• President's talk with political parties

    We welcome the news that the Hon'able President will be holding dialogues with the political parties on the formation of a new election commission on his return from Singapore.

  • Full verdict in Rid Pharmaceuticals case out

    The full judgment of the said case is now out. A Dhaka court on November 28 had found two officials of the Drug Administration guilty of negligence in the Rid Pharmaceutical case which supplied toxic paracetamol syrup that killed at least 28 children in 2009.

  • Another slum fire

    Adevastating fire in the Boubazar part of the Korail slum, home to about a couple of thousand inhabitants, has left hundreds of people homeless and helpless.

  • River Pollution

    Dhaka's main rivers dying

    Plasma Plus, a scientific research laboratory, has just concluded a study on behalf of Dhaka WASA on the pollution levels of the six major rivers (Turag, Balu, Sitalakkhya, Dhaleshwari and the Bangshi) that sustain the capital city and the results are not good.

  • Enforced disappearances

    We have heartfelt sympathy for the families of 20 missing individuals who were allegedly picked up by law enforcers at least three years ago. In their grief, they again pleaded with the authorities to return their loved ones at a press conference held at the Jatiya Press Club on Sunday.

  • Democracy Day

    In 1991 we started our journey of being a parliamentary democracy that marked the end of autocracy and all that it represented. It also began with the dream that finally we would have a nation that would imbibe the values of our hard fought liberation.

  • What a regressive mentality!

    It can only be described as an exhibition of the most decrepit mind of the authorities of a high school in Habiganj that have barred a

  • Plague of institutionalised corruption

    The Pabna Zila Parishad's criminal mismanagement of funds is representative of most government projects where huge sums of

  • Editorial: Alarming rise in cancer patients

    ACCORDING to WHO, cancer today is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Anyone who has seen firsthand an

  • An example to follow

    It is inspiring to come across the story of a physically challenged individual like Sanwar Hossain on International Day of Persons with Disabilities that was observed on December 3.

  • CHT Peace Accord

    The CHT Peace Accord, signed in 1997, signalled a new hope. Pictures memorialise the breakthrough as it seemed then - full of potential

  • The scourge of food waste

    Despite a quarter of Bangladesh's population suffering from malnourishment, large amounts of food are regularly wasted which otherwise

  • Election code violation in Narayanganj

    Polls officials have, meanwhile, only verbally warned some councillor candidates without taking any deterring action against them and, in case of mayoral aspirants, failed to do even that.

  • Elected UZ women vice-chairpersons sidelined

    In a recent daylong workshop held at the Dhaka Divisional Commissioner's office, the women vice-chairpersons from 69 upazilas of Dhaka division took part to vent their frustration about non-distribution of the 3 percent budget.

  • Return the cyber heist money

    The much-talked about Bangladesh Bank (BB) cyber heist of USD 81 million entered a new twist as Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC) of the Philippines has stated that there is no need for it to return USD 2.7 million as it was “negligence” on the part of BB that led to the heist in the first place.

  • Kofi Annan's visit to Myanmar

    We, along with the rest of the world, have been witnessing the resurgence of violence against Rohingya in Myanmar recently that has led to the displacement of some 30,000 of them.

  • State-owned banks continue to bleed

    State-owned banks continue to bleed

    When the finance minister states that some state-owned banks (SoBs) flout the rules to give loans to dubious entities and individuals without collateral, it is a frank admission that things are anything but normal.

  • Pedlars of children's death go free

    Five officials of a pharmaceuticals company that allegedly manufactured toxic paracetamol which led to the death of 28 children in 2009 were acquitted on Monday.

  • Attack on Fulbaria protestors

    We are seeing a dangerous trend of using coercive means by the law enforcing agencies in handling any form of protest instead

  • Special Provision in anti-child marriage law disastrous

    It is without a doubt that the recently Cabinet-approved provision in the proposed Child Marraiage Restraint Act, that allows

  • Passing of a world icon

    In the death of Fidel Castro, we see the passing away of the last of the 20th century revolutionary and idealist.

  • Why gag voice calls that are legal?

    We are bewildered by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission's announcement that it is going to develop guidelines for using communication applications like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Imo, which have allowed people to make calls for free as long as there was Internet connection.

  • Uber provides an essential service

    We are surprised to see the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) take such a tough stand against the on-demand transport service Uber.

  • Making money from the tragedy of Rohingyas

    It is despicable when some unscrupulous, greedy men turn the plight of people into a business for making money.

  • World's silence perpetuates genocide

    One needs only to wonder what horrific extremities of persecution and hardship can push people to flee their homelands, to try every inconceivable way to be allowed on other shores.

  • Airport cargo handling still a problem

    Space constraints, scarcity of manpower, inefficient ground handling equipment and incidents of theft are the nagging problems associated with the cargo village at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

  • Our women police

    We can be rightly proud of the fact that Bangladesh is perhaps one of the first countries in the region to induct women in the police when the initial recruitment started in 1974.

  • Stop incarcerating delinquent children

    The National Human Rights Commissioner's statement on how we are handling children accused of having committed a crime should be taken into cognisance.

  • Deadly factory fire

    A fire that broke out at a gas lighter factory in Ashulia on November 22 that seriously injured 26 people, mostly women and children, begs some hard questions to be asked.

  • Reign in errant BCL cadres

    Some Bangladesh Chhatra League men's continuing heavy handedness, we believe, is a direct result of the impunity being enjoyed by the errant party cadres.