• Unfit vehicles plying the streets

    The photo of a dilapidated vehicle published in this paper on 24th July beggars belief. The jalopy that is carrying passengers on the road of the capital as well as the inaction of the police and the agencies that are supposed to enforce road safety have shocked us.

  • Barbaric murder of a child – again!

    There are no words to express our abhorrence and shock at the barbaric torture and killing of 10-year-old Sagar Barman, by co-workers of the factory he worked at in Narayanganj. The monsters who killed him did so by inserting an air pump into his rectum and pumping air into his abdomen which led to his horrible death.

  • Kabul continues to bleed

    We condemn Saturday's bomb attack in Kabul on a peaceful demonstration of Hazaras that killed eighty and wounded hundreds.

  • Declaring part of Madhupur as reserve forest

    The recent declaration of 9,145 acres of land in Madhupur of Tangail by the government as a reserve forest has left about 6,000 people living in the area...

  • Another round of price hike

    It is not without reason that a leading chamber of commerce opposed the latest proposal by Bangladesh Energy Regulatory

  • The Munich shooting rampage

    We condemn in the strongest possible terms the shooting rampage carried out in Munich, Germany that left at least nine people dead and several wounded before the lone gunman, an 18-years-old German-Iranian apparently killed himself.

  • Exorbitant CNG fare in Chittagong

    As reported from the port city, the drivers of the CNG run three-wheelers are not only refusing to run on meter, they are also are

  • Dhaka's dying canals

    Given the importance of canals to a city's infrastructure, it is beyond comprehension that Dhaka's canals are all but destroyed.

  • Where are those who have gone missing?

    As per a report published in this paper on July 21, some 262 people have gone “missing” over the last 18 months.

  • Disruption of classes at Chittagong University

    Academic activities at the Chittagong University campus has virtually been suspended following an attack allegedly by some BCL members during which the driver of a university shuttle train and a policeman were injured.

  • Bringing light to the visually impaired

    In our society, people with disabilities stumble in every sphere of their life, due to lack of equal opportunities and poor access to social services.

  • Hazaribagh relocation a farce

    While we have been hearing about the relocation of tanneries from Hazaribagh area to Savar for more than a decade, nothing major has happened on either side.

  • Minister's earthquake prediction

    It is with bemusement that we note our Minister for Relief and Disaster Management giving such categorical assurance that Bangladesh will not experience a massive earthquake in the magnitude of 8 or 9 on the Richter scale.

  • Appointment of public prosecutors

    Regrettably, the partisan considerations that motivate appointment of public prosecutors (PP) have become a systemic problem over the years.

  • Loopholes in the legal process

    It is with shock that we read a report in this daily of how gaps between law enforcement and the prosecution process have led to

  • South City Corporation's roadside bins

    It was a welcome sight to see the Dhaka South City Corporation's roadside waste bins that were installed right before Pahela Baishakh this

  • Number crunching of casualties in road crashes

    The confusion over the death count in road crashes during Eid holidays is unwarranted.

  • Turkey's abortive coup

    We rejoice at the failure of the attempted coup in Turkey, thwarted with the help of the people, the first of its kind perhaps in recent times when the armed coup-makers submitted to an unarmed public.

  • Anti terror initiatives in private universities

    The phenomenon of extremism that is on the rise in the country requires a coordinated effort of all sections of society to see an end of this peril. And in the aftermath of the attack on Holey Artisan Bakery and the subsequent attack in Kishoreganj, all concerned must come together to fight this scourge in a manner coordinated by one central authority.

  • Sunderbans robbers surrender

    Two Sunderbans-based robber gangs, which had been robbing fishermen and honey collectors and kidnapping them for ransom

  • Bonded labour in Oman?

    The Human Rights Watch (HRW) has just released a 68-page report titled “I was sold” that outlines the near-slavery conditions for migrant domestic workers in Oman.

  • Senseless carnage in Nice

    We condemn this horrifying and utterly mindless act of terror that has been unleashed on the citizens of France...

  • Illegally tree felling

    Every school child learns how trees get their nutrients from the soil and send it to the leaves through the bark in order to make their food.

  • The killers' psyche

    The autopsies of the victims of the Gulshan café attack reveal the ineffable cruelty with which the assailants killed the unfortunate people.

  • The deadly highways

    The loss of valuable human lives in road crashes is not only tragic but also unacceptable. In this column we have written umpteen times on the alarming number of road accidents, particularly on highways, in the country. Still there is no significant improvement in this regard. Recently, eight people, including a five-year old girl, were killed and 35 others injured in road crashes in four separate incidents in one single day.

  • New study on earthquake

    A new study using ground and satellite GPS monitors have concluded that the north-eastern corner of the Indian subcontinent encompassing Bangladesh, eastern India and parts of Myanmar is at risk of a major earthquake, and the effect when it occurs would be on a massive scale (8.2 to 9 on the Richter scale). The study conducted at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University should be taken seriously, particularly by Bangladesh which has several issues going against it in the event of a major quake.

  • Where are they?

    The action of the police with regard to the two Gulshan café survivors has left us flabbergasted. The police claim that they have been released after questioning but the two families have no knowledge of their whereabouts.

  • Rejuvenating Dhaka city

    We welcome the moves by both north and south city corporations in revitalising the open public spaces like parks by undertaking extensive plantation of trees and flower plants.

  • The futility of the Iraq invasion

    What most of the world had believed to be true about the rationale of the Iraq invasion, the Chilcot report has confirmed in black and white.

  • The case of the missing youths!

    The most significant issue that has occupied the minds of the people in this country in the aftermath of the gruesome killings of twenty Bangladeshi...