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  • Creation of Senior Teacher posts – a laudable proposal

    A national English daily recently reported the government's decision to facilitate promotion of government school teachers by creating

  • WASA water distribution requires intervention

    WASA water distribution has been facing heavy mismanagement for the past few years, caused by a few corrupt staff members as well as

  • Noise pollution making residential areas unlivable

    The blaring noise of horns in the Uttara residential area, particularly from the airport intersection to Abdullahpur, makes it impossible for us to sleep at night or for our children to study during daytime.

  • Delay in BCS appointment

    PSC had last published the results of the 35th BCS on August 17, 2016. Seven months have passed since then.

  • Clarity of prescription writing

    Physicians are still using clumsy, illegible handwriting in prescriptions even after the high court order against the practice. Patients have

  • Confirm DUCSU polls as soon as possible

    Dhaka University Central Students Union (DUCSU) has provided momentous contributions from the time of its establishment - in the

  • The rejuvenating 40s

    Age has no impact on human productivity and aspirations, barring unfortunate illnesses or injury. I believe that linking age with

  • Kudos to the Bangladesh Cricket Team!

    We are euphoric and immensely proud of the Bangladesh cricket team for their victory on foreign soil against a strong home side, and that too in their 100th Test match. This is also Bangladesh's first Test win against Sri Lanka.

  • We need sustainable development

    The government as well as the people of Bangladesh must decide whether immediate economic benefits are worth the environmental...

  • Exorbitant price of internet!

    One of the key components of 'Digital Bangladesh' is people's access to the internet, and this includes citizens from all walks of life.

  • Special buses for female commuters

    The other day while in a bus I found four or five female office goers standing with difficulty among the rush of male passengers.

  • Ensuring fair price of agro-products

    Farmers in our country often do not get fair price of their produce. They sustain a great loss particularly during bumper production. They

  • Disturbingly increasing radicalisation

    There has been another raid on a militant den, this time in Sitakunda, Chittagong. Four militants have reportedly been killed, and the operation dragged on for 19 hours!

  • Lax safety measures in construction sites

    It was painful to hear of us the death and injuries caused by the collapse of the flyover on March 13. Similar incidents have been noted

  • Ensure safety in construction sites

    We are utterly shocked and saddened by the news of a man who was killed and two others (one of whom was a construction engineer) who were injured when a girder of the Malibagh-Mouchak - Moghbazar flyover collapsed near the Malibagh rail gate.

  • Prevent food adulteration

    Adulteration of food with toxic chemicals and substances has reached an alarming high in Bangladesh, especially in low priced hotels, shops, and restaurants.

  • Growing pulses in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has progressed tremendously in growing rice and potatoes to fulfill our staple food needs.

  • Achieving the 2021 Vision for Bangladesh

    To achieve the target of becoming a middle income country by 2021, it is crucial for Bangladesh to integrate all aspects of climate...

  • Need for student elections

    Students are the future leaders of the country. If led properly, they have the strength, ability and courage to face the problems of the

  • MRP passport validity should be raised to 10 years

    The analog passports used to be valid for five years and were entitled to one extension of validity for another five years.

  • Obstructing medical services at hospitals

    As you mentioned in your editorial titled “Obstructing medical services at hospitals” on March 11, the recent strike by the doctors was a

  • Biman should hire more female engineers

    It was great to see the all-women staffed flight by Biman on International Women's Day, where the Pilot-in-Command, all cabin crew, and

  • Empowering our women

    I extend my greetings of the International Women's Day to all women of the world.

  • Heavy fines and penalties can deter law breakers

    Human beings' natural tendency to break rules applies to almost every society. Why some societies have relatively higher rates of crime than another is a question to ponder about.

  • We need more parking spaces

    The dearth of parking space has become a real problem with the growth of multistoried buildings. These same properties would previously be owned by a single occupant.

  • Never-ending traffic woes

    Traffic congestion on city roads is increasing day by day with no solution in sight. There must be some way out.

  • Brutality in the name of remittance

    I was very concerned by the report titled "The plight of Aleya" published in your newspaper on March 5, describing the horrible experience of an expat domestic worker who has just returned from Saudi Arabia.

  • Shifting prisoners in shabby vans

    The Daily Star recently ran a photo story on March 3 about how a prison van in poor condition tilted upside down while shifting prisoners

  • Tackling Dhaka's mosquito problem

    I am deeply concerned by the news reports stating an increase in the outbreak of mosquitoes in Dhaka. It is inconvenient to remain

  • Provisions for senior citizens

    In a report published today by one of our leading Bangla newspapers, the honourable Finance Minister reiterated the need for better