• The neglected national poet

    We as a nation honour ourselves by revering Kazi Nazrul Islam as our national poet. And why shouldn't we, considering his immense contribution to poetry, music and the spirit of nationalism?

  • Negligence costs Biswas 13 years

    While we may express dismay and sympathy for Zobed Ali Biswas who spent an additional 13 years in jail after being acquitted in a case, can we even begin to comprehend what the man had to endure during incarceration despite being declared innocent?

  • The carnage in Syria continues

    The bloody conflict in Syria has entered its 6th year. And we were reminded of it on May 23 when 7 explosions ripped through north-eastern Syria in the heartland of government-controlled territory.

  • Supreme Court's ruling on arbitrary arrest

    We welcome the Supreme Court's verdict to uphold High Court directives to stop police forces from making arbitrary arrests on suspicion and torturing arrestees while in remand.

  • UN Park in Chittagong

    The Chittagong City Corporation's (CCC) move to lease out the Jatisangha Park or UN Park to a private company is a rank bad idea. The

  • A narrow escape from Roanu

    It is sheer providence that for the last few years we have been saved from the catastrophic consequences of nature's wrath such as in the

  • Boro procurement

    The government-declared Boro paddy procurement is in a mess. Boro farmers are at the mercy of private buyers and middlemen

  • Clandestine killings go on

    The furtive killings have become too repetitive not to engender an aura of uncertainty in the minds of the people. This time it

  • No women's washrooms!

    While not a total surprise the statistics are still quite staggering. At least 73 percent of government offices in Dhaka do not have separate washrooms for women...

  • Rising trend in violence against children

    Despite lofty rhetoric regarding our commitment to the protection of the 'future of our nation' the reality of the state of our children is grim if not macabre.

  • Humiliated headmaster reinstated

    A primary probe report found untrue the allegation against the headmaster that he insulted religion, for which he was publicly humiliated triggering public outrage and a firestorm of protest on the social media.

  • Level of primary education notched up

    We will address this from two different angles. Firstly, as a policy, enhancing the level of primary education to class VIII from class V...

  • Harassment of the headmaster continues

    First the headmaster, Shaymal Kanti Bhakta, was publicly humiliated by the local MP, and now he has been suspended by the school management committee!

  • CJ's concern is also ours

    We are waiting with bated breath the Supreme Court judgment fixed for May 24th.

  • Anthrax Alert!

    We note with alarm that the number of people infected with Anthrax is already 87 and counting as health officials are predicting more cases in the coming weeks.

  • Cost of living high in jail!

    An overcrowded jail system in Bangladesh is hardly news. What is news however is that the average prisoner incarcerated is spending Tk 30,000...

  • Kutubdia's energy crisis

    It is a puzzle that despite a significant investment in wind turbine power that should have produced enough electricity to cater to the demands of Kutubdia's 1.75 lakh residents...

  • Long route bus fare reduced

    It has become a common practice in Bangladesh that with the slightest hint of price hike in the international market we see disproportionate...

  • Public humiliation of a teacher

    We take an extremely grim view of a headmaster being punished on alleged claims of making derogatory comments about religion.

  • Another monk killed!

    Yet another monk, this time a Buddhist living as an ascetic in a remote place in Khagrachari, has been killed.

  • Wholesale promotions

    We are all for promotion of deserving persons, but the government decision to promote 85 joint secretaries to the rank of additional

  • Not enough seats in DU library!

    The picture in this daily's Friday issue is a reminder of how little we as a nation, have paid attention to the central library of our most

  • Stalled Karnaphuli dredging project

    We are disappointed to see that the dredging project of the Karnaphuli River, a lifeline for Chittagong city and the port, has been stalled for more than three years.

  • Turkish envoy called home for consultation

    The Turkish envoy to Dhaka has been called home by the Turkish government for consultations and in one sense, this is normal diplomatic practice.

  • Lack of infrastructure impeding growth

    The true potential of the economy is not being realised because the infrastructure of the country remains inadequate in terms of skilled manpower...

  • Commendable SSC exam results

    We are happy to see that the results of this year's secondary school certificate (SSC) exams have surpassed that of last year's, with a pass rate of 88.7 percent.

  • The price hike is baffling

    We are dismayed to see a continuous increase of prices of onions, gram, lentils and other essential food items.

  • Nizami's end

    Nizami was the highest ranking Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader to be hanged for crimes against humanity in 1971. With his execution, the stigma that we had been carrying for the last 45 years has been removed.

  • Another child beaten to death

    The barbaric killing of 12-year-old Alauddin, a worker at a bakery in Lakshmipur, Noakhali, allegedly at the hands of his employer and co-workers, leaves us feeling helpless and angry.

  • State-owned banks in trouble

    According to a report published in a leading Bangla daily, four State-owned banks (SoBs) including Sonali, Agrani, Janata and Rupali have piled up bad loans to the tune of Tk 5,867 crore.