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    “Caravan for tigers hits the road” (February 4, 2016)

  • A common platform for protecting the biodiversity

    South and Southeast Asia represents a biogeographically contiguous region rich in numerous species of flora and fauna.

  • Women are only workers!

    Women comprise 85 percent of the total number of garment workers working in the garment sector of our country.


    Has Bangladesh taken any step against Zika virus?


    Let's hope the minister delivers on his promise.

  • Measures against Zika virus

    Zika virus is spread by Aedes Aegypti mosquito which is also responsible for spreading dengue. Often infected person shows symptoms

  • 'Amar Ekushey' sculpture in bad shape

    It is very sad that the historic 'Amar Ekushey' sculpture of JU has been in a poor condition for years. Parts of this great piece of work have

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    Middle Eastern countries want slaves, not workers!

  • Combat global warming

    Global warming is a global issue and we need effective measures to combat it.

  • Israeli settlements are expanding

    As Israel faces international condemnation over its plan to build 153 new settlement homes in the Israeli-occupied West Bank..


    Given the present condition of our country/administration/government, I wouldn't be much surprised if the tanneries never relocate.

  • For the sake of democracy

    It is shameful for the ruling party to brag about democracy when most of the members of parliament were elected without contest.

  • Adieu, JFR Jacobs

    I would like to appreciate The Daily Star's coverage of Lt. Gen. JFR Jacob highlighting his contribution in bringing about a swift end to our War of Liberation.

  • Take care of ailing family members

    Blessed are those who are well and have no serious disease or physical disorder. But eventually all of us will grow old and start having health problems.


    The idea is good, but the camera should be hidden within the uniform with audio recording like in the developed countries.

  • Stop the malpractice of doctors

    Medicine is a noble profession. But it is sad that nowadays a lot of private practitioners charge patients extremely extravagant fees. Many

  • Disrupted sewage disposal system

    We, the residents of ward no 34 under the Dhaka North City Corporation are going through untold suffering due to the disrupted sewage

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    “Enact Liberation War Denial Crimes Act: Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee urges govt” (January 29, 2016)

  • Look inside your own house first before coming after us

    Several intellectuals, politicians and human rights activists in North America and Europe have been extremely critical of the status of democracy and sporadic incidents of violence and human rights abuses in Bangladesh.


    The law doesn't allow police to torture anyone for violating the law. Rather, take them [law breakers] to the police station concerned and take legal measures.

  • Improving cricket in rural areas

    No doubt, cricket is the most popular sport in Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh embassy's utter negligence in Berlin

    I am a non-resident Bangladeshi living in Germany. I would like to draw your attention to the harassment Bangladeshis have to suffer at the Bangladesh embassy in Berlin.


    Awami League government is filing cases after cases against Khaleda Zia and her family on a regular basis. Who knows how many hundreds of cases have been filed against her!

  • Give readers more space

    Ordinary citizens can express their opinions and views through newspapers but it is a matter of great sorrow that most of the...

  • Extending a helping hand

    Last week, we experienced rain in many parts of the country. This untimely rain has intensified the cold and dealt a hard blow to the poverty-stricken people of our country.

  • Simplify the process

    We appreciate that the government has emphasized the need for mitigating the hurdles that general people have to go through in getting...

  • Prepare to minimise earthquake casualty

    In the early morning of January 4, a strong earthquake jolted Bangladesh. Experts said that there is a chance that by 2020, a strong earthquake will strike our country.


    They already have enough. Now it's time to give something to those who have nothing. Otherwise the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

  • Treat them more humanely

    I was shocked to see the photo of an elderly woman near the ruins of her shanty in Kalyanpur slum published in The Daily Star on January 23...

  • TDS in its 25!

    It is a matter of great joy to know that The Daily Star has completed its 25th year and has stepped into 26.