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  • Prevent childhood disability

    Childhood disability caused by cerebral palsy (CP) is a public health issue in Bangladesh. CP, the most common type of motor disability in

  • Disciplining the autorickshaw drivers

    Auto rickshaws have become a vital transport in the rural areas. However, unregulated use of these vehicles is often responsible for road

  • Tightening family grip on private banks

    The Daily Star published a news report titled “Family grip on private banks to tighten” on January 17.

  • Time to end food adulteration

    As the economy moves ahead, Bangladeshi people, in general, are now consuming more meat, fruits and vegetables than ever. With the increased consumption, concerns about food safety have also heightened.

  • Stop poaching migratory birds

    Every winter hundreds of migratory bird species come to Bangladesh. As I live in a village, I'm fortunate to watch those birds flying and

  • Women employment in South Asia

    A World Bank report published in April 2017 indicates that both India and Pakistan have been outperformed by Bangladesh in terms of

  • Sylhet-Dhaka train journey: a bitter experience

    Recently, I had to travel from Sylhet to Dhaka at night by Upaban express in an air-conditioned compartment. Initially, the compartment and beddings looked good, but as soon as the train started moving

  • The shame of corporal punishment

    Bangladesh recently observed the 7th anniversary of enacting the law that banned the cruel practice of corporal punishment in schools and madrasas.

  • Plight of female migrant workers

    The Daily Star on January 13 reported about the horrific plight of female Bangladeshi migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. They were

  • Unethical practices in private hospitals

    Early this month, my pregnant sister was admitted to a private hospital for delivery. At one point, because of the objectionable treatment and services offered by the hospital authorities, it felt like we were hostage to them.

  • Groundwater problem of Dhaka city

    Dhaka city and its adjacent metropolitan areas have a population of over 16 million. The increasing population of this city is exerting

  • How did the killers escape?

    The four convicted killers of Zubair Ahmed are reportedly roaming freely. The killers were members of Chhatra League at Jahangirnagar University and had killed Zubair because he was an activist of a rival

  • Healthcare services for the poor

    There is a serious shortage of healthcare facilities in the public hospitals, while for poor people, private medical facilities are inaccessible.

  • Crop insurance for farmers

    Despite tremendous industrial advancement, Bangladesh's economy is still hugely dependent on agriculture. This sector represents nearly 30 percent of the national gross domestic product (GDP).

  • Productive use of the internet

    While many people demand high-speed internet be available across the country, the problem also lies with the inability to utilise the internet's potential.

  • Mobile court needed to tackle crimes

    We are happy to learn that the apex court has recognised the importance of mobile courts and allowed, with some reservations, executive magistrates to run these courts until the disposal of a pending case over its legality.

  • A better police force

    The prime minister has recently emphasised on the accountability of the police, while the president advised the force to be friendly to common people. These suggestions were very timely.

  • Rohingyas need protection

    On January 7, The Daily Star published an op-ed titled "Rohingyas need protection, not relocation to Bashan Char". This is an excellent

  • Combating militancy and drug problems

    The Daily Star published a report on January 7 that the IGP of Bangladesh Police, AKM Shahidul Hoque, said that it was not possible for

  • Time to make good on promises

    Finally, the hunger strike of the teachers of non-MPO educational institutions came to an end following the prime minister's assurance to

  • When bureaucrats run the show

    In my decade-long stay in the UK, I have never seen the press give much importance to civil or military bureaucrats. Their functions are entirely out of public sight.

  • Environmental degradation

    Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources, the destruction of ecosystems, and pollution.

  • Use surface water instead of groundwater

    The Daily Star published a report titled “Experts urge maximum use of surface water” on January 3. In fact, the uncontrolled use of

  • Public driving school in each district

    Last year, more than 4,000 people were killed in road accidents, with more than 9,000 others injured. Many of these accidents can be

  • Yes, we deserve better leaders

    A letter titled Do we deserve better rulers? published by this newspaper on December 31 was an interesting read. Surely, in my opinion, we deserve better leaders.

  • Jar water, a public health concern

    An editorial titled Poison in the water that we drink appeared in The Daily Star on December 27, 2017. In my opinion, the editorial is timely and needs to be heeded. The study that 98 percent of jar water contains E-Coli should be taken very seriously.

  • Kudos to BPSC

    I would like to thank Bangladesh Public Service Commission for the preliminary test of 38th BCS exams held on December 29 last year in a fair and disciplined manner. It was indeed a challenging task since the number of

  • Save Dhaleshwari from pollution

    When industrial waste ends up in a river unfiltered, it is safe to say that the river's days are numbered. The government allows factories

  • Lucy Helen should be given citizenship

    The Daily Star published a feature report titled “A Briton with a Bangladeshi heart” on December 30, 2017.

  • Power of ICT

    The Star Weekend published an article titled "ICT can drive away graft" on December 28, 2017. First off, I would like to thank The Daily Star for introducing ICT Awards to inspire information technology-based companies.