FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015


  • Online writers and activists must be protected

    THE serial killing of bloggers in Bangladesh, with little development as far as catching and punishing the assassins are concerned, has compelled the Human Rights Forum (Bangladesh) to call upon the government to provide protection to online writers/activists, many of them still on the hit-list of religious extremists.

  • Providing jobs for transgender community

    WE are heartened to note that the government is taking active steps to integrate the marginalised transgender community into mainstream society.

  • Salvage the sea-trapped people with utmost urgency

    WE are deeply worried at the reports that after a long two weeks boats full of Bangladeshi and Rohingya immigrants are still stranded

  • Barbaric torture of a minor

    There madrasa teachers in Dinajpur were arrested by police for alleged torture of a student accused of stealing on May 19. That a Class II

  • Myanmar must recognise Rohingyas as its citizens

    In the wake of a much publicised international humanitarian crisis relating to boatpeople, thousands of whom are languishing in the high seas, Myanmar's reluctance to attend Thailand's May 29 regional summit to solve the issue, is disconcerting.



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