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    Columnist, The Daily Star

  • Nurul Islam Anu as I knew him

    Munshiganj High School, Haraganga College playground, and Idrakpur Fort are where we would rendezvous in the mid-fifties—Nurul Islam Anu; my elder brother Shah Ali Imam, a freedom fighter; and myself.
  • Lessons from the South African test series

    As they say, in the hard world of competitive cricket, “You are as good or bad as your last performance”.
  • Dealing with a chameleon

    The traditions of Myanmar's hermitage, of which the Burmese military remains a purveyor, sometimes come to the fore in awkward ways.
  • Is the bastion against Europe’s far-right hobbling?

    Political ideologies ranging from populist and nationalist to far-right neo-fascist have been making inroads into the European political landscape. In fact, capitalising on a migration crisis, economic inequality, increasing disillusionment with the European Union and a sense of lost national identity, right-wing parties have made electoral gains in a growing number of European countries.
  • If not Myanmar's, whose responsibility is it?

    Aung San Suu Kyi's opting out of the UN General Assembly session is a reflection of the same hiding syndrome that made the Rakhine state out of bounds for UN staff, aid agencies and the media for a long while.