Editorial | The Daily Star
  • Eid home-goers to face tough journey

    This daily in its report has pointed out the normal choke points on our major highways, which are the main reasons for traffic snarl-ups. Now, floods and rains have aggravated the situation of the roads pushing up the average travel hours.

  • A dark day in history

    While we commiserate with the kins of the killed and the wounded, there are two aspects that we would like to flag here. First, the attempt on the life of Sheikh Hasina and the AL leadership, and secondly, the attempt to kill the case by a deliberately flawed investigation to hide the facts.

  • Construction workers' safety

    As for the government, it should set up a building regulatory body immediately with the power to enforce the Code as well as the authority to punish errant builders/contractors. There is also need to reform the labour law where the status of the construction workers should be specified.

  • Hospital dumping toxic materials openly

    What we would like to know then is, what action did the hospital authorities take in this regard? And if the answer is none, then, why not? And what about the government authorities, those responsible for maintaining the city and the safety of its inhabitants?

  • Barcelona attack

    Unlike its many other Western counterparts, the Spanish authorities didn't unleash any massive crackdown in the aftermath of these attacks that could target the wider Muslim community in general, because that's exactly what those fanatics would want to see.

  • Sunamganj haor project in trouble

    What was supposed to be a priority project to save 29 upazilas of Sylhet from flash floods has turned out to be a classic case of mismanagement for Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB).

  • New platform for factory inspection

    The BGMEA has proposed formation of a local agency that will operate along the same lines as Accord and Alliance which will run under an ombudsman chosen by the Prime Minister's Office.

  • Dhaka roads are a mess!

    Through the length and breadth of Dhaka city, the conditions of roads both major and minor are in a state of disrepair.

  • The threat of released terrorists

    In the developed countries, significant resources are used to monitor terror suspects, and surely we can spend more resources than we do now on surveillance which will prove worthwhile in the long run.

  • Barisal WTP

    We have seen these issues are symptomatic of these bodies across the country. Such unplanned and shoddy work, causing huge wastage of public money, are being done with impunity.

  • A ludicrous act

    In a disastrous move, the Water Development Board (WDB) gave directions to repair breeches on the embankment of Shib river in Ghasigram area under Mohonpur upazila of Rajshahi.

  • Seventy years of Partition

    Two of the countries of the subcontinent—Pakistan and India—celebrated their Independence Day on the 14th and 15th August respectively. Seventy years ago in August the region saw the end of the colonial rule and division of the land creating two countries

  • The Hajj debacle!

    Time is running out for some 15,000 hajj pilgrims who are yet to receive their visas. Although the religious ministry has given a 48-hour ultimatum (that runs out today) to 16 agencies to complete the visa related procedures to send 3,000 pilgrims by August 26, we need to ask some hard questions regarding bungling of this year's hajj.

  • Panthapath militant hideout raided

    We would like to congratulate our law enforcement agencies on a job well done. Yesterday's raid on a militant hideout in Panthapath is yet another reminder of the lurking threat of militancy in the country as well as the critical role of good intelligence in tackling it.

  • Imminence of severe flood

    The first signs of the devastation of floods in the north have started to emerge. At least 17 people died in three days, while large parts of at least 14 districts were submerged by floodwater.

  • National Mourning Day

    Today is a day that would be written in infamy in the annals of our history. We are happy that the killers of Bangabandhu have been tried but many are still evading punishment.

  • Banking services vulnerable to fraud

    In spite of Tk 25 lakh being stolen using around 40 cloned cards in February last year, identity theft by miscreants, exploiting weaknesses in credit and debit card security systems, ATMs, point-of-sales (POS) and banks, is continuing alarmingly in the country.

  • Teachers' torture of eight-year-old

    It has been seven years since the High Court in a landmark judgement banned corporal punishment in education institutions in Bangladesh.

  • A new threat to the Sundarbans

    In yet another blow to the Sundarbans, the government has decided to approve all industrial structures currently operating in the Ecologically Critical Area (ECA) of the mangrove forest, essentially legalising more than 150 illegal structures.

  • Fire at Hazrat Shahjalal airport

    Accidents can and do happen without warning even in airports. But the backdrop in which the most important airport of the country suffered an outbreak of fire that gutted a number of rooms and took 90 minutes to bring under control raises some questions.

  • Dredger purchase to take 10 years?

    A report published by this paper on Thursday about a government project to make the country's waterways navigable within 10 years is a perfect example of how inefficiency and mismanagement can turn important projects stagnant.

  • Violence against women and children

    Some of the alleged culprits have been arrested and we hope that they would be subject to the legal process unaffected by any political influence. They should be tried in the special tribunals speedily so that not only do the victims get due justice, but also that the punishments work as deterrence.

  • Supreme Court

    Govt's reaction to verdict on 16th Amendment

    We are heartened by the law minister's reaction to the verdict on the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. In well-measured words chosen to stake out his government's position, he said he respects the verdict although he disagrees with it.

  • Price of rice still high

    The flash floods in March wiped out 90 percent of the Boro crop resulting in 1 million tonnes of crops. Then we had the fungal outbreak in some 19 districts which did further damage.

  • Free hajj for govt officials!

    Amidst the chaos surrounding hajj this year, the government has decided to spend a whopping Tk 10.15 crore, not to ease the plight of pilgrims who are in limbo due to visa complications, but to send 318 “pious Muslims” that include government officials and lawmakers who are financially solvent!

  • Tense times on Korean peninsula

    Threats do not work with Pyongyang and Washington knows it. It is time to step back from this continuous brinkmanship that could easily be misinterpreted by either of the two sides and begin a conflict that will end in horrendous loss of life.

  • International Day of the Indigenous Peoples

    Today, as we celebrate International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples (Adivasi Dibosh), the indigenous communities of Bangladesh living in Chittagong Hill Tracts and plain lands are still being deprived of basic necessities.

  • HC verdict on Biswajit murder

    We hope that the HC directive and DMP probe findings would serve as a wakeup call for the police administration to put its house in order that would put a stop to this sort of unprofessional and immoral behaviour that not only maligns the name of the force but, more dangerously, does great harm to the cause of justice.

  • Clean chit to Myanmar forces!

    Absolving the security forces of the alleged crimes is not surprising since the government of Aung San Suu Kyi has all along been denying the allegations. Her government has not allowed a UN fact-finding team to conduct its own probe into the charges.

  • Money for city drainage down the drain

    Wasa, the central authority for water and sewerage, spent Tk 618 crore, while Bangladesh Water Development Board spent Tk 108 crore. The two city corporations spent Tk 1,270 crore between them.