawal of buses from

  • Build a bridge over Panguchi

    A great tragedy took place in the Panguchi River at Morelgonj on March 28. The waves created by a navy gunboat overturned a trawler

  • Dhaka-Rajshahi direct train service needed

    A few years ago, a friend of mine was travelling from Plymouth to Preston in the UK.

  • Protect our culture

    On April 13, the photo captioned 'Cultural tradition under attack' published by The Daily Star showed graffiti art smeared with black lubricants at the Institute of Fine Arts in Chittagong University.

  • The flashfloods are our own doing

    The flash floods highlighted in The Daily Star's “Havoc in Haor” article is a result of global warming, caused to a large extent by the

  • Disturbing trend of violence against children

    A report published in this daily revealed that 145 children have been raped in the first three months of this year, and in the first couple of months, 50 children were killed.

  • Benefits of the new submarines

    Two submarines have been added recently to fortify our observation over the regional sea zone. It serves as a declaration of our emerging power

  • Loathsome treatment of infants

    We have been hearing news of newborn babies being dumped in dustbins in polythene bags across the country.

  • Defence pact with India

    The positive side of a defence pact is that a country signing the agreement with another larger country need not spend as much on its military anymore.

  • Medical college for Kurmitola General Hospital

    The Kurmitola General Hospital, equipped with 500 beds, was set up at Kurmitola near Dhaka cantonment three years ago. Within this short span of time, it has earned a name in serving poor patients.

  • We want follow-up news on the Nasirnagar attack

    The Nasirnagar attack was a grim incident that revealed the true state of law and order in our country, and completely shattered our spirit.

  • Books must have accurate information

    It is a matter of concern that academic curricula and contents in Bangladesh are frequently changed each year. Different textbooks

  • Selective use of law

    The Daily Star on April 4 published a report titled, "Suspension of Mayors, selective use of law". It revealed how suspension provisions by

  • Mashrafe, our pride

    Mashrafe Bin Mortaza is not only a cricket player but also a hero, a fighter and an ideal leader. His captaincy has driven Bangladesh

  • Hosting international conferences at Cox's Bazaar

    Bangladesh has successfully hosted the 136th IPU conference in Dhaka with attendance from delegates of 131 countries. We are happy