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  • Shah Husain Imam

    Columnist, The Daily Star

  • Cricket is a great teacher

    At a British-hosted reception a few days before the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy at the Ovals, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli said, “People want to see England and India play in the finals.”
  • A godsend for the Tigers

    By a huge stroke of luck, or you may call it divine intervention or compassionate justice, the rain-affected Australia versus Bangladesh match had been declared a draw. One point each to both teams has been awarded. This has unlocked the way for Bangladesh to move to the semi-finals.
  • Eyes on the British election

    Less than a week is left to the snap election in the UK. The latest Gallup poll points to a neck-and-neck contest between the Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May and her opposition Labour Party contender Jeremy Corbyn.
  • The strategy of solidarity

    After the Man-chester carnage, there should no longer be any sense of disbelief at the invidious lengths to which terrorists can go to make their presence felt.
  • A scary glimpse of malware havoc?

    Since last week, the world has woken up to the “largest Ransomware attack in internet history.”