Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Safeguard the aspiration of "Tree Samad"

    Congratulations and a big thank you to The Daily Star for 26 fantastic years of service to the country. I also express gratitude for

  • Greetings on turning 26!

    Being a popular daily of the subcontinent, The Daily Star has completed its 26th year of successful run in the print media.

  • Unlicenced driving on highways

    Road accidents have become the most common headlines in the newspapers these days. Unfit wheelers and unlicenced drivers are the main causes behind these crashes.

  • Private cars using police lights and sirens

    On my way to the airport the other day, I noticed a car driving with flashing red and blue lights and also a wailing siren. Thinking it was a

  • Uphold the rule of law

    This is in response to yesterday's editorial titled 'Torture of a 12 year old'. The spread of mob culture these days reveals how law and

  • Inconvenience of construction sites

    Construction sites across the city are causing a lot of inconvenience to residents. There is severe air and noise pollution. Dust permeating the environment is causing health hazards for everyone. Patients living in the areas suffer from deafening noises even after working hours.

  • Using foot over-bridge must be mandated

    A picture in The Daily Star shows a woman crossing the main road with her child, with a foot over-bridge just a few yards away. It was an act of negligence that put both her and her child's life at risk.

  • English for Bengali literature

    Biru Paksha Paul's article "Love Bangla but do not hate English" published on February 19 has drawn my attention. In his lucid language, he explains how, while Bengali is our love, English is an investment for the sake of openness and growth.

  • Preventing road accidents

    It is appalling that 64 people die every day from road accidents in our country. It is common knowledge that driving licences and fitness certificates can be obtained in exchange of money.

  • Rescue our mother tongue

    The extinction of languages indicates a disappearance of diversity, culture and a storehouse of indigenous wisdom. Mother tongue

  • Need for a cattle market in DSCC

    There is a large cattle market in the northwest part of Dhaka that is under the purview of Dhaka North City Corporation, but there are no

  • Question paper leak: A menace in Bangladesh

    Leak of examination papers has become a common phenomenon in Bangladesh. Merely doing some research on Facebook can help you get your hands on question papers prior to an exam.

  • Mashrafe should offer his captaincy in test cricket

    Mashrafe is undoubtedly the most successful captain in Bangladesh for both ODI and T20s and his services are direly missed during the

  • Nature lover par excellence!

    The write up about rickshaw-puller Samad Sheik of Faridpur was very deservedly published in your front page on February 18.

  • Anti-smoking laws must be implemented

    A study has reported 40 percent of the population in Bangladesh to be smokers, the majority of whom are young. Despite the existence

  • Reckless snatchers in Mymensingh

    The Mymensingh city market is a hub of shopping and leisure activities for most of us living in the area, especially the students. Recently,

  • Losing shoes at the mosque

    Having one's shoes stolen at mosques is a common occurrence, especially in Dhaka. It is unfortunate that we have to be vigilant and

  • Primary education in a shambles

    While we celebrate the 98 percent success rate of primary education in the country, a report published by this newspaper on February 10

  • Mushfiq the batsman

    Mushfiqur Rahim is our most dependable batsman. He is also the wicketkeeper and captain in test matches. This is a heavy burden that is adversely affecting his performance in all three aspects of the game.

  • Prevent vandalism in residential areas

    An advertisement in today's newspaper highlights the implications, including fines and jail terms, of wall writings and graffiti, from the Dhaka north city corporation.

  • Driving courses need to be updated

    The government took laudable steps by setting up Technical Training Centers in all districts last year.

  • Comedy of errors

    One of my students was recently sitting for the Bangla first paper exam in the SSC examinations 2017. On receiving the creative question section, it turned out that the invigilator had given him a question paper from last year.

  • Repair our damaged road

    We, the inhabitants of Ilsha, Banshkhali upazila under Chittagong district are suffering from poor road conditions in the areas between

  • February 14: The Valiant Day

    February 14 should be a day of mourning for the valiant who sacrificed lives on the first day of the spring in 1983. I am talking about the

  • Who will take care of the children?

    Bangladesh, and Dhaka especially, is teeming with underprivileged children with no parents, or any source of food, shelter and clothing.

  • Sound pollution in Lalmatia

    The streets of Lalmatia are full of hawkers advertising their merchandise using incredibly loud microphone announcements.

  • Tuition fees of private universities

    The limited availability of seats in public universities has increased the demand for private universities in Bangladesh. Students from both

  • Ekushey Book Fair

    The annual Ekushey Book Fair held in Bangla Academy and the Suhrawardy Udyan gives hundreds of bibliophiles in Dhaka the

  • Cricket musings

    Much is being said and written about the missed run-out chances of Murali Vijay by Mehedi, although it wasn't unlikely for it to happen.

  • Poorly managed recruitment process of the ACC

    The Anti Corruption Commission published an advertisement for recruitment on January 6, 2015, but it is yet to complete that recruitment process.