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  • Heavy Rain, Waterlogging: No respite for city residents

    Heavy rain took the capital under ankle-to-knee-deep water and pushed the public road transport system into a near-breakdown yesterday, a day after the flooding of the city's major parts by moderate rain.

  • Shared food, homes for some refugees

    “They pushed me away. I couldn't even fight back because I had my baby with me and he could have gotten hurt,” Shanwara Begum in her mid-twenties says, her arm wrapped around her two-year old boy. Her eyes are a rare light shade of blue. They might have sparkled once; now they are dull.

  • Freedom, for a moment

    Nestled between green mountains and sandy beaches, Cox's Bazar teems with life and the promise of an unforgettable luxury and

  • Dhaka expects help from Delhi, Beijing

    Dhaka expects India and China to stand beside Bangladesh amid the current Rohingya refugee crisis, hoping that the two countries would provide help address the influx of Myanmar nationals.

  • So low, so fast

    Seldom, if ever, in history has a world hero fallen so fast into disrepute. Never have so many people and organisations representing

  • Take back all Rohingyas

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in parliament last night criticised Myanmar for carrying out atrocities on the Rohingyas and said it must take back every Rohingya from Bangladesh, and ensure their safe accommodation and security in Myanmar.

  • Textbook case of ethnic cleansing

    The United Nations has denounced Myanmar's “brutal security operation” against Rohingyas in Rakhine State as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing”. Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, the UN high commissioner for human rights, yesterday told the 36th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that the operation is disproportionate to insurgent attacks carried out last month.

  • Lukewarm response to nurses' new uniforms

    The government decision to change the nurses' uniform is being implemented slowly as the majority of the health care providers are reluctant to take up their new attire.

  • Dhaka wants the world by its side

    Dhaka yesterday urged the global community to come up with urgent humanitarian assistance to help Bangladesh address the refugee crisis and make Myanmar agree on immediate and unconditional implementation of Kofi Annan Commission's recommendations.

  • Diseases stalk new camps

    Tasmin has lost everything, literally, when the Myanmar army burned down her house in Andaung village in Maundaw. But that is past and she has no time for that now. Her current concern is her eight-month-old son, Firozmin, who has been suffering from dysentery, fever and cough.

  • Govt allocates 2,000 acres for Rohingyas

    The government has decided to shelter the Rohingyas, who have entered Bangladesh since August 25, in a particular place and bring all of them under biometric registration.

  • Kidnap abroad, ransom here

    They have been held hostage in Libya and tortured brutally by fellow Bangladeshis. Video clips of their sufferings have then been sent to their relatives by members of the network here asking for ransom.

  • 2nd Submarine Cable: Users denied full benefit

    Bangladesh yesterday launched its second submarine cable connection for commercial use, making another stride in ensuring uninterrupted internet connectivity and boosting online-based business.

  • Top Quote!

    “The baby gets little breastfeeding. I don't get to eat myself. Where would the boy get milk from?… Can you help me find a doctor?”

  • US stops short of rebuking Myanmar

    The Trump administration has expressed concern over the unfolding violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state, but stopped short of criticising the country's government or its de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

  • Struggling to cope with the surge

    Amid a shortage of resources, the authorities are struggling to provide water, food, medicine, shelter and other basic needs to the huge number of Rohingyas streaming into Bangladesh from Myanmar every day.

  • India voices concern

    India yesterday said it remained deeply concerned about the situation in Rakhine State of Myanmar and the outflow of refugees from that region.

  • Launch diplomatic offensive

    In the wake of an active genocide in Myanmar and the resulting influx of the Rohingyas into Bangladesh, Dhaka should launch a vigorous diplomatic initiative to internationalise the crimes Myanmar is committing in Rakhine state and solicit support for its peaceful solution, experts have said.

  • Bank bends rules for its directors

    In a gross violation of the banking rules, the United Commercial Bank has allegedly waived a director-related loan for less than one-fifth of the principal amount without Bangladesh Bank's approval.

  • Women in Politics: Barely visible

    Some parties consider it achievable, some need more time to do so and there are many others who consider it a distant goal.

  • Change Maker: Dragon fruit kindles hope

    Originally from Mexico and nowadays common in Southeast Asia and China, the delectable dragon fruit, also called pitaya, is a relative

  • Violence in Rakhine: India keeps off the Bali declaration

    India has declined to be a part of an international parliamentary conference's declaration that expressed concern over the ongoing violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar.

  • From land of death, despair

    While growing up in Myanmar's Rakhine, Noor Sabah, now 70, was constantly reminded the country didn't own her. Her movement was restricted and her access to education, health and other basic services was limited. People of her community also had to pay extra tax for getting married and building homes. Braving all these odds, they lived there for generations.

  • Global outcry grows louder

    International outcry over the atrocities against Rohingyas is growing with politicians, rights activists and Nobel laureates castigating the Myanmar government, as an estimated 2,70,000 of the persecuted community have sought refuge in Bangladesh over the past two weeks.

  • Top Quote!

    “What they

  • Four killed in AL infighting in Kushtia, Jamalpur

    Four people were killed and 36 others injured in clashes between two factions of ruling Awami League in Kushtia and Jamalpur yesterday.

  • Lyon raids Tigers' den

    Bangladesh's quest to seal their fourth-ever series win and more importantly their first against a quality side came unstuck at

  • Desmond Tutu slams Suu Kyi

    South Africa's outspoken Archbishop Desmond Tutu yesterday castigated Aung San Suu Kyi over the Myanmar government's treatment

  • PM criticises Myanmar's handling of crisis

    Bangladesh was facing problems because of the way Myanmar government reacted to insurgency, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday.

  • Dhaka for int'l safe zone in Myanmar

    Bangladesh has taken a diplomatic initiative to have an area in Myanmar declared as an “international safe zone” under UN supervision