TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2015

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  • 139 graves, 28 torture camps

    Malaysian police say they found 139 grave sites and 28 abandoned detention camps used by people-smugglerslaying bare the grim extent of the region's migrant crisis.

  • Deportation within days

    While a Bangladeshi delegation is still working to verify the nationality of the 208 trafficking victims rescued by Myanmar on Thursday, the chief minister of Rakhine state has said the “Bangladeshi migrants” would be repatriated within days.

  • Up Against Arsenic Menace

    As a Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur, Minhaj Chowdhury has always been aware of arsenic contamination of subterranean water in South Asian countries, especially in India and Bangladesh. After all, it took the life of his grandfather.

  • Cops capture two IS men

    Detectives yesterday claimed to have arrested two members of Islamic State (Isis) from the capital's Uttara and Mohammadpur.

  • Pakistani caught in Gazipur

    Pakistani citizen Khalid Mehmud, a suspected ISI agent who was arrested in Gazipur on Sunday, will be tried under Bangladesh law, police say.



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