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    “Ramifications of terror attacks in Bangladesh” (July 18, 2016)

  • The increasing cost of living

    The cost of living is getting higher day by day. People depending on fixed incomes are finding it very hard to cope with the

  • Where's the mastermind?

    The recently published Chilcot Report has showed that Iraq invasion had been launched on a false pretext; Tony Blair overstated

  • Ordeal of utility bill payers

    I want to draw the relevant authorities' kind attention to the ordeal of Titas Gas bill payers of Dhaka city. Unlike DESCO, WASA,

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    “Bail blessings for radicals”

  • Earthquake in and around Dhaka city

    I thank Dr. Badrul Imam of Dhaka University for his valuable remarks regarding the probabilities of earthquake in Bangladesh

  • Terrorism in the name of Islam

    Islam is the religion of peace, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness. But it is a matter of great regret that some unscrupulous people

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    Not a single student of private universities cares for BCL's politics.

  • Being radicalised by disconnected societies

    Many young men are becoming radicalised nowadays, not through social media or religion but through isolation, lack of self-confidence...

  • Surveillance state

    Israeli officials have blamed social media for inciting a wave of violent attacks by Palestinians that began in October 2015.

  • A clear message to all

    On July 12, 2016, I came across the news of the Sholakia attacker Abir Rahman's burial (along with a picture) which took place on July 11, after five days of his death.


    When will the time come when we see headlines like “Brutality lands him in jail"?

  • Cancel the Rampal power plant deal

    It was indeed very shocking to learn that the government has signed an agreement with India's state-run Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.


    I'm completely numb from the horror of it. No words can calm my anger and sadness. I can't even imagine how the families are feeling.

  • Corrigendum

    The Daily Star published an article by Kuldip Nayar on July 18, 2016, titled “Kuldip Nayar's tribute to Faraaz Hossain--Death be not proud.”

  • Stop the blame game

    Over the last couple of months our country has been passing through a critical situation.

  • Some suggestions

    The followings measures may be adopted and implemented to combat, contain and destroy terrorist networks:

  • Quality of journalism

    This is in reference to the article with the above mentioned title by Kuldip Nayar published in The Daily Star on July 1, 2016. I don't think ...

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    “Fizz breaks the ice” (July 13, 2016)

  • Credibility of autopsy reports

    Autopsy reports on the victims of the Holey Bakery massacre showed the extent of brutality suffered by these people. However, I

  • Technology to be used for coal transportation

    As reported in The Daily Star on July 13, 2016, the Rampal Coal Power Plant will burn 4.72 million tonnes of coal a year.

  • Monitor the universities

    I arrived in Bangladesh late last year and have been enchanted by the wonderful people of this land - full of talented,


    This is nothing new and the geologist knew this. The question is: what has been done to prepare for such a mega disaster?

  • PEC examination

    This refers to Professor Manzoor Ahmed's write-up titled “Children's pain and mis-education to continue?” published in TDS on July 2, 2016.

  • Causes of extremism in Bangladesh

    I read the article 'When kids become monsters' with interest published in TDS on July 5, 2016. The narration was correct and interesting.


    He is such a nice man. Britain certainly lost one of its best PMs of all time.

  • One case that deserves suo moto initiative

    52 year old Jamal Ibne Musa's herculean efforts resulted in 12-year-old Sonu being reunited with his parents in Delhi recently.

  • Install metal detectors and scanners

    Though our government has categorically rejected the claim of IS' presence in Bangladesh, such a barbaric incident like the Gulshan

  • Sanctions on Russia

    This refers to the report, "EU extends sanctions by 6 months" (July 2). It was surprising that the sanctions will be extended after the UK

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    “Mustafizur unfurled” (July 13, 2016)