• Disappointing

    The father of Felani Khatun, the girl in the iconic photo showing a body hanging from a barbed-wire fence, has rejected the verdict of an Indian court that once again acquitted a BSF man of shooting his daughter on Indo-Bangla border in January 2011. Constable Amiya Ghosh of Border Security Force (BSF) was brought to a second round of trial earlier this week after he was exonerated in 2013. Hearing the retrial, the General BSF Court in West Bengal's Cooch Behar district on Thursday upheld the previous judgment that Amiya was "not guilty", sources told our New Delhi correspondent yesterday.

  • Bus tickets 'sold out' within hours

    Advance bus tickets for Eid holidaymakers were almost gone within a few hours they were up for sale in the capital yesterday.

  • Letter from prison

    An alleged letter from a death row Huji leader in Kashimpur jail shows that militants are changing tactics, using code languages and

  • Father, 3 sons murdered in Mymensingh

    A father and three of his sons were stabbed to death by their close relatives over a family feud in Nandail Upazila last night.

  • Will it ever end?

    Several hundred Bangladeshis and Rohingyas are still held hostage in Thai jungles despite reported crackdowns on human trafficking after discovery of mass graves and skeletons along the borders of Thailand and Malaysia. Ransom calls from Thailand to the families of at least seven Bangladeshis who left home mostly in March-April bears out reports that the dark trade is still on.



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