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Ershad finds audience for his poems again in JS

Ershad finds audience for his poems again in JS

Staff Correspondent

Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad, also a special envoy to the prime minister, yesterday recited a poem in parliament he wrote wishing a better and peaceful Bangladesh.
In his winding up speech in the last sitting of budget session, the former autocratic ruler read out his self-composed poem.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, also leader of the House, was seen smiling and clapping, while MPs lauded the former army boss turned politician by thumping up desks.
Ershad's wife Raushon Ershad, leader of the opposition, was, however, not present during his speech.
In his speech, Ershad, chief of the main opposition party in parliament, said there was no good governance in the country as people were being killed in the hands of law enforcers as well as criminals.
Calling upon Hasina, Ershad said, “Do as you wish, you are the daughter of Bangabandhu. We will support you.”
“What are you afraid of? Your father liberated the country. You've done a lot. Now we'll support whatever you do to materialise your father's dream,” he added.
He claimed BNP and Jamaat would not have been created if Jatiya Party had been given “equal rights” during the 1991 election.
Ershad, who was forced to step down as a result of mass upsurge in 1990, claimed that he had stepped down voluntarily.



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