• Blocking roads for programmes and rallies

    It is a common sight in Dhaka now to see roads blocked and the common people stuck in traffic due to rallies or programmes of political parties.

  • Britain exits EU

    A52-48 split in vote in favour to exit the European Union; it will have tremendous multifaceted implications for Great Britain.

  • Garbage-littered road

    The photo published yesterday in the back page of this newspaper shows piles of garbage and construction materials left on the Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue at Madhya Badda in the capital.

  • What a travesty of justice

    This is the ultimate nightmare for parents of a young woman in our society. Suchona comes from a family of four and has been hounded by a married man for two years.

  • New method for combating counterfeit drugs

    As the country's drug markets are flooded with fake and substandard medicines and millions of patients are exposed to the danger...

  • Chaos at Sayedabad terminal!

    Thousands of people were left stranded on June 21 because of two feuding groups of transport workers' associations clashed over collection of illegal toll money from buses.

  • Uttara arms haul

    It was providence, in the form of a lone police man and his family who happened to be near the spot and who warned the police about

  • The aggrieved are now the hounded

    Three months have elapsed since Tonu's murder and various State bodies including the police and medical examiners have failed to

  • Ruling party programme and traffic snarl up

    As it is, traffic in the late afternoons of a Ramadan day is heavy without being compounded by street programmes of political

  • Religious leaders call against militancy

    We are heartened by the call of as many as 100,000 well known religious leaders and alems of the country against militancy. This

  • Blood from Mumbai

    In a remarkable act of compassion, four people from Mumbai have donated a rare group of blood, known as 'Bombay blood' to Mohammad Kamruzzaman, a victim of a traffic accident who needed it for a life-saving surgery.

  • Crossfire is not the answer to militancy

    We cannot but express our total dismay at the rising number of deaths of suspects in police custody.

  • British MP murdered

    We condemn in the strongest possible terms the senseless murder of Ms. Joe Cox on June 16. She was a Member of Parliament for the

  • Rising Teesta water

    Usually, when we pen editorials on the Teesta river, it is to express our concern over the alarming drop in the flow of Teesta water into

  • Mystery behind the three killed in Jessore!

    Three bodies were found killed and dumped in Jessore's Jhikargacha on Wednesday. According to police, the three were robbers

  • Pecuniary punishment against defaulting tanners

    At last the High Court has ordered errant tannery owners to pay a hefty fine per day for every day of delay in shifting their

  • Don't shoot

    The killing of three people in Pabna, Brahmanbaria and Jessore in police 'shootouts', speaks of abuse of power.

  • Action against fake CNG cylinder providers

    It is not every day we see authorities take notice of newspaper reports and editorials. We are pleased to see the Department of Explosives and the Rupantarita Praktritik Gas Company Ltd.

  • Relaxing traffic laws unhelpful

    We are taken aback when the minister for Road Transport and Bridges goes on record to state that unfit buses are kept on the roads to ease public suffering.

  • Train services remain poor

    Although nearly three and half months have elapsed since the government increased the train fares, the railway services remain horribly poor as were in the past.

  • Thousands still starving in Thanchi

    This is the second editorial that we have to write in a space of less than two weeks on the food crisis in Thanchi. It does not seem that anyone in the government is too concerned about what is happening there.

  • Ticking time bombs

    This paper has run more than one story in the last two months on the proliferation of faulty and counterfeit CNG-conversion of petrol-driven vehicles in Dhaka.

  • Orlando attack

    We condemn in the strongest possible terms the barbaric terror attack on a nightclub in Orlando that has claimed the lives of 50

  • How did Tonu die?

    Three agonizing months have passed for the parents of Tonu and they still have not been able to find out how she died. This

  • SD on telecom services

    We fully endorse the state minister for telecommunication's call to do away with the supplementary duties (SD) on telecom services...

  • Ending child labour

    Bangladesh has made encouraging progress in increasing the number of enrollment in schools and yet 1.7 million children find themselves toiling in the informal sector of the economy...

  • Why this heavy-handed attitude?

    We have been covering the excesses committed by ruling party men from time to time. This time round a forest official got the

  • “Anti-terror week”

    The government has gone into a weeklong anti militant drive after announcing the date and time of its commencement. Ironically

  • Roanu victims still suffer

    Hundreds of students in Patuakhali's Kalapara Upazila can no longer go to their school.

  • The killing of an ashram worker

    Only two days after a 70-year-old Hindu priest was hacked to death in Jhenidah, we have been confronted with another brutal killing...