• Ekushey book fair

    Ekushey book fair is being held at the Bangla Academy premises and Suhrawardy Udyan.

  • Sorry state of a playground

    Last year when I was in Chittagong, I went to see the Parade Ground, a vast playground.


    The cops including the IGP should not only arrange for his treatment but also ensure his future rehabilitation and the sustainability of his family in the immediate future.

  • A request to smartphone users

    Nowadays, people use their smartphones to take mostly pictures. Whether they are on a car, bus, or train, they just keep 'clicking'.

  • Comments

    What an argument! Was the imprisonment of the AL leader a result of the newspaper report? Reflection without study is dangerous. The

  • PM wishes to get treatment in the country

    Recently PM Sheikh Hasina has expressed her firm desire to get treatment in Bangladesh if she falls sick. This reflects her greatness and deep respect for the country's medical system.

  • Clamouring for revenge?

    As an overseas reader of TDS, I am puzzled by the controversy that has been created over the admission of an error of editorial judgement made more than half a decade ago by Mr. Mahfuz Anam.


    Making the women stand all day in pollution and sun among rough traffic and rough men in the roads doesn't sound like gender equality.

  • Moghbazar-Malibagh flyover

    The construction work of Moghbazar-Malibagh flyover has been going on at snail's pace adding woes to the city commuters. The earlier

  • Congrats to The Daily Star

    We are really happy that The Daily Star has successfully completed its 25 years. As a leading newspaper in the country, it has played its

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    “Non-students rule new JCD committee” (February 08, 2016 )


    Our best wishes to The Daily Star on its journey. Go ahead, The Daily Star!

  • A master of deception

    From the February 2, 2016 issue of The Daily Star, we have learned that Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad has softened his stance on the issue of resignation of three JP Ministers from the Sheikh Hasina-led cabinet.

  • Ensure tight security to the fair area

    This year's Ekushey book fair has started. Book-lovers wait all the year for this event. Last year, blogger Avijit Roy was murdered in the fair area...

  • Iowans rejected Trump's racism

    Lowans rejected Mr. Trump's xenophobic and ultra-nationalistic ideology by voting against him on the first Republican primary caucus on February 1 for the 2016 presidential election.

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    “Caravan for tigers hits the road” (February 4, 2016)

  • A common platform for protecting the biodiversity

    South and Southeast Asia represents a biogeographically contiguous region rich in numerous species of flora and fauna.

  • Women are only workers!

    Women comprise 85 percent of the total number of garment workers working in the garment sector of our country.


    Has Bangladesh taken any step against Zika virus?


    Let's hope the minister delivers on his promise.

  • Measures against Zika virus

    Zika virus is spread by Aedes Aegypti mosquito which is also responsible for spreading dengue. Often infected person shows symptoms

  • 'Amar Ekushey' sculpture in bad shape

    It is very sad that the historic 'Amar Ekushey' sculpture of JU has been in a poor condition for years. Parts of this great piece of work have

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    Middle Eastern countries want slaves, not workers!

  • Combat global warming

    Global warming is a global issue and we need effective measures to combat it.

  • Israeli settlements are expanding

    As Israel faces international condemnation over its plan to build 153 new settlement homes in the Israeli-occupied West Bank..


    Given the present condition of our country/administration/government, I wouldn't be much surprised if the tanneries never relocate.

  • For the sake of democracy

    It is shameful for the ruling party to brag about democracy when most of the members of parliament were elected without contest.

  • Adieu, JFR Jacobs

    I would like to appreciate The Daily Star's coverage of Lt. Gen. JFR Jacob highlighting his contribution in bringing about a swift end to our War of Liberation.

  • Take care of ailing family members

    Blessed are those who are well and have no serious disease or physical disorder. But eventually all of us will grow old and start having health problems.


    The idea is good, but the camera should be hidden within the uniform with audio recording like in the developed countries.