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Careless driving takes kid's life

Careless driving takes kid's life

Staff Correspondent

Two-and-a-half-year old Rifat could not have known his most favourite game would turn fatal one day. He played it with his father every morning. He would block his father's way before the latter left for work and would not budge an inch until he was promised a gift.
 It was no different yesterday morning. Only he could not trace his father anywhere. Feeling tricked, he came out on the narrow street that leads to a school named Savdar Ali Scholars Institute.
As a dejected Rifat started crying, he got hit by a Pajero sports utility van (SUV) and died around 8:30am while he was being rushed to a city hospital.
"If only he checked into the bathroom where I was, his pulpy limbs would not be crushed and his soft head would not be hit like this," cried Shah Alam, 35, Rifat's father. A tailor by profession, Alam lives in Mirpur-2.
Rekha Begum, Rifat's mother, could hardly talk and fainted every few minutes.
"I want my son back. I want those culprits to bring my son back. If it was not for the driver's reckless driving, my son would never die," said a wailing Rekha.
Locals said Rifat got hit when the driver was turning his car around. The car came there to drop a student at the Savdar Ali school, they added.
"It was a narrow street. If the driver was careful, this accident would not happen," said Matiur Rahman, sub-inspector of Mirpur Police Station.
Alam and his family members, however, did not file any case as they reached a negotiation with Shahjahan Bhuiyan, the car owner. As per the negotiation, Alam received Tk 2.50 lakh from Shahjahan.
"The victim's family and the car owner worked out a negotiation. That's why we handed over the body to Alam without conducting an autopsy," said Matiur.


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