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  • Three-wheelers plying highways

    The High Court ban on three-wheelers and slow-moving vehicles on highways is being flouted with impunity. What is the use of a government order if its enforcement is almost non-existent?

  • Only six factory inspectors for 25,000 boilers!

    There are some 5,000 boilers at industrial level that are authorised to operate by law. We have another 20,000 boilers that are unauthorised. The last three boiler-related accidents this year cost 17 lives and that is not at all surprising.

  • French presidential election

    We, along with the rest of the world, have heaved a sigh of relief after the outcome of the first round of the French presidential election.

  • Starving for food

    That the flood affected regions of the haor areas would be wiping out food resources for thousands of people was a well known fact.

  • Dhaka and Chittagong under water again

    The last few days' rain has exposed the dire straits of the drainage system of Dhaka and Chittagong. Bangladesh is no stranger to water-

  • Romel's death

    The circumstances of the death of Romel Chakma of Nanyarchar remains shrouded in confusion. The young man died on April 20,

  • A date to remember

    April 24 is a date that should not be and cannot be ever obliterated from our memory.

  • Busting of extremists' dens

    Quite a few extremist dens have been discovered by law enforcing and counterterrorism agencies across the country in recent times.

  • Footbridges occupied

    Aphotograph published in this newspaper on Thursday, of illegal shops occupying the staircase of the footbridge near Sadarghat in the capital, explains why most people in Dhaka refuse to use footbridges located across the city.

  • Dhaka's polluted water source

    Yesterday we printed the picture of a heavily polluted Demra-Matuil canal in the capital city.

  • Deaths of aqua-life in haors

    For the last fortnight the haors, in greater Sylhet particularly, have been in the news. First for the plight of the nearly quarter million people who are...

  • Unbridled BCL men

    The Chittagong University authorities were forced to postpone a graduation test for journalism students on Thursday when activists of the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) refused to allow examinees to enter the exam hall.

  • Killed for pursuing studies!

    The dark ages are upon us where in-laws now apparently have no qualms about resorting to violence in order to keep in check women who wish to break out of their surroundings through education, so that they may one day become empowered which only better education can ensure.

  • Stent suppliers' “strike”

    On April 14 we heartily congratulated the move to fix the maximum retail price of stents for heart patients in need of angioplasty and

  • Violence over a swimming pool?

    We are shocked that such a violent clash could take place with members of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) trying to vandalise the construction works of the said swimming pool.

  • Holding the government hostage

    There is conflict of interest and if we are even remotely interested in salvaging the transport sector from the rule of syndicates, then this requires the government to take steps against these vested elements within its ranks.

  • Dhaka commuters made to suffer

    For the second day in a row till April 17, thousands of commuters were left stranded as the BRTA kept the pressure on buses with reserved...

  • Marjia's suicide

    In yet another tragic incident related to child marriage, a teenage girl from Akkelpur upazila of Joypurhat committed suicide by hanging...

  • Beaten, heads shaven and garlanded with shoes!

    There are no words to express our outrage and anguish upon reading the report in this paper about the medieval treatment meted out to a poor couple of an ethnic minority by village arbitrators in Mymensingh.

  • Acute gas crisis in Savar

    Gas shortage in Savar has turned acute as gas pressure remains very low during most of the time of the day. It is disrupting everyday life

  • Plight of haor people

    According to reports, nearly two hundred thousand farmer families in the north eastern region of the country are in severe distress having lost...

  • Congratulations to Nazbin and Mizanur

    We congratulate the two young entrepreneurs of our country who have made it to the “Forbes 30 Under-30 Asia: Social Entrepreneurs” list for their works aimed at helping people in Bangladesh.

  • Diarrhoea kills 45,000 children yearly

    According to the recently unveiled report by WHO titled “UN Water — Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking Water

  • Memory Eternal defaced

    First a graffiti celebrating Baishakh and then a memorial commemorating those killed in 1971 have been defaced in the days preceding

  • Pahela Baishakh

    Today we celebrate the first month of the Bengali New Year. Pahela Baishakh, a centuries-old tradition, is as much a part of our cultural...

  • Prices of stents to be fixed

    Most heart patients in need of angioplasty and stents have been taking the trouble of going to neighbouring India for surgery since the government...

  • Bangladesh unattractive for tourists

    In the recently released 2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) Bangladesh ranked 125th out of...

  • Punishment of Rajon's killers

    The High Court on April 11 upheld the death sentence for four perpetrators involved in the brutal torture and killing of Rajon in 2015.

  • Rice prices soar amid flash floods

    Flash floods in the greater Sylhet region have taken its toll on farmers and created a shortage of paddy for small to medium-sized rice mills.

  • 145 children raped in three months!

    A picture published in this paper on March 11 epitomises our failure to protect children from abuse and the culture of impunity that rules supreme regarding this issue.