• Political space?

    The story of Bangladesh's economic development is an inspiring tale well recognised by the world proving the skeptics wrong. We can, however, not say the same about the development of democracy in the country.

  • Astounding traffic congestion costs

    The loss being caused to the economy by traffic congestions in Dhaka every year is astounding. The figure, according to a government report, is estimated to be Tk. 20,000 crore a year.

  • Where is the accountability?

    Reports over the last few days of a baby declared dead and later found to be alive in Jahid Memorial Child Hospital in Faridpur town and

  • Continued border killings

    Two Bangladeshi nationals were shot dead on Friday by the Border Security Force of India in another display of its heavy handedness. How

  • Extortion in transport sector

    Although two very important ministers have only now openly acknowledged the pervasive and rampant practice of extortion in the

  • Cattle breeding shows promise

    This year, local cattle breeders met 80 percent of the demand for sacrificial animals during Eid-ul-Azha. Over the last two years, local

  • PM's call for lasting solutions for refugees

    Rohingyas, a Muslim, Bangla-speaking ethnic group living in the Rakhine state are categorically denied citizenship rights, as well as subjected to violent repression at the hands of government forces, Buddhist extremists, and the region's majority ethnic group, the Arakan/Rakhine.

  • 265 people dead in 12 days!

    Just the fact that at least 265 people have died and 1,153 have been injured in only 12 days during this year's Eid holidays is maddening.

  • A mother's cry for justice

    A mother's cry for justice

    Six months have passed since her daughter was murdered. With investigations into the murder not making any progress, Tonu's mother has called on the authorities to deliver the justice that she and her family is owed.

  • Total disregard for safety

    Total disregard for safety

    A picture carried on the front page of this newspaper on September 21 shows a toddler-carrying parent nonchalantly crossing the median that runs between opposing lanes on Pragati Sarani.

  • More suffering for hajj pilgrims

    More suffering for hajj pilgrims

    It is very inopportune that pilgrims, who perform hajj with so much hope, not to say spending so much money, have to suffer at every step during the journey due to mismanagement and irresponsibility.

  • CMCH understaffed for decades!

    CMCH understaffed for decades!

    It is unthinkable that the Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH) is operating today with the same staff levels it had back in 1969.

  • Lawmaker breaking the law!

    Three major stories in some of yesterday's newspapers were related to the ruling party MP or their wards. One story had to do with an AL

  • Sorry state of library space

    Waiting in long queues with heavy bags on their shoulders, Jahangirnagar University students are forced to fight for library seats starting

  • Procession of death on the highways

    Till going to press we have reports of 64 deaths in roads crashes all over the country since the start of the Eid holidays.

  • An unplanned, overcrowded Dhaka

    It does not take much research work to tell us that Dhaka has lost its urban character. The city has become a place where every element of life - earth, water and air- has been poisoned.

  • Torture of a minor domestic help

    The way a nine-year-old domestic help was tortured by her employers in Gazipur speaks volumes about the helplessness and

  • Tannery relocation

    It is baffling that the relocation of all tannery factories from Hazaribagh to the tannery park in Savar is yet to be completed 13 years after

  • Reckless Driving

    Reckless driving cost lives!

    We are shocked at the death of an elderly couple who were killed at the East Sheorapara bus stand on September 14 after being struck by a speeding car.

  • Chittagong Medical College Hospital

    A stellar example

    The story of Md Naser, an ordinary man, selflessly serving unidentified patients at the Chittagong Medical College Hospital, is a most humane one.

  • Boiler safety in name only!

    There are an estimated 5,500 factory boilers nationwide and there are only six boiler inspectors. For those inspectors to examine and certify them as safe for operation, each inspector would have to inspect an estimated 900 factory boilers in a year.

  • Continuous hassle for Eid travellers

    Going home during the Eid holiday has continued to be a painful experience over the years and this year is no exception. Newspapers and TV channels have been flooded with reports of long tailbacks on the highways, overcrowded buses, trains and launches, despite some additional efforts by the authorities.

  • Message of Eid-ul-Azha

    Muslims in the country are going to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha tomorrow, the second biggest festival in the Islamic calendar. It is an occasion

  • Syrian truce agreed upon

    The new ceasefire that the United States and Russia reached on Syria is due to come into effect on September 12, the first day of Eid-ul-

  • Tongi factory fire

    An alleged boiler explosion at a factory in Tongi BSCIC industrial area of Gazipur has led to the biggest industrial disaster in

  • Train journey turns perilous

    It is difficult to understand why rail authorities have a difficult time gauging the estimated number of passengers who will be

  • Bangladesh under-16 women's football team

    Shabby treatment of U-16 football team

    The success that the girls of the Bangladesh under-16 women's football team have earned through their performance in the AFC Women's U-16 Championship was marred by the reception that awaited them back home.

  • Gross procurement anomalies

    Gross procurement anomalies

    Violation of procurement rules relating to the purchase of medical equipment for Chittagong General Hospital to the tune of Tk7.18 crore has been detected by a probe committee.

  • Dismal conditions on highways

    Long tailbacks on Dhaka-Tangail and Dhaka-Chittagong highways inflicted immeasurable sufferings on home-bound passengers

  • VIP at it again!

    The photo of a SUV apparently carrying a VIP holding a rank high enough to be entitled to fly the national flag on his or her