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  • Using trains for drug trafficking

    A report published in this paper on Thursday revealed a damning picture of how trains are being used to transport drugs across the country with the alleged collusion of railway police and staff.

  • Woes of Eid travellers

    Every year before the Eid holidays hundreds of thousands of people leave the capital to celebrate Eid with their friends and families outside of Dhaka city. The rush of people leaving Dhaka right before Eid, therefore, is a common and predictable phenomenon. But because of poor preparations on part of the authorities, their journeys are never made easy and, in fact, often turn tragic.

  • High cost of road construction

    The World Bank has found that the cost of road-building projects in Bangladesh is far higher than both India and China.

  • Misappropriation of rice

    We are appalled by the reports of misappropriation of rice allocated for victims of the recent devastating landslides in the hilly districts.

  • Waterlogged Dhaka streets

    Waterlogging in Dhaka has become a common problem during monsoon. Rainwater is carried through natural canals and large concrete pipes to flood plains and rivers, but as most of the canals have been grabbed by the encroachers or clogged with solid wastes, the city streets are submerged even after a little rain.

  • Export to US down nearly 5 percent

    When it comes to RMG, Bangladesh unfortunately lags behind its biggest competitors since 40 percent of fabrics need to be imported due to the inability of local industry to meet needs on time. Gearing up local yarn makers to become more efficient is a long term affair.

  • Fatality on road continues

    The traffic police department fails to play an effective role in identifying overloaded and unfit vehicles, and holding drunk and reckless drivers accountable. There are also problems of faulty road construction and dangerous bends that often cause deadly accidents.

  • For a stronger prosecution to fight militancy

    A flawed prosecution system and poor remuneration of public prosecutors have resulted in many suspected militants to come out of jail and continue with their nefarious activities.

  • Saving the hills

    Amid fresh reports of landslides in the hill tracts one is astounded to find that remedial measures recommended by an expert committee has gone completely unheeded so long.

  • Fighting mosquito menace

    The health and family welfare ministry in association with the two Dhaka city corporations organised a 'symbolic' awareness campaign on Saturday

  • BASIC bank bail out

    The taxpayers have the right to know why money is being put into a bank that is progressively going downhill.

  • Flat VAT on weavers

    Countries around the world seek to protect heritage businesses such as that our weavers have practised for generations. They are incentivised and are branded nationally. Our handloom industry, after languishing for decades, recently saw a rise in demand through small and medium industries and fashion houses which promoted these products. Subsidising the industry would not go amiss, while instead the flat VAT decision will in all likelihood destroy it.

  • Suffering in landslide hit areas continues

    The tragedy of Tuesday's devastating landslides that killed at least 146 people in Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachhari, Chittagong.

  • Abject lack of boiler safety monitoring

    One would have thought that the death of 23 people in boiler explosions over the last four years in the country would be a wakeup call for authorities, but that is not the case.

  • Costly import of rice

    Because our rice stock is at an all-time low, the government has sanctioned import of 2.5 lakh tonnes of rice from Vietnam. Despite

  • Bus stop that risks lives

    Dhaka is known for its haphazard bus stops. There is no planned stop where people can get on and off a bus without risking lives and

  • Landslides cause havoc

    We are deeply saddened by the aftermath of the catastrophic landslides in Rangamati, Chittagong, Bandarban and Cox's Bazar that have left at least...

  • Poor condition of transport system

    Every year authorities promise the people that roads and highways will be repaired well in advance of Eid but nothing much changes unfortunately.

  • The long journey home for Eid

    This year is no different from others for those hoping to go home for the Eid festivities. We are weeks away from Eid but already people are spending hours on end to get their hands on advance tickets.

  • Garbage dumped on Dhaka-Aricha highway

    A photo published in this paper on June 12 shows a huge pile of garbage dumped on the side of Dhaka-Aricha highway at Hemayetpur, Savar.

  • The curse of child labour

    An overall nonchalant attitude towards child labour and the lack of implementation of existing laws and policies make it extremely difficult to reduce – let alone eradicate – child labour in Bangladesh.

  • Slow progress in tannery transfer

    Despite the government's repeated ultimatums to relocate all the tanneries operating in the capital's Hazaribagh area, the transfer

  • Party men take law into their own hands

    We are extremely concerned by a report in this paper, from Rajshahi, of a police official being confined inside a shoe store by AL activists...

  • Govt to frame guideline for gold business

    It is heartening to note that the leaders of the Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (BJS) have called off their proposed indefinite strike at the back of the government's assurance to formulate a new guideline for gold businesses.

  • UK election

    That the result of the British election has come as a shock to Theresa May is stating the obvious, but what perhaps may not be as obvious is the underlying message it has given to the Tories and its leadership.

  • A remarkable win for the Tigers

    It was unbelievable cricket that we watched with bated breath on Friday as the Bangladesh cricket team faced off with New Zealand in

  • Why VAT on Albumin?

    We are taken aback to learn that 15 percent VAT has been proposed on albumin which is considered to be a life saving drug for patients suffering from serious kidney and liver problems.

  • Ensuring rights of female migrant workers

    According to the Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment, around 1.18 lakh women went abroad seeking employment in 2016.

  • Mismatch in fund allocation and utilisation

    Every year the government misses the mark in utilising what it allocates into the annual development programme (ADP).

  • Three workers fall to their death

    The horrific death of three construction workers in Siddheswari area on Tuesday when they fell from an under-construction building is a