• Sufia Kamal By Maleka Begum

    Maleka Begum's latest book, Sufia Kamal, published by Prothoma, chronicles the life, times and works of Sufia Kamal.

  • A shooting star leaps to oblivion

    A convincing explanation of the title of Shams Monwar's latest collection of poems is not known to this reviewer.

  • Novera Ahmed

    THE book encompasses Novera Ahmed; the sculptor and individual through the eyes of many well known writers such as Mehboob Ahmed, Faiz Ahmed Faiz,Abdus Salam Choudhury, Rabiul Hussain, Rezaul Karim Sumon, S.M.Ali and many more.

  • A Clutch of Indian Masterpieces

    The stories in this collection will make you see the world differently as the greatest stories always do.

  • Private Life of the Mughals of India (1526-1803 A.D.)

    Bringing to life the opulent, sometimes scandalous, private lives of the Mughals of India, Private Life leaves no detail untouched


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