• ICC needs to introduce weighted average rankings

    Bangladesh narrowly escaped defeat in the 1st ODI international against Afghanistan, yet, our nation and the media were reporting a great

  • Take initiatives, lessen traffic

    We all know of the horrible traffic condition of our country. Recently, it took me eight hours to complete a two hour commute to Comilla.

  • Faulty performance of real estate developments

    The outcrop of luxurious buildings in Dhaka is making real estate developers more and more popular each day. The service quality of the agents, however, is not up to the mark.

  • How we can save the Sundarbans

    After reading the report, "Disaster written in the wall," of The Daily Star. I am deeply concerned about the severely detrimental impact to the Sundarbans, to our nation and to our delicate planet if NTCP is successful in setting up the Rampal power plant.

  • We don't want electricity at such great costs

    The State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral resources said on September 25, 2016 that the government will respond to UNESCO'S concern over the Rampal project.

  • We need better airports

    The Shahjalal International Airport has gloomy surroundings with inadequate lighting. Why should the country's capital have such a bleak airport?

  • Commendable initiative by government

    Over 21 people died from road accidents the day after Qurbani Eid this year. The daily reporting of such news may have made many of us

  • Well done Tigers!

    The recent cricket match between Bangladesh and Afghanistan was quite interesting. It was interesting as it showed how much the Tigers

  • Effective precautions against terrorism

    Given the development of terrorist acts all over the world, the government should set up an independent Counter Terrorism Unit.

  • Ensuring a safe workplace for employees

    Incidents such as the Rana Plaza collapse, the Tazreen fire tragedy and the recent Tongi blast have proved that we do not have sufficient safety measures for hard-working workers in our country.

  • Upward trend of BD stock market

    Bangladesh stock markets have been on an upward trend for the past 12 days closing at 4,665 on Thursday. But can it cross the loop of 4,300 to 4,700?

  • A torch bearer for women empowerment

    On behalf of the students of IUB, I congratulate Shougat Nazbin Khan for being selected as one of the 17 UN Young Leaders for the

  • Economic public transport

    Bangladesh's narrow roads were developed in an unplanned manner, with the construction of houses and commercial ventures leaving no

  • WB Country Director, leader in private education sector

    It was disappointing that the Star Business report on Dr. Junaid Ahmad's new appointment at World Bank did not mention his active

  • Safety hazards of Lalkuthi Terminal Launch

    Commenced recently for the Dhaka to Chandpur commute, this project assumes that Sadarghat and Lalkuthi launch terminals are separated by less than 100 meters. However many wooden boats, each carrying 6 to 9 passengers, cross the small area every day.

  • Congratulations, The Daily Star Editor

    I would like to express the heartiest congratulations to Mahfuz Anam, editor and publisher of the The Daily Star, on his remarkable achievement of courageous journalism on Tuesday.

  • Calling for laws preventing accidents

    Hon. Minister for Roads and Highway has expressed responsibility for the recent road accidents. Stiff financial penalties should be enforced on the vehicle owners liable for these incidents.

  • Why did Bengal stop being ours?

    I went through the article written by Enam Chowdhury about the ownership of the terms Bengali, Bangla and Bengal. Having fought our liberation war based on these terms, he is absolutely right in claiming that they belong to us culturally and historically.

  • Justice delayed, justice denied

    The Daily Star published a news, reporting on the detainment of a youth connected with Nitu Mondol's death last Sunday. It reminded me of Risha, who was also stabbed to death by stalker Obydul.

  • Undesirable Income Tax system

    I welcome the government's new income tax system, but the 16,000 taka over which income tax may be charged is inadvisable.

  • Impending power supply crisis in Bangladesh

    The Daily Star recently published an article on equitable sharing and downstream crisis. A relevant World Bank report concludes that

  • Facilitating healthy learning environments

    It is unfortunate to see high suicide tendencies among students in the news, especially during final examinations. The teaching

  • Sad Tale of a Dilapidated Road

    The road connecting BGB Gate No.5, Hazaribagh Bazar, Monesshor Road and Beribad has been in a bad shape for a long time. The condition has worsened in the aftermath of the cattle market that was held before the Eid-Ul-Azha.

  • Increase SSC & HSC stipends

    Our government has been providing stipends to meritorious students for public examinations to financially support them.

  • Women's growing role in the economy

    Today, women are playing a vital role in all spheres of life. They are no longer confined within the four walls. They have come out of the

  • Street children's decision to leave homes

    Recently I read an article in The Daily Star about street children which I found factual and interesting. But there were some basic points

  • One world for health

    We are familiar with the proverb "health is wealth." But if we don't take care of our health, a huge amount of wealth is required to fix our health problems.

  • Rooftop gardening

    Most of the rooftops of Dhaka City are left unused. If these rooftops are brought under cooperative farming projects or planned individual efforts, it would go a long way to solving our environmental issues.

  • ICUs without doctors

    ICUs without doctors

    It is a matter of sorrow that the Intensive Care Units (ICU) of the public hospitals have been running with shortage of manpower for years.

  • An abominable practice

    Honour killing is a common practice in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, India and some other countries.