• Fool's oil

    "Are you suffering from rheumatic fever? Scratching your skin off for eczema? Writhing in pain with fractured bones? Battling asthma? Fighting diabetes? Enduring indescribable pain and shame due to piles or sexual diseases?

  • Twenty-four Bangladeshis likely dead

    A total of 24 Bangladeshis were likely among those who perished in the Mediterranean Sea when two rickety boats sank off the coast of Libya on Thursday, a Bangladesh embassy official said yesterday.

  • UN chief calls for refugee action

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appealed yesterday to governments to step up their response to Europe's migrant crisis following more drowning at sea and the discovery of migrant bodies in an abandoned truck in Austria.

  • GROWING BIG with little trick

    In 1992, Nazmul Hassan began to export crushed leather and other leather products in his humble way, with Japan his major buyer. Before long he noticed that the leather he would export would return to Bangladesh in the form of class, expensive footwear.

  • Witness identifies one of 4 suspects

    A witness yesterday identified one of the four suspects held in connection with the killing of blogger Niladri Chattopadhyay Niloy, police said.



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Dec 05, 2014
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