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  • An engrossing perspective on the Chittagong Hill Tracts

    Almost as soon as Bangladesh emerged as a sovereign independent country, a protracted armed struggle began in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), based on, in Tamina H. Chowdhury's construct, “the claim that the hill people of the Tracts were ethnically distinct from the majority 'Bengali' population of Bangladesh, and therefore needed special protection to preserve their traditions and customs.”

  • Boimela Picks: 'When Money Stops Talking and Starts Working!'

    Getting back to consciousness after three days in a hospital in New York, multimillionaire Delwar Hossain looks for his son Tanjil with a mysterious smile on his face. As Tanjil enters the cabin, he knows right away that there is something behind that smile.

  • Boimela Picks: 'A Study Tour through the Life of a Middleclass Boy.'

    Being a poet myself, I know how difficult it is to fit an entire story in a few words and two lines. Not only did Kingkor Ehsan do exactly that in the novel, but also created the poems, broke them into pieces and turned them to stories again.

  • Journey on the trail of love

    Tazrian is a young writer endowed with the gift of imagination. She has revealed her creativity and adeptness in writing short stories that surely will make readers discern her distinctive style.

  • Avimani Tomar Daknam

    Avimani Tomar Daknam is a book of poetry written by Sajeeb Shahriar and published by Sabda Sailee.

  • Women of the World: The Rise of the Female Diplomat

    Women of the World tells this story of personal and professional struggle against the dramatic backdrop of war, super-power rivalry and global transformation over the last century and a half.

  • Romance, togetherness and parting

    Shamim Ahmed's previously published books of poems are Ek Fota Brishti Hotey Jodi (Shuddhashar), Je Prohor Kuashar Kachhe Rini (Shuddhashar) and Nimishei Nishiddho Tumi (Chaitanya. One can get these books by placing order with

  • Kathmandu

    One of the greatest cities of the Himalaya, Kathmandu, Nepal, is a unique blend of thousand-year-old cultural practices and accelerated urban development.

  • Boimela Picks: 'Super Fun Stories that Rhyme Too!'

    Amirul Islam -- a teacher of Bengali Children's Literature is publishing a book of 6 rhyming stories, this year at the Boimela -- 'A Cat Named Katus Kutus in the Grassland'!

  • Boimela Picks: The Ghost of Pahartoli

    To the adventurous ones among you, Pahartoli may seem to be an amazing place, but there is a story of a long lost cruel jungle king sacrificing human lives by strangling them to death there, and of a noise that is believed to be the death screams of those unfortunate ones.

  • Biday Ma (Goodbye Mother)

    Boimela Picks: Cry When Sad, Shout When Mad

    Book: Biday Ma (Goodbye Mother), Author: Iqbal Khandaker, Genre: Original Author

  • The Henna Tree and its Paste

    YOU can get away from Bangladesh, but Bangladesh can never get away from you. That is, if you are a part of the first generation Bangladeshi diaspora, in whatever part of the world you are in, whether as a temporary sojourner or as a permanent resident.

  • A never ending journey through history

    THE first impression I have of this book is that it is simply marvelous in its execution, language and content. Normally we expect travel books to be a chronology of events in the writer's process of travel, but “Right to Passage”is not simply a travel book.

  • Small book on a large life

    "Bathare mor modhur koro'' is a book on Aninda Majumder Bappu, a successful banker, was the eldest son of Dr. Pratima Paul Majumder.

  • Boimela Picks: A poet always leaves a mark

    Poet Syed Ali Imam did not compose any poem in the last 53 years. He had lost everything -- the entire collection of 11 years of poetry writing -- during the liberation war of 1971. Suddenly, the occasion of February 21 in 2015 stimulated him to write again.

  • Ten Cities that Made an Empire

    The final embers of the British Empire are dying, but its legacy remains in the lives and structures of the cities which it shaped.

  • Ghost Ship

    Kurt Austin, head of the numa special assignments team, is no stranger to danger, either above or below the waves.

  • A book of unsolved mysteries

    Atrick Modiano, the French language novelist and winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature,is an enigmatic

  • Delightful deliberations on Dhaka

    Any book or journal on or about Dhaka would immediately draw the attention and interest of people who were born in this 'impossible' city and who continue to live here despite the daily dose of swearing and grumbling.

  • BRAC through insider lenses

    DRIVING Development: A Story of BRAC's Evolution and Effectiveness, Mahabub Hossain, Shib Narayan Kairy, Abdul Bayes, eds., United Press Limited.

  • A girl's struggle against child marriage

    Love in Teary Eyes' is a novel by Shahazada Basunia depicting the love story of Aurnob and adolescent Tripti who revolted against the social taboo of child marriage.

  • A dream-come-true for Torontonian Bengali Literati

    It is not the story of any Scrutiny or of any F R Leavis or L C Knights. It is actually the truth about BLRC Literary Journal, published by Bengali Literary Resource Centre, Canada, hitting the stand.


    It was no one-off that the sword and the pen ran parallel. As a subaltern Sir Winston Churchill hardly twenty three made his maiden venture into the world of literature,” The Story of Malakand Field Force” published in 1897.

  • Contours of passion in poetic expression

    It was undoubtedly a challenging task and, I must say, it has been accomplished properly, by virtue of the tremendous confidence, acumenand ability of the vested quarter.

  • Story of a subcontinent unchanged

    Bollywood has implemented the idea in my mind that the world of Sharatchandra Chattapadhay is one big glittering film set. Dancers swish and swirl on marbled floors, surrounded by music, hookah and intoxicants.

  • An Illuminating Book on Nazrul

    The national poet of Bangladesh Kazi Nazrul Islam was a versatile genius who had left his indelible marks in all branches of Bangla literature and culture.

  • The Mystifying Muslin

    As the title suggests, Saiful Islam's book 'Muslin: Our Story' is a detailed study of a traditional craft. However, it is considerably more than that, as he uses the subject to elicit a much broader cultural history of Bengal.

  • A Political History of Bangladesh

    There is an entirely justifiable lament in Bangladesh regarding the lack of sound scholarly materials on the country, particularly those produced by Bangladeshi academics themselves.

  • A Black Diamond and Shayista Khan

    Ihave always been intrigued by the historical novel. Some of it is composed around real historical figures, events, and locations,

  • Tale of successful individuals and communities

    It has always seemed to me that nonfiction books are not as popular in this part of the world as their fiction counterparts. By this I mean both how nonfiction does not seem to be as visible in bookstores, and also how there does not seem to be that many people writing nonfiction.