• Scarce rabies vaccine in Chittagong division

    Recently I came across news reports which stated that in the rural areas of Chittagong, poor victims of dog bites have to travel all the way to the port city because only two hospitals there provide free rabies vaccine.

  • Keeping Dhaka clean is everyone's duty

    I want to commend the writer of the news analysis “Dhaka vs Kolkata” (August 25, 2015) for plainly setting up the undeniable fact that Dhaka is indeed one of the worst cities in the world.


    From the photo, it seems that the bus was not fit for running on the roads.

  • The 'Clean up Dhaka' initiative

    We are grateful to the young volunteers (from University of Japan) who have taken up matters into their own hands for cleaning up Dhaka.

  • Another power plant in Rampal!

    When people from all over the country are protesting vehemently against the construction of Rampal Power Plant near the Sundarbans, we are aghast at the news that the government is going to set up another 1,320 megawatt plant next to the current project.



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