• Caned for not wearing a uniform!

    The caning of a schoolgirl in a government school in Pabna leaves us disgusted and horrified. Rojoni, the victim, was beaten until she fainted...

  • Rein in on ad-hoc school fees

    We would like to appreciate the stance taken by Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid with regards to the freestyle manner in which some schools have collected additional tuition and registration fees from SSC examinees.

  • Hunger despite food self-sufficiency

    It is a gross contradiction that although we have achieved self sufficiency in food, 60 million of our people do not get to eat enough to

  • Gold in SA Games

    We are heartened to witness the victorious performance of two Bangladeshi sportswomen who have clinched gold in weightlifting and

  • Forest department fells 266 trees

    In less than a week of reports of unrestrained tree plundering in the reserved area of Kadirgrah National Park in Mymensingh...

  • Did we hear you right Mr. IGP?

    We thought we had misread the comments of the inspector general of police, but double-checking a remark of his carried in this newspaper yesterday..

  • Increasing violence by the police

    The tragic death of Babul Matabbar, a tea vendor, who suffered severe burns in a murky incident involving the police and died subsequently, moves the conscience of the nation, but unsurprisingly, not the administration.

  • Ancient railway bridges dangerous

    The Sylhet-Kulaura-Akhaura railway route is 177km long and has some 250 large and small bridges, many of which were constructed as

  • Alarming rise in child killings

    As per a news report in a leading Bangla daily, some 1,085 children have been murdered in the country over the last four years.

  • Celebrating 25 years

    For most people a 25th anniversary celebration is an excuse for a grand party.

  • The Daily Star at 25

    What seemed the other day has been 25 years! We have lived through very interesting times, and time flies when redolent with interesting events.

  • Rampant tree felling in national park

    We are outraged at the news of unbridled tree plundering in the reserved area of Kadirgrah National Park in Mymensingh.

  • Negotiating levy-free work a must

    Malaysia will now take Bangladeshi workers for all sectors including construction, industries, services and plantations.

  • Bloated civil bureaucracy

    We are dumbfounded at government plans for yet another round of promotions at deputy, joint and additional secretary levels. We are

  • Insulted for doing his job?

    Auno in Faridpur has risked his job by doing his duty as a representative of the government. He refused to allow a father to enter the

  • Elimination of child labour

    While we can take comfort from the fact that we have been able to reduce the number of child workers by two million in the last 10 years, a large number of children are still employed in hazardous work.

  • Too many migrant worker deaths

    A Daily Star report has found that over the last decade the number of Bangladeshi migrant workers who have died abroad of stroke or heart attack has been increasing every year.

  • Ekushey Book Fair

    We appreciate the move by Bangla Academy to provide security to the Amar Ekushey Grontho Mela through a number of measures including the setting up of two Rab camps...

  • Hassles of Benapole - Jessore road travel

    That people travelling on road between Benapole border and Jessore should be subjected to checks not once or twice but as many as seven times...

  • When will the farce end?

    The purpose of relocating the tanneries to Savar was to save the rivers around Dhaka from eventual death. The relocation has been on

  • Children murdered for ransom

    The recovery of three bodies of children from Rangpur and Tangail in one day, all of whom were kidnapped and subsequently murdered,

  • Action against river polluters

    There are several ways our rivers are being gradually killed off. There have been illegal encroachments of many important rivers around the capital and this has gone on with impunity.

  • Major improvements in garment workers' safety

    We are delighted to note that members of the Sustainability Compact Partners that include the US, Canada, the European Union...

  • Institutional corruption at Rajuk

    The recently held public hearing by Rajdhani Unnayan Katripakkha (Rajuk) has opened up a can of worms on the systemic graft that exists in the institution.

  • PM's call to the police

    The prime minister's call to the police to uphold the rule of law without any exception is timely and laudable. Unfortunately, it appears to be out of sync with the realities on the ground.

  • Family planning stuck

    There was a time when Bangladesh's national family planning policies were a role model for other countries to emulate. That was then; today the situation is slightly different.

  • No letup in road crash

    Although there have been umpteen campaigns and reports from road safety activists and media and regular public outcry to make our roads safer there is no brake on road crash incidents.

  • Most teachers ignorant of the creative education method

    Undoubtedly, our education needs major overhaul, especially when it comes to changing the way children are taught.

  • Loss of agricultural productivity

    In five upazilas of Lalmonirhat, 500 bighas of farmland lose productivity every year.

  • Road to higher middle income economy

    It is indeed heartening to see the prime minister declare the establishment of the Bangladesh Development Authority to help foster business and economic activities in the country.