Editorial | The Daily Star
  • Minister's comments on waterlogging

    We are quite taken aback by the remarks of the Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Minister at a seminar where he has said that the waterlogging situation was much worse in expanding cities like Kolkata and Mumbai, compared to Dhaka.

  • DU on leakage allegation

    Amidst allegations of the question paper being leaked before the exams, the admission test results for Gha (D) unit of Dhaka University (DU) for 2017-2018 sessions has been published on Sunday.

  • Rohingya persecution

    No one can take issue with the statement of the Deputy Head of the Chinese Communist Party's International Department that foreign interference in the internal affairs of a country is counterproductive.

  • Special concessions for habitual defaulters

    Sonali Bank, which is struggling to reduce nearly 30 percent of its bad loans, has made the strange decision to waive interest of Tk 129 crore of Alltex Group, owned by a former lawmaker and Awami League leader, who reportedly happens to be one of its top five defaulters.

  • Rohingya children in danger

    It is the nature of war that its biggest sufferers are women and children. The fact that children constitute about 60 percent of six lakh Rohingya refugees who have made it to Bangladesh has just reaffirmed it.

  • Pollution takes its toll globally

    The Lancet published a report on October 20 on pollution and the havoc it causes in peoples' lives at a global level. The facts are mindboggling. It kills the poor and vulnerable and 92 percent of pollution-related deaths are in middle-income and lower-middle income countries.

  • Chhoto Sona Masjid

    Centuries-old mosque at risk

    A report published by this newspaper on Wednesday highlighted quite clearly our lack of a sense of history when it comes to appreciating our heritage.

  • Corruption

    Corruption, not rats broke down the dams

    We are surprised that even after three months since the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) filed a case against 61 people for mismanagement and corruption in the construction of dams in the haor areas, the water and resources minister, at a recent dialogue, would remark that an onslaught of rats caused the damage.

  • IPU call for UNSC intervention

    The Inter-Parliamentary Union has delivered a strong condemnation of the atrocities committed by Myanmar in Rakhine State, adding its voice to the growing call for actions by the global powers.

  • Easy bail and acquittal for muggers!

    The recent killing of Khandaker Abu Talha, a student of Daffodil University student who protested against muggers trying to rob a pedestrian, has brought to the limelight how easy it is for muggers to slip through the legal system and become repeat offenders.

  • Income disparity on the rise

    The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics unveiled the report “Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) 2016” on October 17. It is the most exhaustive nationwide survey carried out and is usually brought out every five years or so.

  • Another UN report shelved

    Only a few weeks after it was revealed that the UN had suppressed a report highly critical of the conditions in Rakhine State, we find out that a UN World Food Programme report on hunger and starvation of the Rohingyas had also been shelved.

  • Stop the Rohingya influx

    Some 30,000 Rohingyas have streamed into Bangladesh in the latest outflow of people from Myanmar into Bangladesh. As the numbers increase exponentially, so do the casualties.

  • BCL infighting

    We are worried to know that a BCL member, a student of the law department at Leading University in Sylhet, was stabbed to death allegedly by his rival group members in Sylhet; and six other Chhatra League activists and two policemen were injured in another clash between the two factions of BCL in Chittagong Government College on October 16.

  • Suicide of a twelve-year-old

    We are deeply saddened to know that a 12-year-old girl in Khulna took her own life on Friday “fearing abduction and further humiliation” after being harassed by a youth for almost a year.

  • The chief justice in the dock

    The issue of the chief justice proceeding on leave abroad on health grounds and the statements and comments from various quarters have muddied the matter immensely. This situation is most unwarranted and should not have been allowed to happen

  • Dhaleshwari going the Buriganga way?

    A picture in the backpage of this paper's Friday issue says it all. Untreated waste from a tannery in Savar's tannery estate, being dumped into the Dhaleshwari.

  • Deals with China moving at snail's pace

    Disappointingly, out of the 26 deals that were signed between China and Bangladesh during President Xi Jinping's visit, three-fourths of the deals have shown no signs of progress even after a whole year has passed.

  • Shielding the rapists

    We are appalled to hear that the police at Tetulia, Panchagarh earlier refused to register a case against two rapists who repeatedly raped a girl and blackmailed her threatening to release a video clip of the incident, leading the girl to commit suicide.

  • Myanmar government internal probe

    The process is being questioned primarily because there is no independent party to verify whether the committee will conduct a fair and impartial inquiry and whether a military enquiry committee engaged in investigating its own members accused of mass violations of human rights can be impartial in the first place.

  • Getting slow vehicles off highways

    The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has been directed by the government to keep highways clear of illegal vehicles like the Nosimon and Karimon that cannot run at 60kmph.

  • Deceitful Myanmar military

    That the military and the government of Myanmar have been spinning lies after lies about the Rohingya genocide has once again been confirmed by the falsehood that its army chief has spewed on Thursday.

  • Attack on Rohingyas “systematic”

    The latest report presented survivors' statements about megaphones being used to announce before and during the attacks: “You do not belong here ... go to Bangladesh. If you do not leave, we will torch your houses and kill you.”

  • Girls combating early marriage

    If educated and empowered properly, community members, especially women and girls, can do wonders in the fight against early marriage. Appropriate legal provisions and their timely implementation are important, as are appropriately designed awareness-raising campaigns at the community level.

  • Violence against children continues

    In the nine months since January this year, at least 363 children were raped and 15 died as a result, according to Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF).

  • Suffering high prices of essentials

    People in fixed income groups have been suffering the brunt of spiralling price of essentials. While traders love to blame rising prices of vegetables on supply shortage, adverse weather and the rains, the situation with the price of rice is a bit more complicated.

  • Myanmar's position unacceptable

    The proposal by Myanmar that repatriation of Rohingyas be based on the 1992 deal is unrealistic. Unrealistic primarily because Myanmar is insisting on the clause that these displaced people must have proof of citizenship, i.e. they must produce either citizenship identity cards or national registration cards or other relevant documentation.

  • College bus going against traffic

    The picture of a college bus full of students moving on the wrong side of a road in the capital's Moghbazar Wireless Gate area was disturbing, to say the least.

  • Children at risk

    While child labour has been criminalised in Bangladesh, the social structures are such that engaging children in the labour force is commonplace.

  • Defaulter within

    The Daily Star report has found that this person has also taken loans amounting to about Tk 1 crore from colleagues on an informal basis. This indicates that people in his workplace were aware of his incorrigible habit of taking money and not repaying it. Why did they not report him?