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  • Zahed Khan

    Zahed Khan

    Journalist and Senior Multi Media Producer.

  • Conjoined Baby Rokeya and Rabeya

    Ray of hope for conjoined twins

    Rokeya and Rabeya were not born normal to Pabna’s primary school-teaching couple Rafiqul Islam and Taslima. They were joined at the head since birth.
  • Tokai Natya Dal

    Tokai Natya Dal: A window of dreams for street children

    Television and theatre artist Saju Mahadi trains under privileged children to give them hope to establish in performing arts. Watch the video to know more.
  • guitar keyboard

    Guitar Healer Rafiq

    In Dhaka, who do you turn to if your favourite guitar or keyboard is no longer as good as it used to be? Watch the video to know more.
  • Ever seen an unscathed public bus in Dhaka?

    There are almost 4,500 public buses plying in Dhaka city, taking its millions of commuters across one end of the capital to the other every day and night. But come to think of it, have you ever seen an unscathed public bus in Dhaka?
  • Chalachitro Shilpi Samiti leaders explain ban on Shakib Khan

    In this latest episode of ‘Uncensored with Rafi Hossain!’ celebrities Zayed Khan, Popy and Symon Sadik sit with The Daily Star for an exclusive interview.