• Traumatising crime TV shows

    Nowadays crime TV shows broadcast by almost all TV channels in our country are very popular. But have we ever thought that these TV serialisations of murders and physical torture can traumatise the viewers, particularly the children?

  • Food safety and organic farming is a crying need

    Already Bangladesh has fulfilled food security needs. Now it is high time to approach food safety.

  • We must remember our culture

    Majority of the younger generation in our country isn't familiar with Dhaliwood or Bangladeshi TV programmes, drama and theatre, but have a comprehensive knowledge of Bollywood, Indian soap operas and so on.

  • Parents' harassment of home tutors

    A large number of people from poor or middle class families bear their daily expenses by serving as a home tutor. However, a lot of

  • Paradigm shift in teaching

    It is common in our schools and colleges for teachers to deliver boring lectures. Whatever the subject, instructors tend to use antiquated lecture methods.

  • Protect Sitalakhya from pollution

    Owing to the fall in underground water levels, WASA has been purifying surface water from Sitalakhya river to maintain supply to Dhaka

  • Recognition of Mangal Shobhajatra: Our pride

    The traditional Pahela Boishakh's rally known as Mangal Shobhajatra has received UNESCO recognition as an Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • VVIP Flight of Biman Bangladesh

    The ground maintenance team of Bangladesh Biman has miserably failed to follow the laid down routine procedures for check-up of

  • Medical fees must be reduced

    Medical expenses from doctors' fees, blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, and MRI to urine and stool test costs are increasing drastically by the day.

  • Thanking the mayors of US cities

    President-elect Donald Trump's election campaign motto was to “make America great again.” But America is already great because of people like Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York, and others including the US Jewish rights leader Jonathan Greenblatt.

  • Long live Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban revolution and a symbol of resistance against imperialism, and of freedom for millions of people of the third world.

  • Rohingya persecution a threat to Myanmar

    The alleged persecution of Rohingya in Myanmar is a danger to Myanmar itself.

  • Shocked at the police's treatment of the college professor

    Fulbaria Degree College's demand to be turned into a government college was legitimate, yet the police unleashed a reign of terror to foil their demonstration.

  • Death compensation for road accident

    It is absolutely shocking that death compensation for road accidents presently stands at a meagre Tk 20,000, based on Insurance Act 1938 enacted by the British rule.

  • An outrageous proposal!

    What's so outrageous about an electoral reform proposal given to end the status quo of disenfranchisement of the people? Are

  • Tribute to Comrade Fidel Castro

    Comrade Fidel Castro - the name is uttered with affection by some, with hostility by others, but it calls up history for everyone.

  • Telecom regulators' new plan is ludicrous

    First we were faced with costlier 3G internet with poor quality internet service in the name of digitalisation of the country.

  • We will miss President Barack Obama

    Ashfaque Swapan's article titled “My Bittersweet Thanksgiving with Obama” published in your op-ed page on 26 November, 2016 was a fitting tribute to the departure of the US President.

  • Save the Brahmaputra river

    The Brahmaputra runs under the Sombhuganj Bridge (Chin Moitri Setu) in Mymensingh city, with a bus terminal situated on one side.

  • Brutality against Rohingyas must be stopped

    We are flabbergasted after witnessing the brutality on Rohingyas. We appeal to the government and the people of Bangladesh to

  • Sexual harassment in public transport

    There is no any security measure for female commuters in public vehicles. Often women are sexually harassed by drivers, helpers or other male passengers.

  • Public transport must be systemised

    Every day, commuters of all ages and genders fight to board buses at the risk of their lives.

  • My gratitude to street cleaners

    Every morning while driving to work, I notice workers sweeping and cleaning the streets. It is a thankless job made more difficult by people mindlessly littering the streets.

  • The first-ever district council elections

    The news that the first-ever district council elections will be held on December 28, 2016 is a great initiative by AL government for practicing institutional democracy.

  • The PM as Champion of the Earth

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has received the Champion of the Earth Award, the United Nations' highest environmental accolade in recognition of Bangladesh's far reaching initiatives to address climate change.

  • Save Rohingyas, save humanity

    The escalation of violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is abhorrent. Rohingyas have been shot, raped, and looted, and their houses torched to the ground by the Myanmar military force.

  • Unnecessary delay in BCS appointment

    It has been over three months since PSC published the 35th BCS result.

  • Construction of a drainage system

    Dhaka North City Corporation is constructing a massive drainage system in Banani area. While we laud the measures taken up by the authorities we would like to point out certain difficulties.

  • Mymensingh city needs improvement

    Mymensingh is one of the largest cities in Bangladesh, but its environmental conditions are far from satisfactory.

  • Universal Children's Day

    The theme of this year's Universal Children's Day is "Stop Violence Against Children."