MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015


  • MRP for expat workers in a shambles

    ONE wonders what power is behind the Malaysian firm IRIS that has allowed it to get away with all sorts of failings in meeting its part of the contract in issuing machine readable passports to our expatriate workers.

  • Remittance outflow issue

    FINANCE Minister AMA Muhith underlined an issue of considerable import at a pre-budget discussion with the Economic Reporters' Forum (ERF) on Saturday.

  • Gang-rape in the capital

    THERE are no words to describe our outrage at the horrific news that a 21-year-old indigenous woman has been gang-raped on the

  • Public power companies offloading shares?

    AFTER a hiatus of nine years, the government has formed a panel to review ways certain state-owned power companies may off-load

  • Fake government officials being trafficked abroad

    AMIDST the grisly reports of human trafficking through the seas comes another shocker : Bangladeshis, posing as government officials, entering foreign countries with fake passports.



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