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  • Unending road crashes

    Road crashes have become the gravest risk to public safety, causing a large number of deaths every day.

  • Neglected Liberation War sites

    It is nothing short of a tragedy that even after 46 years of independence, we have failed to preserve some of the most historic sites...

  • Assessment of telecom service quality

    It is a heartening to hear that the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has appointed an organisation for independent assessment of the service quality of mobile operators in the country.

  • Spurt of extremist activity

    In the last seven days there have been three major extremist-related incidents, which luckily did not cause much casualty, although the aim of the aborted attempt to enter RAB premise in Uttara, where a mosque is located, on a Friday, is very clear.

  • Expat workers in trouble

    Two Singaporean non-government organisations have sent a report to the United Nations (UN) Committee on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and their Families (CMW) stating that Bangladeshi workers often face labour and debt bondage in that country.

  • 46 years of our independence

    Today marks the 46th anniversary of our independence. On this day, we pay our deep respects to the martyrs who laid down their lives

  • Genocide Day

    Following the Cabinet approval of the parliament's resolution to recognise March 25 as Genocide Day, today marks the first time following...

  • London attack

    Our sympathies are with those that have been killed and injured in the attack on the Westminster Bridge and Palace of Westminster ground.

  • Total disregard for pedestrians

    Placement of all sorts of construction materials on a side of Road 17 (Block D) in the capital's Banani Model Town is merely another

  • No paediatric ICU at govt hospitals!

    It is shocking that only one public hospital in our country is equipped with an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for children. All the rest, including the largest government hospital in our country — Dhaka Medical College Hospital — lack this most crucial service.

  • World Water Day

    We observed World Water Day yesterday with a stark reminder that safe potable drinking water is becoming scarcer by the day.

  • Mega health projects

    We welcome the government move to more than double the investment for the health sector programme over the next five years with infusion...

  • UNSC statement on Rohingyas blocked!

    Astatement expressing concern at the violence on the Rohingyas by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) failed to find consensus among its members.

  • A year of Tonu murder

    We find it is unacceptable that even a year after the murder of Sohagi Jahan Tonu the investigators are clueless as to under what

  • A roaring feat

    On this occasion we congratulate all the members of the cricket team and Bangladesh Cricket Board. It was indeed a great team effort to turn in one of Bangladesh's best performances ever in international cricket.

  • CJ's comments on the judiciary

    The various comments of the Hon'ble Chief Justice made recently on the judiciary are substantive and merits recognition on the part of

  • Vectors of death on the streets

    A picture on the back page of this newspaper says so much about the scant regard for public safety on our roads.

  • Bangladesh top denim exporter to EU

    Bangladesh has overtaken China to become the largest denim supplier to the European Union securing 21.18 percent of the market share.

  • Half kilo per sack missing

    The government has a food aid programme that allows ultra-poor families to buy 30kg sacks at Tk10 per kilo. Allegations of these 30kg sacks being tampered with whereby people buying them end up with 29.5kg sacks have arisen against a dealer at Loharpur centre of Barisal Sadar upazila recently.

  • Suicide bomber inside Rab barracks

    We are shocked that on Friday a suicide bomber had sneaked into the compounds of a Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) barrack and blew himself up.

  • Illegal stone extraction in Sylhet

    Uncontrolled stone quarrying in certain areas of Sylhet District has had the most deleterious consequences on the environment as well as tourism..

  • Woman attacked by stalker

    Yet another woman has been brutally attacked by a stalker, this time in Patiya upazila in Chittagong.

  • Violence against women in 2016

    Arecent Brac study has found that at least 7,489 women and girls became victims of violence in 2016. The study gets more worrying: 20 percent of the victims of violence against women are children, and that each day, on average, 1.7 children were victims of rape last year.

  • The battle against terrorism

    We congratulate law enforcing agencies and counterterrorism units on another good effort, busting two militant dens in Chittagong with

  • BCL running amok in DU

    On March 14, a faction of Bangladesh Chattra League (BCL) took it upon itself to try and force residents at Dhaka University's Bijoy

  • Combating terrorism

    In a three-day dialogue of top police officials from 14 South Asian and neighbouring countries, and representatives from other organisations held recently in Dhaka, the Inspector General of Police rightly pointed out that police forces of countries need direct

  • March 25 as Genocide Day

    We are heartened by the parliament's declaration of March 25 as Genocide Day. This is to consecrate the supreme sacrifice of the valiant souls who were killed by the Pakistan army during our Independence War.

  • Moghbazar-Malibagh flyover collapse

    In the early hours of March 13, a 36-metre-long girder weighing 70 tonnes fell from the flyover and killed a temporary worker while injuring two others.

  • Worst humanitarian crisis since WWII

    It is a matter of grave concern that, according to a UN estimate, twenty million people are facing starvation in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria.

  • A boost for our navy

    The reality of today's conflict-ridden world is that it is prudent for every sovereign nation to have some sort of security preparation.