Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Less bureaucracy in public service procedures

    The civil servants of the country celebrated the National Public Service Day on July 23, 2017, with the aspiration of improving public service management.

  • Chittagong city is drowning

    Life has come to a standstill for the people of Chittagong. We are passing our days in unbearable sufferings as the city drowns.

  • Saving lives from potential dangers

    The pathetic sight of the heart-rending cries of Rakib and a girl following the massive landslide in Sitakunda Hills that resulted in the tragic death of 5 members of a family was indeed too much to bear.

  • Congratulations, Sean Spicer!

    Sean Spicer has resigned as the White House Press Secretary, bringing to an end the tumultuous six-months as the public face of Donald Trump's administration.

  • Inward remittance downfall and remedies

    Remittance sent by Bangladeshi expatriates through legal channels has seen a sharp decline recently. The Bangladesh Bank, to revamp

  • Bamboo as substitute for iron!

    The word “bamboo” dominated headlines of news dailies in Bangladesh last year, since bamboo sticks had been used instead of iron rod

  • Infrastructural developments in rural areas

    Countless reports recently published by The Daily Star have been highlighting the incompletion of small scale projects like bridges

  • No one is above the law

    The story of breaching traffic law is nothing new. The violators, more often than not, are highly educated judges, ministers, lawyers,

  • The DU Law faculty needs a canteen

    Almost 600 students are studying at present in the Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka.

  • Lessons never learnt

    It is unfortunate that a firefighter was killed in the cylinder blast incident in a bakery in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Proper vaccination in remote areas

    It was utterly shocking to hear that nine children died of an unknown disease in Chittagong which was later confirmed as measles by doctors.

  • The fight against Chikungunya

    While Chikungunya continues to wreak havoc in Bangladesh, it is unfortunate that it has no vaccine and that physicians seem to have limited knowledge of this infection so far.

  • Horrible state of the international airport

    Despite repeated complaints on the issue, the terminals of the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport are littered with buckets that are supposed to collect the water leaking profusely from the ceiling.

  • University admission tests

    Twenty-eight vice chancellors of universities were supposed to meet to decide on probable dates for admission tests for the 2017-18

  • Maintenance of the National Zoo

    The National Zoo, situated in Mirpur, is not only a tourist attraction but also a research and training centre. But its condition is

  • Maintenance of the Gulshan residential area

    The improvements in the Gulshan residential area have been very impressive.

  • Wearing protective head gear

    It is mandatory by law for motorbike users, pillion riders and cyclists to wear helmets while driving. But, sadly, many are found flouting this traffic rule.

  • Stop child labour in university campuses

    It is shameful that we accept child labour in a place like a university, where we are supposed to be trained in becoming socially and

  • Utility services for slum dwellers

    This newspaper ran a report titled “Korail Slum: Goons eating up public resources” on July 10, 2017. It is apparent from the report that

  • Cause of delay in BCS exams

    It is a good thing that the non-cadre results are also published under the BCS.

  • Rehabilitate flood victims

    The recent floods have rendered thousands of people homeless, lying in camps in a miserable condition, with no means of livelihood.

  • Abusing natural gas

    Even though we have a limited supply of gas, some households keep the gas burner on throughout the day and night to dry their wet clothes.

  • Bangladesh should stop river dredging

    Singapore has been using Cambodian sand to expand its borders for over a decade using as much as 72 million tonnes, according to UN estimates.

  • Why do we have the police?

    This newspaper, on July 11, 2017, reported that a journalist in Rajshahi was brutally attacked by Chhatra League men for taking snapshots of a bus vandalised by BCL men.

  • Make English interesting for learners

    English is both an important tool for global communication and a great source of knowledge through its vast store of literature.

  • Replace torn and soiled currency notes

    Recent reports by this newspaper have informed us that the Bangladesh Bank has printed new currency notes worth Tk 25 crore, and also that new currency notes are being sold in the black market with Tk 20 charged for every Tk 1,000.

  • Korail slum

    I commend Rashidul Hasan and Shaheen Mollah for their investigative journalism in Monday's edition of your newspaper.

  • A medical college in each district

    Many workers from Bangladesh go abroad to earn a living. Most of them engage in manual labour that requires little professional or technical skills.

  • Brac Onnesha in orbit: A milestone

    Last Friday, Bangladesh entered a new era of technological advancement with the historic deployment ...

  • Protect the Queen of the East

    I feel fortunate to have been born in Chittagong, a city with a rich history.