• Missing Person

    Missing Person

    Patrick Modiano is not a popular household name, anywhere not even in the Anglophone academic and literary world.


    Human Rights in Bangladesh: Past, Present and Futures, edited by Imtiaz Ahmed, comes out with the stated intention of presenting the past, present and future of a key human issue in Bangladesh.

  • The Cambridge Companion to Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    The Cambridge Companion to Gabriel Garcia Marquez by Philip Swanson is an analytical book containing essays by eminent literary scholars on the fictional works of Garcia Marquez. Penetrative essays by Donald Shaw, Robin Fiddian, Steven Boldy, Raymond Williams, Claire Taylor and Gerald Martin have made this book a highly educative text for students and pedagogues scrutinizing the stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

  • On Rereading Jajabor's Drishtipaat and Alice Munro's Family Furnishings

    As you get older, you start to miss some of the books you have read in the past at different stages of your life. Sometimes what drives this yearning is nostalgia, a memorable moment in the past, or often a reference to a character from a narrative. At least among my friends, how often we refer to Amit Roy, Srikanto, or Constance during conversations, blogs, or on Facebook!

  • The Maidens' Club

    If you grew up as a teenager in the 1960s (and in the 1950s, or in the early1970s), and had knowledge and experience of the life led by the upper crust society in then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), going through Niaz Zaman's The Maidens' Club might very well bring about a sense of déjà vu or nostalgia, or both, in you.