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Kiwis looking to hit their stride

Kiwis looking to hit their stride

Sports Reporter from Chittagong

Both New Zealand and the Netherlands will go into this game feeling gutted courtesy of two close defeats in their last games. The Kiwis should have backed themselves to get those seven runs against Dale Steyn last week and it would have completely altered the situation had they won that match.
The disappointment for Peter Borren and co is perhaps a touch more, considering the golden opportunity that they let go against South Africa on Thursday. It was a game that was literally snatched away from the Dutch in the last few overs. Nevertheless, Borren reckons that the game provided a huge boost to his side, especially after all the criticism they received following their embarrassing defeat against Sri Lanka.
“I guess in a way we have shown that we can compete, we know that we should have won that game. We played nowhere near our best cricket that day. There will be pressure on those two teams as well, given what's happened in the group, let's hope that we can win a game,” said Borren.
The performance against South Africa was a much-needed one especially after the Dutch cricket community had reportedly gone hard at their players after being bowled out for 39.
“Well, I guess that's the way it goes, you are always going to be criticised if you're bowled out for 39, I understand the frustration, at the same time it was a little bit disappointing that some of  the Dutch cricket public decided to have a crack,” said Borren.
New Zealand, who need to win this game for their last group encounter against Sri Lanka to mean anything at all, are wary of Holland's capabilities.
“I thought Holland probably should have won that game, obviously South Africa fought back well at the end. I thought the Dutch were very courageous, rocks of diamonds. They are a dangerous team to play against and we have prepared well for it,” said Kiwi skipper Brendon McCullum.
With four teams having one least one game apiece left in group B, there's a huge chance of the run-rate factor coming into play to finalise the spots for the next round. However, McCullum is least concerned about that.
“Yeah, that's more of a fan point of view. For us we have to play two good games of cricket. If we don't we don't deserve to be here. We can play to our potential, then the gap between the teams should sort of take care of the run-rate and stuff. It can become a factor but ultimately you have to look at how you want to play and whether you play to your potential,” said McCullum.


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