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  • Let the stock market be

    We were dismayed to read yesterday's stock market article published in The Daily Star. We have to realise that the situation today is quite

  • Session jams are detrimental to our development

    Session jams in many of Bangladesh's public universities cause students to enter higher education at least two to three years late. Does it not have a negative impact on our development?

  • Lift accidents and remedies

    Lift accidents are becoming more frequent by the day in Dhaka city. Often they are caused by low-quality machines which cause the

  • Unfair treatment of women in public buses

    I was recently travelling by an over-crowded bus in Shantinagar. Despite the nine seats reserved for women, children, and disabled

  • Preparing for a post-Trump world

    Sweeping changes will be set in motion on January 20 as Donald Trump officially gets command of the White House. It raises the

  • Habiganj needs more vegetables

    Bangladesh has experienced fast growth in its vegetable cultivation, especially in Dhaka and Chittagong districts. Thanks to Bangladesh

  • Mymensingh in dire need of reform

    I cannot stress enough on the horrible state of the environment in Mymensingh city. All kinds of waste, including medical waste, are

  • Dismal performance from our cricket team

    The Bangladesh team will perhaps go down in cricket history as the second team to lose a test match after scoring close to 600 runs in the first innings.

  • Young female children facing sexual harassment

    I recently found out that more than 300 female children faced sexual harassment last year – half of the total sexual harassment cases.

  • Rejoinder from University Grants Commission of Bangladesh

    An editorial titled “Why more private universities? Authorities do not seem to be serious about quality”, published in The Daily Star on

  • President Obama's moving farewell speech

    President Obama's farewell speech truly moved me. His statements on immigrants were especially poignant as he said, "If we're unwilling

  • Political rallies disrupting city life

    Dhaka is a crowded city, where traffic congestion has become a part of everyday life. This situation is further aggravated when political

  • Perennial traffic gridlock of Dhaka

    Dhaka city has become synonymous with traffic jam. Perennial traffic jam has gripped the entire city. It is quite unpredictable how long it

  • To Bangladesh Railway

    Death is inevitable; no one will live forever. We have to accept it, but untimely deaths due to accidents are very hard to accept. Often we

  • Save the reserve trees

    Of late, illegally cutting down of reserve trees has taken a massive form. Poor surveillance and failure to ensure exemplary punishment to

  • A risky tendency

    A few days back a massive fire broke out at the DCC Market of Gulshan-1, leading to huge losses for shop owners, as it took four days

  • For a clean, hygienic city

    This letter refers to a fascinating picture published in TDS on December 31, 2016, which shows rickshaw puller Nissan spreading flower

  • No textbooks on the NCTB website

    No textbooks either for the Bengali or English versions are to be found on the NCTB website. Not only that, other materials like teachers' guide cannot be found there either.

  • Letter: Save migratory birds

    I was shocked by yesterday's report on The Daily Star highlighting the killing of migratory birds. Poachers' trapping of birds and killing

  • We should all fight child labour

    Let us take a New Year's pledge of not visiting houses, shops and restaurants that employ child labour. We can help ferry young lives

  • Is Bangladesh prepared to face an earthquake?

    Earthquakes are becoming more frequent by the day – the most recent one took us all by surprise on January 4.

  • The unsettled issue

    Tamils have the right to live in peace and harmony in Sri Lanka. However, history is testament to the ethnic Tamils' unfortunate treatment in Sri Lanka.

  • What is the actual rate of inflation?

    For the last few days, print and electronic media have been busy with Bangladesh's inflation figure of about 6 percent for the year 2016,

  • Gulshan DCC market fire

    A devastating fire engulfed Gulshan1 DCC market this week and gutted hundreds of shops. After 15 hours of toiling efforts, finally the firefighters managed to douse the fire.

  • Waiting for a peaceful Rakhine

    According to the UN, at least 30,000 Rohingyas have been displaced by the recent violence in the Rakhine state. They have been made

  • Free hostels from student politics

    Most government universities and many colleges have residential facilities. Students who come from less privileged backgrounds have to live in university hostels.

  • Dirty footbridges

    It is very unfortunate that most of the footbridges of the city are so dirty that pedestrians feel discouraged from using them.

  • Universities are living things!

    Universities have, of late, come under severe criticism. But the truth of the matter remains that universities across the country have worked relentlessly to impart the different branches of knowledge, starting from humanities to the sciences.

  • Death of children from drowning

    Drowning is the leading cause of death of children aged 1-17 years and has turned into a "silent epidemic" in Bangladesh. On average, 18,000 children die every year from drowning in this county.

  • Bangladesh moving forward

    Bangladesh is now recognised as one of the next 11 emerging economics in the world. In 1971, I don't believe many people would have