• Gender equality remains elusive

    For a second consecutive year, Bangladesh has ranked ahead of all other South Asian countries in gender equality.

  • Callous and insensitive towards victim

    Callous and insensitive towards victim

    The horrific incident of torture and rape of a five-year-old girl in Dinajpur left us dumbstruck with rage. Now, it seems we have failed her yet again.

  • One in four suffer from malnutrition

    According to a recently launched study by the World Food Programme (WFP), a quarter of the population suffer from a lack of proper and

  • An unspeakable crime

    It is impossible to describe in words the revulsion we feel to write about the unspeakable abuse of the five-year-old girl allegedly by Saiful Islam, 42, of Jamirhat village in Dinajpur town on Monday night.

  • Abuse female expatriate workers face

    The additional secretary at the expatriates welfare and overseas employment ministry recently stated at a seminar that “we have observed

  • Saving the Sundarbans

    Alot has been said about the possible dangers posed to the Sundarbans by the Rampal power plant project. But what has perhaps escaped our notice is the growing industrialisation near the Rampal power plant which too has the potential to do great harm to the Sundarbans and its biodiversity.

  • Reconsider decision to relocate

    A meeting between the two city mayors and representatives of the hospitality industry took place recently to discuss the problems of

  • Wealth from waste

    We laud the initiative of Bangladeshi entrepreneur Khadem Mahmud Yusuf who has started to industrially recycle plastic bottles that will rid the environment of a perennial nuisance and will save millions of the government exchequer that are spent on the import of raw

  • Firmland

    Economic zone on farmland

    We are deeply disturbed by a business group's move to set up a resort city encroaching on a part of the Meghna and filling its bank with sand in a low-lying wetland and multi-crop fertile land.

  • Council in preparation for election

    The Awami League Council that ended yesterday with much pomp and grandeur did not bring any dramatic facelift as far as the organogram of the party was concerned.

  • Road safety as political issue

    Given that a large number of people die and are incapacitated for life every year, the idea that road safety be taken up as a political agenda by the political parties, has very strong rationale. It was mooted by Ilias Kanchan recently.

  • 6-yr old domestic help tortured

    The way the 6-year-old Eva of Comilla was tortured by her employers is inhumane and magnifies the injustice that defines the working conditions of domestic workers.

  • Two doctors for 500,000 people!

    It is unthinkable that in two upazila health complexes (Amtali and Kukua) of Barisal district, there are only two doctors appointed.

  • MP's comment on NGO's freedom of speech

    We are shocked at the implications of a comment by Suranjit Sengupta that NGOs do not have the right to freedom of speech and the precedence it sets.

  • AL Council promises more grassroots leaders

    The excitement surrounding the AL's Council today and tomorrow underscores the anticipation of party members and the public, of a positive change in the party.

  • Vicious attacks on girls

    We are horrified by the direction we are headed in regards to the security of women and, indeed, their treatment in society in general.

  • Unbridled urbanisation

    An unprecedented number of people are migrating to Dhaka and a few other eastern cities while western cities and towns are witnessing a

  • Putting newborn lives at risk

    It is astonishing to learn that some hospital staff of the Bangladesh National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases actively stopped a firm

  • Discrimination against female farmers

    It is inexcusable that underprivileged people are forced to pay bribes or lobby with local influential people to get government services related to the food and agricultural sector.

  • Unprofitable BRTC

    It is unthinkable that 1,018 out of 1,539 buses of Bangladesh Road and Transport Corporation (BRTC) earned Tk 226.93 crore in profit while Tk 220.36 crore was spent for operation and maintenance, even more so when one considers the price of each of the buses.

  • One third goes abroad illegally

    It is indeed unsettling to note that one-third of Bangladeshi migrant workers resort to illegal channels to go abroad.

  • Significant World Bank pledge

    The visiting World Bank (WB) chief has stated that Bangladesh has made “great progress in reducing child malnutrition and stunting” and committed to provide US$1billion over the next three years to that effect.

  • Disregard for public safety

    Our attention is drawn by two reports, one pictorial, showing a young man walking on the rail-lines with a phone held to his ear in the capital's Nakhalpara area, completely oblivious to the danger he is exposing himself to, and the other a report of three children run over by a train in Brahmanbaria, while they were shooting a video of another train with a mobile phone.

  • PM's call to fight terrorism

    PM'S call at the BIMSTEC summit to fight terrorism reflects the reality that the phenomenon, being multidimensional, is straddling international borders.

  • Ambulance service indeed!

    The accident caused by an ambulance owned, reportedly, by a staff of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) reveals more than

  • A good example of bad planning

    The old adage 'measure twice, cut once' may sound clichéd but assumes a critical meaning in any project implementation. It seems that

  • Mismanagement in urea imports

    Documents obtained by The Daily Star regarding fertiliser imported from Saudi Arabia have highlighted negligence on part of both the state-run organisation which imports the sacks and the company exporting them.

  • Our new strategic partner

    We think we reflect the sentiment of every section of our people, when we say the just concluded visit of the Chinese President has been extremely fruitful for both countries, liking our relationship to a strategic level, mainly for our commercial and economic development.

  • Unblocking Dhaka's arteries

    The indifference of the authorities to the continuing encroachment and dumping of waste materials on what used to be canals with fresh water flow and aquatic biodiversity, we believe, is shocking. One can easily guess, just by looking at the 3 glaring photographs of the problem published by this newspaper on Wednesday, the severity of the menace.

  • Thai monarch dies at 88

    Our deepest condolences go out to the people of Thailand on the death of Thai King Bhumibol Aduyadej who passed away peacefully on