• Common front against militancy

    Given the recent spike in extremist attacks on both the religious minorities and various Muslim sects, the government has decided to

  • A bizarre theft!

    The levers of about two hundred insecticide sprayers to destroy sand flies that cause kala-azar have gone missing from the Bhaluka

  • Water, water, nowhere!

    As the sweltering heat makes life intolerable for Dhaka dwellers, a severe water crisis has made things go from bad to worse for residents of Dhanmondi...

  • Victims' families living in fear

    It is with dismay we witness that the families of the seven-murder victims in Narayanganj still live in fear of their lives.

  • Killing spree continues

    We are left speechless with horror at the coldblooded killing of Xulhaz Mannan, an official of USAID and rights activist and his friend Mahbub Tonoy...

  • FDI could be more

    According to central bank data, foreign direct investment (FDI) rose 31 percent over the last one year to US$2.7 billion.

  • Editorial: Return Bangladesh Bank money now

    The globally publicized US$81-million money-laundering scandal is enough international embarrassment for the Philippines. The least the Philippine Government can do now is to return the money as fast as the legal process will allow.

  • Railway lands in the hands of grabbers

    Bangladesh Railway (BR) is heavily subsidised as it is, and to make it even worse for its wobbling revenue generation process...

  • Rana Plaza tragedy

    The Rana Plaza disaster survivors and the relatives of the unfortunate victims have received some compensation and we are glad to note the various measures taken for workers' safety and welfare.

  • Elections fraught with irregularities

    It sets a dangerous precedent in a country when we come to expect and accept incidents of violence and irregularities as an inevitable part of the electoral process.

  • Another RU teacher victim of the assassins

    We condemn in the strongest possible terms the killing of yet another teacher of Rajshahi University.

  • Making rice import costlier

    The government's decision to impose an additional 10 percent duty on the import of rice is timely as farmers are suffering due to low

  • Climate deal signed

    We welcome the signing of the Paris Climate deal on April 22. Actions not pledges are what are needed to combat climate change. Despite

  • Student in shackles!

    It seems like a story out of a psychological thriller – too horrific to be true.

  • Significant progress in RMG safety

    The Transparency International's Bangladesh chapter (TIB) has termed the work done over the last three years by the readymade garments (RMG) sector on improving safety standards as “revolutionary”.

  • Reckless driving continues to kill

    The fatal road crash in Rangpur, caused apparently by rash driving of a coach helper, once again points to the worsening state of lawlessness prevailing in the transport sector.

  • Sylhet city earthquake-prone

    Sylhet city sits in close proximity of the Dauki fault line making it susceptible to widespread damage should a major quake occur.

  • Grabbing garbage dump land

    We are concerned by the report in this daily that the only piece of land meant for throwing garbage in Dinajpur municipality...

  • Bangladesh-Myanmar rail connectivity

    Bangladesh has finally taken the decision to get connected to the Trans-Asian railway, one of the most comprehensive networks of rail lines that connect Europe with Asia.

  • Rethink foreign recruitment freeze

    We join the Malaysian industry's demand that the freeze on foreign labour recruitment initiated by that country's government is putting

  • Clean, well managed public toilets?

    The opening of two new public toilets by the Dhaka North City Corporation is certainly something to celebrate in a city that is notorious

  • Minister's bland statement on extra-judicial killings

    The Information Minister's response to the US 2015 Country report that cites, among other things, the rise in extrajudicial killings and the

  • Corruption in the CMCH morgue

    Visiting the morgue for the autopsy report of a loved one is traumatic as it is, extorting the relatives of the dead for such services is just

  • Illegal occupation of school property

    An investigative report of this newspaper has come up with disturbing facts that land belonging to state-owned schools has been forcibly grabbed...

  • Survivors still haunted by Rana Plaza

    Three years into the Rana Plaza collapse, as many as 58.4 percent of Rana Plaza survivors are still suffering from mental illnesses...

  • Preventing heart attacks

    About a quarter patients die within one hour of a heart attack, which can be prevented by the immediate administering of some simple

  • Faulty CNG cylinders

    Two horrible accidents within the same week involving faulty gas cylinders in vehicles should be a wakeup call to CNG vehicle users and

  • Water crisis tormenting city dwellers

    The summer heat is excruciating enough without having to suffer through an acute water crisis.

  • Casualties of earthquake

    It is with a heavy heart that we offer our sincerest condolences to the families of those who have lost their dear ones during a devastating earthquake in southwestern Japan.

  • Rise in child suicide bombers

    A new report published by United Nations Children's Education Fund (UNICEF) portrays a disturbing picture of how children are being recruited...