12:00 AM, February 26, 2014 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:53 AM, March 08, 2015

JMB escapee killed in shootout

JMB escapee killed in shootout

Raises many questions

VERY soon after JMB militant Rakib Hasan was arrested following his escapade along with other convicted militants, which itself was a serious security lapse, he was killed in a so-called shootout. The police regurgitated the same old story about the circumstances of the 'shootout' as they did in many other cases in the past.
The difference in this case is that Rakib as a high risk prisoner, especially after his being recaptured, and therefore was a vital source of information which is now lost. This raises many questions.
Much as one is surprised at the manner in which the Rakib and his co-convicts were snatched from the prison van by their cohorts in broad daylight, we are even more surprised at his being killed reflecting another instance of callousness on the law-enforcers' part.
It may be recalled that after Rakib's capture, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, in reply to journalists' questions if Rakib might be killed in a shootout, had assured that everything would be done for his security.  So, naturally, questions arise about his death.
Given gravity of the issue and association of the dead JMB man with serious crimes, his death may hinder investigation into JMB's reappearance.  The government should probe the matter and make a public statement on it.


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